Do You Need A Plumber? | Cibolo, TX

Do You Need A Plumber? | Cibolo, TX

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Licensed plumbers can help you fix any water-related issues in your homes. They can thoroughly inspect your appliances and fixtures to ensure you’re getting safe and clean water. While some plumbing problems are minor, it’s still best to contact a plumber in Cibolo, TX, especially when you have little to no plumbing experience. Our plumbers can promptly help you resolve any plumbing problems and make sure the issues don’t come back.

When is the best time to contact a licensed plumber? Get in touch with us if you’re having the issues mentioned below:

No Water

You can’t live without water, which is why your first instinct may be to contact a plumber immediately when you notice that no water comes out from the tap. While a plumber can definitely help, we suggest you contact your utility company first and check whether the problem is coming from their end. You may want to also speak with a neighbor and ask if they also don’t have water. If you’ve paid your bills and the utility company says they’re not having issues with the water, the problem could be your plumbing.

If you can’t determine the problem, get in touch with a plumber in Cibolo, TX, for an inspection. Professionals can perform diagnostic tests to help them get to the root of the problem and provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions.

No Hot Water

Do you have a water heater tank installed in the basement? How long have you been using your water heater? If you’ve been using a water heater that’s more than ten years old, it may no longer be that efficient. We recommend calling a plumber to inspect your water heater. It may be more cost-effective to get a new replacement than paying for costly water heater repairs.

If your water heater is new and you don’t have water, check the pilot lights first as there might be issues with it. Then, get help from a professional when you suspect there might be a problem.

Another problem you’re not getting hot water is you have probably failed to remove the sediment build-up in the water heater tank. Failure to flush out the mineral buildup can affect the efficiency of your water heater. Ensure that you flush out the sediment build-up at least once a year to avoid issues with your water heater. Please don’t wait until you get a plumbing emergency, or it may be too late. Remember, when the water heater tank leaks water, you will have no choice but to get a complete replacement. To avoid problems, ensure that you regularly maintain your water heater.

To reduce the likelihood of leaks or not having enough hot water, we suggest that you consider installing tankless water heaters. You get to conserve more energy with the tankless models, and there’s no need to store any hot water as you’ll be heating water on demand. You also don’t need to worry about leaks as there’s no water tank carrying hundreds of gallons of water. Most importantly, tankless water heaters last twice as long as conventional water heaters. With proper maintenance, they can last 20 years and more. For installation, please make sure you hire a licensed plumber in Cibolo, TX, to avoid installation issues down the road.

Clogged Drain

Some homeowners may attempt to fix clogged drains. Should you decide to resolve the clog, please avoid using chemical-based drain cleaners as they can harm the pipes and pose health risks. Instead, use a plunger to help you remove what’s stuck in the pipes, or use the good old baking soda and vinegar for cleaning the pipes. If these don’t work, contact a professional in your area for a drain cleaning service. Depending on what’s clogging the system, professionals may recommend hydro jetting and other plumbing solutions beneficial for your drains.

One of the signs of a clog in the plumbing is slow drains. Failure to neglect the problem may lead to even bigger problems, like having a major drain clog. Clogs can attract pests into your home, and your kitchen will have unpleasant smells. You can avoid this by getting a professional drain cleaning.

It would also be helpful to be mindful of what you throw down the drain. Please avoid throwing grease, large food particles, or debris down the drain because they can cause a major clog in the system. Instead, install strainers to catch debris and hair, and clean your drains with hot water regularly to get rid of some oil that may be stuck in the pipes. Better yet, consider installing a garbage disposal to help you effectively manage food waste. Talk to our team to help you make an informed decision on how to better care for your drains.

You Need Major Repairs

When it comes to plumbing repairs, always contact a licensed professional, not a DIY enthusiast offering their services at a very low price. It’s also not recommended that you do your own plumbing repairs. Plumbers are up to code, and they know what they are doing. Also, they can guarantee high-quality and exceptional service on every appointment. Most importantly, licensed professionals have insurance for their protection and your peace of mind. Should there be accidents, you won’t have to be paying for the medical costs as the insurance company takes care of that.

