Is My Sewer Clogged? The Signs To Watch Out For And When To Call A Drain Cleaning Service | Helotes, TX

Is My Sewer Clogged? The Signs To Watch Out For And When To Call A Drain Cleaning Service | Helotes, TX

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Despite its vital role in draining waste from your home, most homeowners tend to overlook the sewer line. Since sewer lines are underground pipes, this makes it hard to notice a problem. A blockage inside the sewer line is a common plumbing issue in Helotes, TX, homes. When the sewer line is blocked, wastewater might not flow into the sewer. It could be forced to back up through your floor drains or sink.

A drain cleaning service professional can resolve the issue before it ends up causing costly replacements and repairs. Homeowners may also have to part with finances to cater for expensive treatment bills for diseases related to hygiene like cholera.

These issues can be avoided if you identify and locate the problem early. Even if a problem rarely happens, do not ignore it as it might worsen with time. Ensure you are keen on your plumbing fixtures’ behavior to know when a drain cleaning service is necessary. Below are some warning signs of a blockage in the sewer line.

Slow Draining Bathtubs and Sinks

If the sewer line at your home has some problems, your drains in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen sinks will be slow. When you notice that the toilets, bathtubs, and sinks are draining slower than they usually are, or the toilet is overflowing, the time to schedule drain cleaning services is due.

Does the sink back up when you turn on your washing machine? It is a sign of a blockage within your drainage system. Some of these clogs might be caused by tree roots or cracks that allow soil or sand to enter the pipes. Regardless of the cause, such situations are avoidable at your home if you regularly clean the drains.

If you experience slow drains, you may opt to use a plunger. However, this doesn’t offer a lasting solution. It will serve you best to enlist the services of a drain cleaning expert to remove the clogs from the drains and replace or repair the affected parts.

Puddles of Wastewater Your Compound

If you notice puddles of wastewater in your backyard, you could have a significant plumbing problem and should contact a drain cleaning service specialist asap. It might be frustrating seeing wastewater invade your beautiful yard.

Because the sewer line is located outside, you can spot it easily on your lawn whenever an issue arises. Clogged sewer lines may cause the wastewater to start flowing onto your yard. Additionally, your septic tank might be overflowing.

If you notice visible water puddles in your yard or experience odd smells, you should contact a professional drain cleaning. If the problem isn’t addressed, you’ll almost certainly end up with a pest infestation and expensive damages.

Foul Odor

Sewer odor is a sign that your sewer line has some problems. If the sewer system develops a crack, it may release wastewater, making homeowners experience foul smells. Additionally, if the sewer line has a blockage, the foul stench may not have anywhere to move but flow back into your home.

Suppose you don’t address the issue sooner. In that case, it may cause discomfort at your home because it affects the indoor air quality and unease whenever visitors are coming in. Sewer gasses can also cause severe health issues like headaches, breathing complications, nausea, and stomach upsets. You should enlist the help of professional drain cleaning services in Helotes, TX, to inspect the drains and assess the situation. The plumbing experts can identify the cause and recommend a workable solution. They will also resolve the problem by removing the clogs or patching the cracks to ensure your home is free of these harmful odors.

Infestation By Pests

Although mice and flies may enter your home from a neighboring waste disposal site, cracked drain pipes may also be another reason. The foul stench from clogged sewer lines attracts unwelcome pests that might eventually find their way into your home.

It can irritate you to see the flies hovering all over the diner table eating your delicious food. Rats can also destroy your costly clothes and damage your property. They can also infect you or your family with life-threatening infections.

Do you experience continuous pest invasion? You should seek the help of a pest control technician. If the problem persists, you should seek the assistance of a drain cleaning service technician who can examine the situation and provide a long-term solution.

Backflow Issues

Many homeowners have experienced sewer backups occurring in open drains, usually caused by a blockage in your sewer line. Whenever water is run through the sink, flush the toilet, or use a bathtub and experience backflows, it may mean there is an underlying issue down your sewer line as all plumbing fixtures rely on it to drain effectively.

If it rains heavily, backflows may also happen; you have old pipes or trees intruding into the sewer. If the pipes have become clogged to the extent of backing up, enlisting the help of a drain cleaning service for sewer inspection is the best solution. Why expose yourself to such risks as flooding or health problems while you can hire a plumber to help you resolve the issue?

Green Patches In Your Yard

As a homeowner, you want a green landscape to add beauty to your yard while also increasing the value of your home. You might notice that some areas within your yard are greener than others sometimes. An unusual green area or patch could indicate a drainage issue.

It could signal that your sewer lines are broken and require immediate care by a drain cleaning professional. Leakage can occur due to a blockage, which causes pipes to break or shatter. If this happens, wastewater seeps into the yard through the openings, turning the grass greener. When you discover unusual growth patterns or greener patches in your yard, please do not ignore them. Enlist the help of a professional drain cleaning service for underground pipe inspections.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Helotes, TX

The sewer system is as vital as any other plumbing system like a water line. Therefore, due attention should be accorded to it. Otherwise, it might endanger your family’s health while causing discomfort and inconvenience at home.

Be on the lookout for the signs above, and if you see either, enlist the help of a drain cleaning company to clean the sewer line and repair or replace the damaged parts. Today, for drain cleaning services. Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

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