Drain Cleaning Service: Common Clogs Homeowners Face | Universal City, TX

Drain Cleaning Service: Common Clogs Homeowners Face | Universal City, TX

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When you consider everything that goes down your drains every single day of the week it is no wonder that our drains sometimes get clogged or backed up into our Universal City, TX homes, resulting in the need for drain cleaning service. When you are dealing with a stubborn clog in your home you need a drain cleaning professional to unclog your drains. Do-it-yourself techniques rarely work, and many of them can actually damage your pipes. Products that promise to unclog drains are expensive and also tend not to fully unclog those stubborn clogs, while a drain cleaning can permanently deal with the most stubborn clogs. You want to keep your home’s drains functioning, not damaging them with do-it-yourself methods and products. Drain cleaning products can and will damage your pipes. For one thing, they are caustic, and caustic chemicals damage everything they touch. The other problem with these products is that they just delay the inevitable, which is a call to a local drain cleaning professional. So while a drain cleaning product may seem like a cheap fix to a messy problem, it will just delay your need for drain cleaning. When you have a drain cleaning your plumber will use a drain snake to safely remove the stubborn clogs without damaging your pipes.

Let’s examine some of the typical clogs we see often in Universal City, TX that most often require drain cleaning serviceWe’ll also look at what tends to cause these clogs or water backing up into your sinks.

Kitchen Sink Clogs

Just think about your kitchen sink alone, fat, oils and grease alone can wreak havoc on our kitchen sink drains. The issue with anything that has fat or grease in it is that while it may be a liquid when it goes down your drain, it will congeal and harden within your drain, forming a nasty clog. Then there are always starches like pasta, potatoes, and beans which can quickly clog any sink. The problem with starches and our drains is that they tend to expand when exposed to water so care should be taken to make sure that these do not go down into our drains, or else you will need a drain cleaning service to unclog that wicked clog you are now faced with. Coffee grounds are another culprit when it comes to kitchen sink clogs. Coffee grounds become heavy when submerged in water, and it is easy for coffee grounds to settle into your pipes trap and quickly clog your kitchen sink. You should always throw coffee grounds in the trash, or else you might find yourself needing a drain cleaning to get rid of those pesky coffee grounds blocking your sink. Food scraps are another enemy of your kitchen sink drain. The problem is when these scraps become lodged into your drains P-trap and mix with other materials forming a solid clog. Unless you have a garbage disposal, food should always go in the trash. Believe it or not, soap scum can also quickly clog the drains in your home. The reason is that many bar soaps are made with fat which when mixed with the minerals found in the water will eventually form a clog, especially when mixed with the other common kitchen sink clog culprits. If you avoid these common things going down into your drains you should be able to avoid most drain cleaning calls.

Bathroom Sink Clogs

Bathroom sinks take a lot of abuse. Think of all of the things that go down your bathroom sink in your home. Bathroom sinks tend to be the number two reason people call a drain cleaning service. Let’s face it we use the bathroom sink at least once per day, oftentimes way more than that. We mentioned soap scum earlier when talking about kitchen sink clogs and this holds true for bathroom sink clogs. Soap scum can easily bond with hair, dirt, and skin flakes to form a very disgusting clog in your bathroom sinks P-trap. Even short hairs like beard trimmings can quickly clog your sink requiring a drain cleaning service to unclog. Hair will quickly bond with other bathroom sink waste like toothpaste, soap, makeup, and more. Again you will want to avoid using chemicals to clear your drains, as these can damage your P-trap, and most often they will just remove only a little bit of the stubborn clog, allowing just enough water to pass through. In this case, the clog will co0me back sooner rather than later, resulting in the need for a drain cleaning service for your home.

Shower Drain Clogs

Shower drains are also susceptible to nasty clogs. The number one cause of shower drain clogs is hair. Any type of hair going down the drain will cause a clog. The hair will quickly bond with any bar soap that you might use. Even shower gel can congeal around hair clumps. As more hair builds up in your drain it forms a solid clog that only a drain cleaning service can safely remove as again chemicals are not recommended to clear out a shower drain clog. You do not want to damage the drains in your home with harsh chemicals that will merely delay that call for drain cleaning service. Foreign objects are also to blame for many shower clogs. Children’s toys, sanitary items, and more have all been found in shower drains, so care should be taken to avoid this issue. Another cause of shower clogs is sediment build-up in your shower drain. Over time, minerals in our water build up in our pipes which can cause a mineral clog. You will want a drain cleaning service to handle any sediment-based clog you may be dealing with, and again please do your shower drain a favor and avoid using harsh chemicals.


If you are dealing with a stubborn clog like the ones we discussed here, call the experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. We service all of Universal City, TX. We have the experience you need to get your drains flowing once more and we never use harsh chemicals that can damage your plumbing system. If you have a clog you need bluefrog! We offer 24/7 service as we know our customers lead busy lives. Just give us a call and let us know what time works best for you and let us handle the rest!

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