Our Drain Cleaning Service Can Solve Your Drain Crisis And Help Your Busy Family Avoid Them | San Antonio, TX

Our Drain Cleaning Service Can Solve Your Drain Crisis And Help Your Busy Family Avoid Them | San Antonio, TX

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While a rubber duck or cell phone in your toilet is sometimes unavoidable, most drain problems have origins long before the current crises of a stopped sink or overflowing toilet. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio we know drains. Grease, hair, and more in your pipes form clogs all over your drain system. At some point, what’s happening throughout starts to show in your fixtures, and you call us urgently to clean it out. What you may not know is that much of the problem we can prevent with a regular preventive drain cleaning service, done at a scheduled time at your convenience. Wouldn’t you prefer that?

Whole House Drain Cleaning Service

When our drain cleaning service gets to work on your home in a top to bottom pipe cleanout, we give you a fresh start by removing the root causes of many of your drain problems. Slow flow and frequent blockages caused by clogs deep in the system can look like localized trouble, but when your toilet keeps needing the plunger it may be because a clog in the pipe between floors is making trouble for the sinks and toilets above it. If that clog becomes complete, you can start to get strange effects such as multiple sink backups or toilet clogs, or same-floor issues where a flush in one bathroom causes an overflow in another. When you bring harmony back to your drain plumbing, things can settle down significantly and leave you with just the usual hair clogs in the shower drain and dropped phones in the toilet. Our techniques include video inspection to target our efforts, auger, snakes, and the amazing hydro-jetting system that uses high-pressure water, thousands of PSI, to break clogs free and peel grease and soap scum from the walls of your pipes where it likes to hold on to other stuff and make another clog.

Targeted Drain Maintenance

The whole house drain cleaning service gets all of your pipes clean, but there are some that can be more trouble than others and deserve targeting on their own. Your kitchen drains, in particular, get a lot more food and other substances that not only cause clogs, but support the growth of bacteria, and deep cleaning gets the grease out of the pipes and the bacteria as well. If you have material creating a block in the P-trap below the sink, it’s time to get that out and give your sink a chance to drain faster than you may have seen in a while. That’s especially the case if you’ve been actively using the garbage disposal, where material like ground-up rice and pasta can expand in the pipes like a sponge and cause trouble. In bathrooms, sinks, toilets, and showers that see lots of use can get ahead of the rest of the house with hair clogs, grease, and soap clogs, and other material washed or flushed down the drains.

Drain Pipe Inspection Using Video

Tiny video cameras have made a huge difference in plumbing, even as we continue to use our expert plumbing knowledge to provide careful, intelligent service whether we’re clearing your drains or installing new plumbing. Video lets us see what we’re dealing with, including the type of clog and the material it’s composed of, which could be sanitary products that are supposedly flushable or just a bunch of grease or soap binding up hair and other natural substances. When we see grease gathering on the walls of the pipe, we know that’s a clog that will likely develop a few months from now, and we can add it to our targets for your drain cleaning service. When we look inside your pipes, we also see what condition they’re in, important for avoiding costly drain leaks in the future which might spill wastewater in your walls or other hard-to-clean places.

Other Drain Cleaning Techniques

Our San Antonio, TX drain cleaning service experts use their knowledge and experience to guide their work, knowing what are likely problems in your type of home, and how to navigate your pipes. We have augers and snakes to break up clogs, and powerful hydro-jetting sprays to finish the job and keep clog components flowing downstream, as well as blasting grease and soap accumulations from the pipe walls. We also know that there are some areas that need more attention than others, such as horizontal drain pipe runs that should be slightly slanted but occasionally aren’t. If we notice plumbing problems like these, or pipe condition issues, we’ll let you know for future consideration.

Drain Issue Troubleshooting — Sounds and Odors

Gurgling toilets, especially on the top floor, and noxious odors nearby can be signs of an unexpected problem. Multiple or recurring clogs can also be produced by this issue, for which the solution is actually likely to be above, in the plumbing vent on the roof. This vent releases sewer gas from your drain system, and if it’s blocked the gas can accumulate indoors instead. That’s an urgent plumbing issue which you should call about right away. Blockages in the plumbing vent, often from material blown in during storms, also prevent air from being drawn in to allow your drains to flow. This can look like drain clogs, but the answer is above you. Our plumbing professionals can do more than expertly provide drain cleaning service, they know your plumbing and can get to the root cause.

Drain Cleaning Service Experts to Help You Relax in San Antonio, TX

When your home’s drains stop flowing, people stop and take notice. That’s why at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio we recommend preventive drain cleaning service and also respond quickly and effectively when drains do stop draining or overflow. You can count on us to make your life simpler with expert plumbing services. Give us a call for preventive care, and keep it handy for emergencies, too.

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