Drain Cleaning Services 101: Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Hydro-Jetting | San Antonio, TX

Drain Cleaning Services 101: Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Hydro-Jetting | San Antonio, TX

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Commercial plumbing and drain cleaning service is subjected to greater pressures than residential plumbing because it involves significant installation and maintenance of huge waste removal and water supply systems.

Besides its complexity, San Antonio, TX commercial plumbing experiences heavier usage compared to plumbing in most households. This is because residential plumbing only serves the limited needs of families in a specific household. In contrast, commercial plumbing has to meet the needs of hundreds if not thousands of people. Therefore, it’s not surprising that due to heavy usage, commercial drains quickly take the toll, especially public restrooms, which are mostly overwhelmed due to the constant influx of visitors.

Besides frequent usage, commercial drains may also undergo regular damaging abuse. This could be due to industrial buildings releasing debris and chemicals down floor drains or dumping of food waste or oil by restaurants; that’s why most business premises are susceptible to clogging problems.

Luckily, there is a perfect solution that can save property owners from this nightmare. This go solution is hydro-jetting, which effectively removes blockages and can be used as a preventative measure to ensure the pipes are clean and in a spotless condition.

This method of drain cleaning has also been adopted in residential properties, but it’s mostly recommended in commercial spaces to resolve considerable problems that mostly plague commercial plumbing. Hydro-jetting also provides long-term solutions to ensure the safety of pipes and the environment.

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

This is a non-invasive plumbing method that clears pipes by effectively removing blockages. Referred to as the power washing for pipes, it involves high-pressure water jets that get rid of clogs, build-up, and debris from the plumbing system.

During the drain cleaning process, a high-pressure water hose rigged out with a sophisticated nozzle is used to blast water via the line. This also causes revolving jets of water to be sent behind the nozzle as it twists through the pipe.

The forward spray and thrust will shatter any clogs in the line through the pipe.

As this happens, the backward-facing spray clears out the mess and any residual debris away from the sides of the pipe, creating a backwash of water that pushes any remaining particles down the line.

Hydro-jetting has the capability of modifying water pressure modestly to high-intensity strength, depending on the pipe’s condition and extent of the clog to remove serious blockages.

When Is It Needed?

Before commencing the draining cleaning service process, plumbers start by conducting a camera inspection to examine the condition of the pipes. A hydro jetting process will be recommended if there are recurrent severe clogs in the water system. The pipe’s interior usually accumulates mineral build-up, debris, and grease over time resulting in slow draining and clogging.

When left unattended, this issue may escalate, resulting in sewer backups. Therefore, blockage of your plumbing system causes dirty water to find its way into your home.

In such cases, hydro jetting can address these drain issues. This method works with gravity and pressurizes the pipes to clear up. In commercial facilities such as restaurants, it’s common to encounter stubborn grease build-ups; hence, hot jetting is the recommended option.

Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

Cost-Effective and Long Lasting

Unlike in residential plumbing, where you can resolve clogged pipe issues by using liquid drainers for commercial drain cleaning, you have to invest in effective drain cleaning services in San Antonio, TX.

Some drain cleaning methods such as drain snaking may seem affordable, but in the long run, you’ll end up spending more because they don’t do an efficient job in complex plumbing; hence, the blockage will be recurring.

Rodding is another traditional technique that involves installing tools into pipes to drill a hole through the clog inside the pipes. Although it clears lines, it doesn’t precisely clear out the entire buildup along the pipe. It is a temporary approach that makes a passage for the water to pass through it instead of clearing the whole buildup completely.

On the other hand, hydro jetting appears costly compared to other methods. But, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your entire plumbing system is thoroughly cleaned and not just a part of it. You’ll save your local plumber trips to your home in San Antonio, TX, because re-clog issues will be minimal.

Most importantly, modern hydro jetting utilizes practical and purposeful-designed nozzles that can disintegrate the resistant debris that builds up inside your pipes. Plus, if there are tree roots inside plumbing pipes, they will be split up and flushed out of these pipes.

Besides being economical, hydro jetting provides you with enduring results. This drain cleaning service uses highly pressurized water; hence, it will take time for grime and debris to build up. Therefore, you’ll rarely clean your pipes, and your plumbing system will stay in good shape for a long time. Commercial jetting ensures your pipe is as clean as it was when installed.


While most drain cleaning service techniques are effective in residential plumbing, hydro jetting can be efficient in commercial and residential premises. This method can handle jobs of all sizes, from sludge and grease build-up to tree roots in the plumbing system.

Hydro jetting can be safely used on pipes, such as resin-based, clay, cast iron, steel, and cement sewer lines. Substances passing through commercial pipes such as sand, mud, and soap leave behind remnants, causing clogging if not properly cleaned up. With a mighty shockwave of extremely pressurized water, hydro jetting clears out all the debris and severe factory clogs, keeping the pipes clean for a long time.

