When Should You Hire a Plumber? | San Antonio, TX

When Should You Hire a Plumber? | San Antonio, TX

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Plumbers do a lot more than snake clogged drains and repair leaky pipes. In fact, professionals are needed to install and repair the pipes and parts of your plumbing system that are needed for the water and gas in the structure. If it’s transported by pipes, you can bet a plumber was in charge.

Here is a look at some of the many services provided by plumbers:

Sewer & Water Line Inspection & Repair

The longer you’ve had your home, the more likely a blockage is to occur in your sewer or water line. Typical causes for the obstruction are tree roots that have grown in, mineral build-up, health & beauty products, and waste material.

The first step is to locate the blockage. A professional will be able to quickly track down the problem and resolve it quickly, while an amateur could waste time and money on the search.

There are some simple signs of a sewer or water line problem. You may experience low water pressure or notice leaks. Strange odors and clogs that keep recurring are also signs that something may be wrong with your sewer or water line. Often, homeowners will notice large wet spots in their yard, signaling an issue.

Plumbers are trained to handle your problem, no matter what the cause. You could make the damage worse by trying to fix it yourself.

Gas Line Repair

A leaking gas line endangers the lives of all who live in your home. If you smell gas, immediately call a professional for assistance and get everyone outside the house until help can arrive.

It is important that you act quickly when you first notice a problem. One of the main signs of a gas line leak is a sulfuric odor, like the smell of rotten eggs. This is because of the chemical that is added to the odorless gas as a safety precaution.

Another clue that you may have a leak in your gas line is a hissing sound near your gas line or appliances. The gas in the line is highly compressed, so when there is a leak the gas exits through the worn-out connection. That’s what causes the whistling sound, which is loudest near the leak.

Normally, when you turn on your gas stove, you will see a quick flash of yellow or orange before the flame turns blue. If you turn on your stove and flames remain orange or yellow, it means that your gas is not fully burning and you have a leak somewhere in your gas line.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing trouble never seems to happen at a good time. Often, your pipes will spring a leak late at night or on the weekend, long after regular office hours in San Antonio, TX. It is very important to hire plumbers that are open 24/7 to take care of whatever goes wrong with your plumbing.

Professional Drain Cleaning

When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, it is always a good idea to act on any issues promptly. There are some clues to look for to see if you need professional drain cleaning services.

If the water in your tub or sink is slow to drain out, it could be caused from built-up materials in the drain causing a partial blockage. This can cause serious damage to your pipes if you ignore it too long. Standing water in your sink or shower is another sign that your drains could use professional cleaning.

Odd gurgling or bumping sounds in your plumbing system when you flush the toilet usually points to drain issues. Drain cleaning will typically silence the strange noises.

Foul smells emanating from your drains is often an indication that the sewage is not flowing straight to the sewer line, as it should. What you are smelling is the nasty waste that is caught in the pipe.

Using cameras and hydrojetting, plumbers can clean your drains thoroughly, so everything can flow freely through the pipes. No more bad smells filling your house, no more slow or blocked drains, and no more strange noises.

Sump Pump Repair & Installation

A sump pump is designed to protect your home from flooding damage, should your pipes develop a leak. It is your best defense against water damage you home has. Placed at the lowest point of your home, a sump pump sucks up any water that starts collecting on the floor, saving your home and belongings.

If your sump pump stops working, your house could incur serious water damage in a short amount of time. If you don’t already have one, it’s time to get one installed. There are two basic types of sump pumps that plumbers can install, pedestal and submersible.

Why You Should Always Hire a Professional

Many people in San Antonio, TX attempt to fix their own plumbing problems in an attempt to save some money. Everyday, you see television programs that make repairing different parts of the home seem easy. The problem is that when you work on your own home, you don’t have a crew of experts behind the scenes to take care of the real work.

The truth is, it’s actually more cost-effective and efficient to hire a professional who knows the right way to get the job done. Not only do you lack the tools and equipment for the job, you probably haven’t honed your plumbing skills like professionals who do this every day. Also, home projects rarely go as smoothly as you think. With their training and years of experience on the job, professionals are able to deal with any situation that arises.

When you’re shopping for plumbers, be sure you choose one that is licensed, local, fully insured, and reputable. Professionalism on the job site is crucial for the safety of everyone involved.

The professional plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, TX have the experience and skill your home or business deserves. We offer a complete range of commercial and residential plumbing installation, repair, and replacement services.

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