Expert Water Heater Repair And Maintenance For Longer Service Life And Timely Replacement | Schertz, TX

Expert Water Heater Repair And Maintenance For Longer Service Life And Timely Replacement | Schertz, TX

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Eventually, your water heater will need replacement, but regular repairs and maintenance can help push that event into the future, while keeping an eye on its condition so you aren’t forced into cleanup as well as emergency water heater replacement. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is your partner in Schertz, TX for keeping your plumbing, including your water heater, in good condition and monitoring it as it ages. Your investment in upkeep and inspections can help you avoid emergency water heater repairs to restore operation as well as to replace the unit, and keep an eye on tank condition so you’ll know when it’s time to select a replacement unit and schedule installation.

Maintenance Is the Key to Longer Service Life

Even though your traditional water heater sits quietly in your basement providing reliable hot water for your family, it’s important to provide annual maintenance to ensure that it can continue to do so without trouble. The most important issue is tank care, which our water heater repair team takes very seriously since it’s not only an issue that’s important for the long life of your water heater, but it’s also important for avoiding leaks, flooding, or even bursting and explosions due to overpressure problems. In the case of overpressure, maintenance visits allow us to check the temperature and pressure relief valve, making sure that it is functioning properly and will provide protection in the case of an overpressure issue. If it’s not working correctly either by not providing proper relief, or leaking when it shouldn’t, we can replace it on the spot.

Hidden Maintenance Items

Another water heater repair item that often goes unnoticed is the anode rod, which protects the tank from excessive corrosion by releasing some of its metal to chemically balance the water quality. Different types of metal are used depending on the water quality type, so if yours changes due to water filter or water softener installation, it could be useful to replace the anode rod as well. You can ask our water heater repair specialists about that. Anode rod protection also reduces the growth of bacteria in the tank, which can help if your hot water has an unpleasant odor. Discolored water may be the result of sediment in the tank, which our water heater repair team can address.

Heater and Burner Maintenance

It’s important to maintain your electric heating elements or burner to ensure proper hot water heating. If you hear a buzzing sound in your tank, that could be a sign of a loose electric heating element, and if your burner has trouble starting, it may be time for a tune-up or an igniter or pilot light service. These services can help you save significantly on your energy costs, since tank-based water heaters rely on them constantly to keep the water up to temperature. Thermostat adjustment can help also, and it sometimes gets bumped or otherwise adjusted accidentally. 120 degrees F is the recommended temperature for home hot water, hot enough to make washing up effective against germs, but not hot enough to scald children and seniors who might not feel the temperature and react. If your water temperature is not high enough with the right setting on the water heater, insulation of your heater and pipes might be a good solution, or in some cases a local tankless water heater for your kitchen or bathroom.

Other Types of Water Heater Maintenance

Hybrid water heaters require much of the same tank water heater maintenance, including heating element care which on these units is a backup for the main heating source, a heat pump that uses a compressor much like an air conditioner. These mechanical parts and their electronic control system do need maintenance and care, and if unusual sounds or beeps and error codes happen, it’s time to call our water heater repair team. For tankless water heaters, their longer service life is due in large part to having no tank to corrode, along with little standing water inside. They use either an electric heating element or gas burner to provide instant-on heating of the water as it flows through, and flow sensors supply the control unit with the indication that it’s time to heat the water. That control unit and its sensors may occasionally need attention during the unit’s often 20-year lifespan, and sediment removal is also necessary to keep the heater working well.

Several times a year the vents need cleaning, and most modern units will provide reminders in case you forget, with shutdown a possibility if the vents get clogged. Since tankless units have to keep up with the water flow when they heat your hot water, they do require a significant amount of energy for the short time they’re in use. Our water heater experts will make sure that the heating portion of the unit and its energy supply are in good shape for top efficiency and reliability.

Reducing Emergency Service Calls with Water Heater Maintenance

When our expert plumbers provide maintenance service for your water heater, they cast an expert eye over its components and often will notice signs of emerging problems that will need water heater repair soon. They can take care of them right away or schedule repairs, and save you the inconvenience of a sudden failure.

Your Reliable Full-Service Plumbers in Schertz, TX

When your water heater is underperforming or needs water heater repairs, count on bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, your full-service plumber serving Schertz, TX. Our team can provide the maintenance and care that your water heater system needs, whether it’s a traditional tank-based model, tank-based hybrid type, tankless water heater, or another kind. Give us a call for emergency service when you have leaks, no hot water, or other trouble, and call us for water heater repair when you experience unusual sounds, odors, discolored water, or other hot water heater problems.

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