Commercial plumbing lines also develop bacteria inside, leading to health issues, pungent odors, and general unpleasantness. Such problems can be adequately resolved by hydro-jetting, which leaves your pipes fresh and clean.


Whilst commercial jetting drain cleaning service uses a lot of water, which appears as wastage to most people, it is still environmentally friendly compared to other traditional approaches. For instance, multiple processes are involved in standard drain cleaning services.

Some traditional drain cleaning methods also use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. This is because most chemical drain cleaners are still active even after draining out, hence having negative consequences on the environment.

On the other hand, commercial jetting services only use high-pressure water without including any additives or chemicals in the water. The drain cleaning service only depends on high pressure to destroy the debris buildup and grease lining the pipes.

Therefore, water flowing out has only debris and no chemicals. This drain cleaning service is also safe for buildings near lakes, ponds, and rivers since it does not pollute water sources.


No one likes the mess involved when plumbers have to dig a trench to access pipes to resolve a sewer line problem. This process is expensive and time-consuming and may damage the pipes if not handled by amateurs. Fortunately, through the hydro jetting method, you can access the clogged pipelines without digging up.

This equipment is designed to spin at various angles during cleaning, and the plumber’s task is only to access an opening at the beginning of the affected section. Also, even if your lines are rusted, you don’t have to worry about any damage.

Additionally, hydro jetting allows your business operations to proceed as expected without them coming at a standstill. Plus, it preserves your landscape, and you won’t incur landscaping costs after the plumbers are done and long gone.

Highly Effective

Although traditional drain cleaning services can clear out blockages, they are not as effective as hydro-jetting. They leave some materials in the pipe, which will end building up, causing slow draining. But with hydro jetting, you are assured that all clogs and debris will be cleared out.

Suppose you are a commercial property owner seeking a drain cleaning service. In that case, you can go for hydro-jetting, which easily washes away most stubborn blockages, hence allowing water to flow smoothly.

Also, hydro jetting can easily reach inaccessible places that standard plumbing approaches will be unable to reach. If your commercial building premises use an old plumbing system, then the flexibility of hydro jetting will make it possible to clean these fragile pipes without damaging them.

Faster and More Sanitary

Unclogging a pipe is one of the messiest jobs, and a drain cleaning service expert risks coming into contact with the sewer materials. When using traditional plumbing procedures, there’s a high chance of debris or sewage coming into contact with the drain cleaning service professionals or even your home and surrounding environment.

However, hydro jetting is a remote technology, and the plumber does not need to use a metal snake for unclogging, hence less contact with the sewage.

Additionally, hydro jetting ensures the job is done faster, flushing the disintegrated debris out of the pipes, hence less possible contact with toxic contaminants.

Prevents Future Clogs

Hydro jetting is the first essential procedure in every task that involves section point repair or pipelining. This is because the plumber can’t apply lining material when there is residual coating inside the pipe walls.

Hydro jetting is also a preventive care application that helps clear out clogs during their early stages to prevent costly pipe damages. If small clogs are left unattended, they can result in plumbing system failures.

To avoid such issues, you can schedule a proactive hydro jetting with a drain cleaning service provider in San Antonio, TX, to fix such minor issues before they worsen.

Floor and Wall Protection

Ignoring drain cleaning will have dire effects on your commercial establishment. You could end up with overflows causing water damage on your walls and floors. These conditions lead to mold growth, causing your walls and floors to lose their structural integrity in the long run.

Replacing damaged walls and floors is very costly. You can avoid all this with commercial hydro-jetting services, which remove all clogs and leaks. This ensures your walls and floors last for years and bring you more business.

Risks of Hydro-Jetting

Despite its numerous benefits, hydro jetting has its downsides. For starters, it is not for amateur drain cleaning service providers and may not be practical depending on the condition of your pipes.

A lot of water under high pressure is used during this process; hence, many risks are involved in this process, and that’s why it’s crucial to only hire a qualified and licensed drain cleaning service company in San Antonio, TX.

If your pipes have been damaged because of root infestation, you should avoid hydro-jetting because high pressure from the water can worsen the damage.

Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your drain cleaning service provider conducts a detailed visual inspection of your plumbing system using video camera equipment. This will help you make a sound decision and avoid further damage to the plumbing system.

Is Hydro-Jetting Worth It?

From the above benefits, it’s without a doubt that every penny that goes into hydro jetting for your commercial space is justifiable. Although there could be cheaper drain cleaning service options such as drain snaking, this method may not be effective due to the complex and massive plumbing system in commercial buildings. If you need your pipes to be thoroughly cleaned, you have to invest in commercial hydro jetting.

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