When And Why You Need A Plumber For Home Renovations | Helotes, TX

When And Why You Need A Plumber For Home Renovations | Helotes, TX

Creating plans for a modern new kitchen or completely tearing out an old and outdated bathroom is exciting. It means you are soon going to find yourself enjoying a space that is modern, clean, and fitting to your needs and style. While some of these tasks may not seem to require the help of a professional – especially if you are handy, there are a few times when calling in a plumber is a critical investment. If you are in Helotes and planning to do some renovations, here is when you need to make a call to a reliable plumbing service.

When Should You Call in a Pro?

There are various instances in which hiring a plumber is going to be necessary. Other times, there are some hidden benefits of consulting with a professional to help you with the repairs and updates you need. Here are a few times when you should not put off these pros during your renovation project.

You Sprung a Leak

Often, the first time many people call a plumber is when they have a leak to deal with during a home renovation project. Perhaps your demo work got a bit too carried away, and you broke into a pipe. You may have pulled away drywall and revealed a number of leaks just as you are getting started with your project. In these cases, getting professional help is necessary. Sometimes you may need professional emergency repairs to help you minimize damage to your home.

Installing a Toilet

Some toilets are easy enough to remove and replace. Others can require some significant adjusting to the placement of the water pipes and drain. If your home is older, you are more likely to need a professional for this type of work. Even in new homes, if you want to change the position of the toilet or where it is within the room, it becomes necessary to work with a plumber to do so. That way, you can be sure that the process is done properly, minimizing risks that you will get all of the fixtures in place and find yourself with a leak later.

Making Significant Layout Changes

Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, or other spaces where water runs typically benefit from having professional help with the plumbing.

First, you want to call in a professional to help you to create a layout that works with the home’s current water and drain lines. If you need to make substantial changes, it could add to your costs significantly. You want to be sure you are ready for those added costs. There are some situations where the configuration you want is not allowable due to building codes or safety restrictions. You can trust a professional to help you to work around this problem or to help you work with to find a solution.

Second, you also want a plumber to handle these often major renovation projects. When making layout changes, there are more plumbing fixtures to adjust and ensure they align properly. There is also the need to ensure the work is done to code, so you don’t end up with a problem later from the city of Helotes. Having the professional help you with the layout and then ensure it is put in properly can reduce a lot of stress during the project.

Installing a New Bar

The addition of a new water-focused system in your home warrants a bit of attention from a plumber. For example, you may be thinking about adding a wet bar to your living room or rec space. This process seems simple enough, but you will likely need to run water lines and drain lines to the area. You also need to consider how the wastewater will drain away from the space and the size of pipe that is best. Tying into existing lines may be an option, but that could mean some demo work to walls and flooring. Let the pros help you do this in a way that keeps your property protected.

New Construction

Whether you are building your own home or putting someone else in charge of it, ensuring a fully experienced and licensed plumber handles the new installation is critical. Though they may seem simple and straightforward, plumbing systems can be very complex and must be designed in a way to ensure proper function.

When installing new plumbing systems like this, it is the ideal time to consider factors such as energy efficiency. Your plumbing team can help you plan for the most efficient use of water lines throughout your home or a way to position the water heater so that it gets hot water to your showers faster. You may even want to consider upgraded systems. For any new construction project, it helps to have the keen wisdom of a professional available to guide you throughout the process.

There’s a Potential Break in the Line

There’s nothing worse than putting time and money aside for a big project only to find you have a bigger and sometimes much more expensive repair to manage. For example, as you are remodeling your basement, you may learn that there’s water coming from a floor drain, and it seems there’s something clogging up the drain line from your home.

A plumber can help you get this fixed right away. If it is an exterior line, it could be related to tree roots growing into the line. Other times, it could be due to grease buildup in the lines. With the help of a professional with a camera, you can find the problem, create a plan to fix it, and then move on with your renovations. Taking care of repairs like this in advance of any bigger project could be critical for many property owners.

While doing any repair, if there is ever a question about drains or water lines, take the time to stop and request support from a licensed professional. That helps ensure you are not doing work that needs to be torn out because of a problem.

Looking to Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater

Another time to contact a plumber is for the upgrading of your hot water heater. Perhaps the hot water heater is taking up a big amount of space in your garage or your basement. You are doing some remodeling of that space now and realize you may be able to reclaim that space to use for other needs. A tankless water heater could work to help you with this.

Before you decide on that process, it is worth it to contact a plumber to get a quote on the entire project, including the removal of existing systems and the placement of tankless water heaters throughout the home. You want to consider the timeline and costs associated with it. +Also, think about the energy savings. For many property owners, this is an excellent way to reduce energy costs on an ongoing basis.

You’re Moving Gas Appliances

Many homes have gas appliances in them. This could be your gas dryer, stove, and oven, for example. These systems rely on a pipe that comes from a natural gas supply line that runs from the street to your appliance’s location. If you plan to move that line to a different area or you need to repair it because it is no longer safe, turn to a plumber to handle this work for you. Gas lines are dangerous especially if you have no experience with them. You want to be sure you get it just right without putting anyone at risk.

The same applies if you hit or find a gas line during your demo work. That could warrant the need to call in a professional, but first, to call the fire department to turn off the gas running to your home. Be sure to leave the home until that is done. It is all about making your space.

Installing a New Pool

If your home renovations have to do with exterior projects like adding a pool to the backyard, a plumber could be an excellent partner to help you get started. Not all pools require a direct source of water or drain, but having one that is pre-built into place could help to optimize your living space a bit more. It helps to get an idea of what the cost or timeline for projects like this may be since it could impact the overall start and completion of your project.

Installing a New Bathroom

Adding another bathroom to your home could be one of the best renovation decisions you make, especially if you have a growing family. Proper placement of that bathroom, along with a well-designed layout, could help you to make the most of your space. This is a great time to work with a plumber.

Ask the plumber about options for installing low-flow faucets to reduce the amount of water being used every time you turn one on. You may want to discuss the ability to use a rain head showerhead or even a full-body shower system with multiple functions. Talk to the pros about the ability to install sinks for use without having to have a pedestal, such as one that is built into the wall system.

Your new bathroom may offer a wide range of amenities that you need, and with the help of a professional, it can be as modern as you like. You may even want to think about some smart home features.

Switching to a Walk-in Bathtub

As the population gets older, there is a growing need for services like this. Climbing up and into the bathtub can become challenging as you get older. Yet, standing in a shower is not always easy to do either. A plumber can help you to switch out the traditional tub or shower for a walk-in, sit down version. Work with them to find any type of features that could be beneficial to you.

Why Turn to a Professional?

You may think you have the ability to handle your home renovations yourself. That may be the case, and it may cost you less than calling a plumber. However, there are some very big reasons why you need a professional:

  • Their expertise can help you save time and money. That often means they can help you to avoid obstacles and repairs later on, ensuring you get the best outcome for your project possible.
  • They can ensure the project is done to code. A plumber that knows the area knows how to avoid costly fines.
  • Their experience ensures your safety throughout the home renovation. Having the confidence to know the job is being done properly can help you to feel more positive about it.
  • Protect your home value, too. A plumber’s services are appreciated not just by you while you live there but also by the next people to own your home. You want to be sure your home doesn’t develop problems later on.
  • Ongoing support is another key benefit. While you may need them for a bit of help now, in the coming months, as you complete your home renovations, problems may arise, and changes may occur. Having a plumbing company with insight and guidance to help you manage those challenges can be beneficial.

Often, it just makes sense to hire a professional to do this type of work for you. That can only help your project to go well and ensure the type of results you are hoping for in the long term.

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