Signs You Need A Water Heater Repair Or Replacement | San Antonio, TX

Signs You Need A Water Heater Repair Or Replacement | San Antonio, TX

As long as you’re receiving hot or warm water, you may not see the need to check on your water heating system. Most people ignore their water heaters until it’s too late, and they have to pay for expensive repairs or replace the entire system.

Instead of waiting to make that late call to a water heater repair service, give your heater the attention it deserves. Working with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio gives you access to a reliable team to help with the maintenance and timely repair of your water heating system.

However, you can look for these signs to alert you when to call your water heater repair service.

No Hot Water

Turning on your shower only to be hit with cold water can be alarming, especially in the morning when preparing to leave the house. There are several reasons your water heating system may not produce hot water, including issues with the electrical heating system or piping. Don’t ignore this sign as it could be the foundation to more repairs, have your plumber look at the system.

While this may be a job for your plumber, you should consider working with an expert specialized in water heater repair, such as bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

Water heating systems are designed to serve you for decades before replacement; however, they need regular maintenance and repairs after a decade. During this period, you’ll likely deal with sediment build-up or issues with the heating component that may interfere with hot water delivery.

Leaking Hot Water Tank

Most water heating systems are paired with a hot water tank to hold water after heating. This is because you can’t heat your water every time you need it; you need a storage unit to hold a specified amount based on your usage. However, noticing a leaking hot water tank may be difficult, especially if you have it installed in a concealed location. Since these leaks can go on for days or weeks, it’s advisable to conduct regular inspections to unearth any leaks.

You can be alerted to a leaking water tank through steady dripping water or a puddle forming at the base of the hot water tank. Immediately you spot this; it’s best to call your water heater repair service to check for any hidden leaks.

Hot water tanks have many risks, including burning that needs an experienced plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio to fix. These professionals are equipped with the necessary tools and safety protocols required to seal a leaking hot water tank.

Rust-colored Water Coming Out of the Hot Water Tap

Hot water tanks and piping systems mostly comprise steel pipes capable of handling heat and ensuring durability. However, with time, a section of your plumbing system may corrode, causing you to see rust-colored water from your hot water tap. This color can mean different things, including a rusty faucet, shower head, or pipe. Sometimes, the problem may lie with your hot water tank or the heater.

The rust color caused by the heating mechanism may be from a damaged anode rod inside the water heater. Immediately you see this, call your water heater repair expert to get to the root of the problem. Failure to have it checked may endanger the lives of those who depend on the water for different uses, including drinking and cooking.

Strange Noises

Not every sound you hear may warrant an emergency call to your water heater repair services. It’s normal for your water heater to produce some noise, especially when on. However, specific noises, such as a loud popping, rumbling, crackling, or banging, may alert you to a problem with your water heating system. Water heaters can also produce a lot of noise due to sediment buildup on the heating elements and tank. A broken dip tube causing cold and water to mix may also result in strange noises.

Strange noises are a warning sign for many things and must be treated cautiously. Fortunately for you, at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, you’ll find quality water heaters and the added advantage of trained experts to conduct inspections and maintenance. Having an expert conduct regular inspections on your water heater will expose the source of the sounds, allowing you to address them on time.

Fluctuation in Water Temperature

Having no hot water is one thing, and having temperature variations while using your water heating system is another. Some people ignore the temperature differences, especially when they regain hot water after a few moments. However, fluctuation in water temperature may be an indicator that something is wrong with your water heater.

You’ll likely experience temperature changes, even without changing the settings on your heater. This issue often stems from the accumulation of minerals around the heating components, interfering with their efficiency. Call a water heater repair expert immediately if you notice the changes to have the system checked and repaired.

Cloudy Water with Unpleasant Smell

Cloudy water and an unpleasant smell from your hot tap may indicate something wrong with your water heater. This is caused by mineral deposits on the water heater that alters the texture and smell of the water. It’s advisable to call your water heater repair expert to check the source of the odd smell and prevent more damage to your system. Cloudy water and strange smells from your water heater need to be addressed immediately since the water may be harmful if consumed.

Get Quality Services from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio

Your water heater is a significant investment and should be well-managed. Instead of waiting to make an emergency call to your water heater repair expert, inspect your water heating system for signs of damage.

Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for more on our services. Our team of experts will provide quality plumbing services to meet your needs.

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