Factors That Can Affect How Frequently Your Home May Need A Drain Cleaning Service | Universal City, TX

Factors That Can Affect How Frequently Your Home May Need A Drain Cleaning Service | Universal City, TX

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The sanitary conditions of your residence would be nearly unbearable if it didn’t have a drainage system. Besides wastewater, the drainage line carries many waste substances, including soap, toilet paper particles, and food crumbs.

With time, these items can gradually accumulate inside the drainage system, causing clogs that homeowners may pay little attention to until the blocked drains start overflowing. Requesting a professional drain cleaning service occasionally can have financial, health, and safety benefits for your household.

For starters, contacting a drain cleaning professional near Universal City, TX, can help you eradicate the odors that could be emanating from your home’s kitchen drains. It can also resolve the problem of frequently overflowing drains, which can, in turn, prevent structural water damage that can exacerbate mold and bacteria growth if left unresolved for too long.

Scheduling a drain cleaning service can help you avoid unnecessary expenditure on drain line repair or replacement since the drains will remain well-maintained at all times. Drain cleaning also protects the integrity of your home’s plumbing pipes as it can get rid of the chemical buildup that may end up causing corrosion. If well-maintained, plumbing pipes can last for decades, saving you a significant amount of cash in replacement or repair costs.

Despite its importance, many people have different perceptions regarding how frequently a drain cleaning service should be conducted. Therefore, below are some of the factors that may influence this decision.

The Number of People in Your Residence

One of the most significant determinants of how frequently you may have to schedule a professional drain cleaning is the number of people in your household.

Essentially, if there are more people in your home, you may need to contact a drain cleaning professional more frequently since there’ll be more food particles and waste going down the drainage system. If your home has many inhabitants, there may be a higher accumulation of hair, soap scum, and minerals inside the plumbing system.

The more wear and tear your residential plumbing system experiences, the more often you may have to seek professional assistance from a drain cleaning service provider near you.

Many plumbing experts may recommend having the service done annually for households comprising four to five members. However, if your residence has a large number of people living in it, you should consider having the drainage system cleaned by a professional more often. If you live alone, you may not need expert drain cleaning solutions as regularly.

Your Cooking Habits

One of the leading causes of blockages in the drainage system is food waste. Many homeowners rarely give a second thought to the idea of dumping eggshells, starchy food substances, grease, or the remains of fibrous vegetables down the drain. While some of these items may quickly go through your home’s garbage disposal equipment, they may end up forming clogs further down the drain line.

For instance, although eggshells may seem brittle and easy to break, they typically have a slow decomposition rate. If you constantly get rid of eggshells by shoving them down your home’s garbage disposal, the small bits and pieces may accumulate further down the drainage pipes, causing them to clog. Under such circumstances, only a professional drain cleaning technician near Universal City, TX, can help remedy the situation.

Therefore, you should always remember that how often you may need to schedule a drain cleaning service may almost entirely depend on your cooking habits. Ideally, if you enjoy cooking and experimenting with different meals while at home, you may need to clean the drains more regularly. On the other hand, if you order food deliveries quite often, you’re less likely to experience drainage clogs.

The Age of Your Home’s Plumbing System

Old plumbing systems may naturally have more maintenance needs than newer models. If you move into an older home, you should be ready to request drain cleaning services more regularly to keep the drainage pipes in working condition.

Conversely, if you move into a new residence, your drain cleaning service needs may almost be non-existent. Besides age, the type of plumbing infrastructure installed on your property can also impact how often you may need to contact a drain cleaning professional.

Therefore, before moving into a new home, you should find a reliable plumbing contractor and ask them to inspect its plumbing infrastructure to assess its condition.

Expert plumbers may use a video camera to look inside the plumbing and to clean it as needed. If the piping is dilapidated, you may have to consider requesting a whole-home pipe replacement service. Although the project may cost you a pretty dime, it may be well worth it in the long run.

The Type of Garbage Disposal Present in Your Home

The garbage disposal model in your residence can determine how frequently you may need to consult a drain cleaning service professional near you.

Newer garbage disposals are significantly more powerful than previous models, and some entail unique features that can help prevent food waste from forming clogs inside the drainage system. Therefore, homeowners with the newer models may have fewer plumbing maintenance needs.

Past that, the condition of the garbage disposal also matters. With that in mind, always remember that even though your home may have a newer garbage disposal model installed, it may fail to remain efficient for long if you constantly use it to discard hard food waste items such as bones.

Your Garbage Disposal Habits

As previously pointed out, what you dump down the drain significantly affects how often you may need to schedule a professional drain cleaning service.

Essentially, if you regularly toss food waste down the drain, the drain lines may clog more quickly as opposed to how they would have if you were more mindful of how you utilize your home’s garbage disposal infrastructure.

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