5 Types Of Bacteria That A Drain Cleaning Service Can Remove | Cibolo, TX

5 Types Of Bacteria That A Drain Cleaning Service Can Remove | Cibolo, TX

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Bacteria can be found everywhere. Some are harmful, while others are harmless. However, you cannot afford to take chances because you cannot differentiate the two with your naked eye.

Inside your pipes and plumbing systems, there are millions of different bacteria. Therefore, the only way to ensure you remain safer health-wise is by cleaning those parts. Exposure to these bacteria might cause severe illnesses.

Though you can find the bacteria anywhere and everywhere, they thrive in wet conditions and environments. It means you can easily find them in your home plumbing system. You can avoid these contaminants by getting a routine drain cleaning service in your Cibolo, TX, home.

We will look at some of the common bacteria you may find inside your drains. Using professional drain cleaning services is the best way to remove these bacteria. Are you worried about bacteria infestation at your home? Contact a plumber before matters turn worse, and you lay in an emergency room. Below are the common 5 types of bacteria that you can find in your drains.

Campylobacter Jejuni

Campylobacter Jejuni is among the most harmful and dangerous bacteria. Surprisingly, this bacterium is also widespread. Campylobacter Jejuni is among the leading factors causing food-borne diseases.

Children under the age of 5 years and people between 15-29 years are the most susceptible to illnesses resulting from these bacteria. Unfortunately, the bacteria can easily thrive in your pipes or plumbing and easily find their way into your drains.

You do not need to come in direct contact or be exposed to many bacteria to get sick. Studies indicate that as few as 500 bacteria cells are enough to cause an illness. Washing your vegetables or fruits in contaminated water can cause food-borne illness.

When these bacteria are exposed to chlorine, they die.

Therefore, ensure that the water supply is treated and chlorinated regularly. Contact a plumber for more information if you have cleaned the water supply before.

The other good news is that drain cleaning services easily remove Campylobacter Jejuni. So, give your professional drain cleaner a call, and your home drains will remain healthy.


You might perhaps have heard about these bacteria. It is among the common bacteria names you will hear in many households. It is also among the most common bacteria in the world. Although there are various species of Salmonella, they can end up causing two common diseases: typhoidal and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Contrary to popular belief that you can only be exposed to Salmonella after eating unclean food, the bacteria thrive in your plumbing system and drains. If the water becomes contaminated, then the vegetables will also become contaminated by cleaning them using the water in your sink.

Fortunately, there is good news. Cleaning the drains can remove Salmonella. Were you recently exposed to these bacteria? There is a high probability that Salmonella may linger inside your drains. Call drain cleaning services for professional cleaning of your drains.


Legionella is making a huge comeback. Many stores that were ready to reopen find themselves casualties of these bacteria. If the water pipes stay stagnant for some time, Legionella contaminates the water. You may develop Legionnaire’s disease if exposed to these bacteria. Legionnaires disease is a severe respiratory infection, and, in worst cases, it can lead to death.

The bad thing with Legionella is the drain cleaning service may not entirely remove it. Legionella bacteria may hide in the biofilm, crannies, and nooks of the plumbing. Even after professional drain cleaning, trace amounts of the bacteria may remain. They then multiply, and once again, they become a problem.

With Legionella, the best solution is hiring a water treatment service. The combination water treatment service and your drain cleaning service can remove all the bacteria traces. It is a time-consuming and complicated process. If you plan to leave your house unoccupied, contact a plumber to check the plumbing system.

Legionella easily contaminates any stagnant water. Call a plumber to take some preventative precautions if you plan on heading on vacation for some time.

Escherichia coli

Escherichia Coli is generally harmless. However, six bacteria groups in this family are pathogenic, meaning they can cause illness, especially food-borne ones. You may find bacteria in the plumbing and sinks. When exposed to Escherichia coli, you can get sick. However, the illness caused by the bacteria is usually not life threathening.

Fortunately, you can easily remove Escherichia Coli from your home. By cleaning your drains regularly, you will effectively remove them from your water, eliminating any worries you may have. You also will not transmit the bacteria to other people because you observe hygiene. Disinfect your sink to remove the bacteria. However, if the bacteria is in your plumbing, removing it can be a hassle.

You can be an asymptomatic carrier of this bacterium. Therefore, you can unknowingly spread or transmit the bacteria to others by simply greeting them or touching the same place. When getting your drains cleaned, it is better to disinfect your home entirely. Contact your professional drain cleaning to remove the bacteria from the crannies and nooks of your plumbing system.

Staphylococcus aureus

The last bacteria we will consider in this post is Staphylococcus Aureus. It may cause pneumonia, food poisoning, and toxic shock if it gates into your bloodstream. Drinking S. Aureus contaminated tap water could cause your body to strain, or you might go to a shock.

Staph Aureus thrives well in wet conditions, a reason for its presence in your pipes and plumbing system. Its incredible resilience means it can also thrive in places with low water and dry environments. If these bacteria are in your plumbing system, they might find a way to your sink. Staphylococcus Aureus is a highly infectious bacteria, and exposure to even one microgram is enough to infect you. Do you have food sitting close to the sink? If exposed to S. Aureus, you are at risk of food poisoning?

A sneeze or a cough can transmit the bacteria from one person to the next. Cleaning your plumbing system and drains thoroughly can help eliminate the bacteria. Because of its infectious nature, it is wise to leave the work to a professional plumber or drain cleaning service.

Drain Cleaning Services in Cibolo, TX

Bacteria infestation can cause many health problems. Taking every precaution is vital in ensuring your health and that of others. Cleaning your drains can mean the difference between a healthy life and an emergency need.

Give your plumbing system, especially the drains, a routine cleaning for healthy living. Your water will be safe. Do you need professional drain cleaning services for your Cibolo, TX home? Get in touch with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today. We have a team of licensed and experienced plumbers to clean your drains and other plumbing systems.

Call us today for more information regarding our services. You are our most invaluable asset, and your well-being means a lot to us.

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