How to Screen Potential Plumbing Service | San Antonio, TX

How to Screen Potential Plumbing Service | San Antonio, TX

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Are you new to the San Antonio, TX area and in need of plumbing services? If you are not familiar with the area and don’t have anyone you can ask, finding a plumber you can trust may seem like a difficult task. However, finding reputable plumber is not impossible, you just have to know what to look for.

In general, there are a few things that every plumber should be able to offer you to become an option. Then you will want to ask any potential contenders some directed questions so that you can get a feel of whether or not they are a good fit for you.

General Considerations When Hiring Plumbers in San Antonio, TX

While you need to ask some specific questions to get to the bottom of whether a plumber can help you, you also need to ask some basic questions.

Are they a licensed plumber? Always choose a plumbing service that is licensed, which is a requirement of most US states. Ask for proof of insurance. If the plumber balks at all to your request, this a sign to keep looking.

How long have they been in the plumbing industry? The more experience a plumber can offer you the better. Since every home is different, a vast majority of plumbing calls are a combination of troubleshooting and problem solving. You want a plumber who has seen everything so they can get to the bottom of your issue quickly.

Do they offer estimates? Any reputable plumbing service will be able to give you an estimate of what your repair will cost. They may charge you for the service call, which is standard procedure, but before undergoing any repairs you should know the costs upfront.

Do they offer any guarantees?Before agreeing to the repairs, find out if any of the items they are replacing come with a guarantee and if the plumber is willing to back his or her work.

Can they provide customer references? An excellent plumbing service will have plenty of happy customers to provide customer references. Look for reviews online or ask the company for customer references. If they can’t provide any this is a sign that you should take your business elsewhere.

More Directed Questions to Ask a Plumber:

Once you have a list of potential plumbing companies that have passed your screening questions, you will want to get a bit more detailed. It is worth your time to do a little more investigation before you spend any money to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. You also want to make sure they are actually able to solve your plumbing issue.

What is the Total Cost of Fixing Your Plumbing Issue? Plumbing companies that are willing to offer you a quote over the phone should make you nervous. Experienced plumbers usually want to see the actual problem before they will offer an estimate because they know that there are many factors that can change the entire scope of a project. They also want to see what parts may be needed so they can include these in the costs of the repair. If a plumber is giving you a quote on the phone without looking at your plumbing first, you can rest assured that they are inexperienced and the quote is likely to be inaccurate.

Who is Actually Doing the Work? Some plumbing services in San Antonio, TX use subcontractors or apprentices who help do the work. If this is the case, the experience of the person you are speaking with may not have any bearing on the project at your home. If they are sending someone else out, ask about those credentials and the level of experience. You want to know about the person who will actually be at your house, so make sure you are specific when speaking with plumbing services.

Is the Rate Hourly or Fixed? Going back to the original estimate, make sure that you ask the plumbing company if the estimate is hourly or fixed. You want to make sure that the price you are quoted is what you are going to receive. If they tell you that it is an hourly rate, ask them how long they estimate it will take them to complete the plumbing job. An experienced plumber should be able to provide you with a pretty accurate estimate of how long the repairs will take.

Are They Bonded and Insured? The answer to this question should always be an instant yes, otherwise it is time to start looking at other plumbing services. A bonded and insured plumber is responsible for any injuries they may obtain while on the job in your home instead of you. You don’t want to find yourself responsible for anything while they are in your home, so make sure you ask this.

Look for a Plumber Before You Need Them: Most people only think about looking for plumbing services once a plumbing problem occurs. However, it is actually better to look for a plumber before you have any issues. As the above questions might display, it can take some time to find a plumber you fully trust. If you have an emergency on your hands you will not have to time to properly screen a plumbing company.

It is best to figure out all of your services and repairmen soon after you relocate or move. You should have these numbers on your fridge and be able to rest assured that they are the right choice for your home. You also should have bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio out for preventative maintenance once a year which is a great time to find out of the plumbing service is the right fit for you versus on an emergency call.

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