You’re Buying New Plumbing Appliances

If you just bought a new water heater or washing machine, please contact a plumber to help you install the unit. While the manufacturer usually provides you with a guide on installing the product, it’s always best to ask for assistance from licensed professionals. Manufacturers may require you to get a professional installation to keep your warranty. Hiring licensed professionals also ensure the correct installation of the unit. Poor installation can also lead to other issues with the appliance, but you can avoid it by hiring qualified professionals to get the job done.

Running Toilet

Contact a professional the soonest possible time when the toilet just wouldn’t stop running. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting hundreds of gallons of water. Expect to have higher water bills if you fail to address the problem promptly. Contact a plumber in Cibolo, TX, right away to help you fix the toilet.

Your Bills Have Skyrocketed

One of the signs that you need the services of a licensed professional is when you receive unusually higher water bills. There might be leaks in the plumbing that you don’t know about. You can try doing a water meter test to help you determine if there is a leak in the plumbing. First, turn off the water and make sure no one uses it. Next, check the water meter and note the numbers that you see. Check back again after 30 minutes to see if the numbers have changed. There is a leak somewhere in your plumbing if you’ve noticed that the numbers in the water meter are different. Contact a professional immediately for a thorough inspection of your plumbing.

What to Do with Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a plumbing emergency. Turn off the main water supply when the pipes burst, or you’ll end up with a flooded home. Pipes can burst when the water inside them freezes — and the water can freeze when the pipes are unprotected. When the temperature starts dropping, get some insulating materials to protect exposed pipes in your home and outside your home. If possible, slightly open the faucet, so warm water flows through the pipes and the water doesn’t freeze.

What are the signs that the pipes have burst?

Low water pressure – When the water pressure is significantly low, there might be a leak somewhere in your plumbing. If you failed to protect your pipes, then they may have burst. Contact a plumber immediately so they can inspect the pipes and provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Noisy tap – When the taps are loud, it could be due to mineral deposits, high water pressure, or burst pipes. The only way to find out is by calling a plumber in Cibolo, TX, for an inspection. They can perform some tests to help them determine if your plumbing pipes have burst. Don’t worry; our plumbers are highly skilled. We know how to deal with burst pipes, and we’re quite experienced with it. Get in touch with us anytime, and we’ll quickly dispatch a licensed professional to your home or office.

What do I do when the pipes have already burst?

When it’s too late and the pipes have already burst, turn off the main water supply to stop the water flow and prevent further damage to your home. Then contact a plumber in Cibolo, TX, for assistance.

Drain the pipes – After turning off the water, it’s time to drain the pipes. Do this while you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive at your home.

Find the burst pipe – If there are no visible signs of a burst pipe, look for any water spots in the walls or any bulging ceiling or wallpapers. Then, contact a professional immediately to identify the exact location of the leak.

While waiting for the plumber, minimize damage by cleaning the area and removing any water, if there’s any. You need to also turn off the electricity, especially when there’s flooding in your home. However, never go into the water to turn off the electricity, for your safety. Instead, wait for the professional so they can help you resolve the problem.

How do I prevent burst pipes?

During winter, insulate unprotected pipes any outdoor plumbing so that the water inside them doesn’t freeze. Below are other tips you can do to prevent frozen pipes and avoid a major leak in your plumbing.

Keep the heat on – Open the cabinet doors underneath the sink so that warm air can circulate below. The warm air can help prevent pipes from freezing.

Open the faucet – As mentioned, consider slightly opening the faucet to let hot water flow through the pipes. Insulating your pipes plus slightly opening the faucet can significantly reduce burst pipes.

Install a leak detection device – Some leaks are hidden, and it might be too late when you do detect them. Thankfully, leak detection devices can detect leaks in your plumbing and even temperature fluctuations. These devices can also alert you and automatically turn off the main water to avoid further damage to your home.

How to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies can be costly, but you can avoid them. Fortunately, most plumbing emergencies will have warning signs, and you mustn’t ignore them to prevent expensive plumbing repairs and emergencies. If you suspect there might be problems with your plumbing, please contact a professional ASAP to inspect your plumbing system for any issues that need to be addressed. Also, get a regular plumbing inspection to ensure that your system is running efficiently. During the inspection, professionals can check for any plumbing problems that may lead to a bigger problem down the road, and they can also help you resolve this. Finally, get in touch with us so we can inspect your plumbing and provide you with the best plumbing solutions.

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