Drain Cleaning Service Tips: 3 Things To Avoid Washing Down The Drains | Schertz, TX

Drain Cleaning Service Tips: 3 Things To Avoid Washing Down The Drains | Schertz, TX

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How many people did not put a lot of thought into what they wash down the drains? However, if you are not mindful of what you are washing down the drains, your drains will be more susceptible to clogging. Some clogs are fairly easy to unblock. In the beginning, or you might have to reach your hands down the drain to remove any particulates that you find.

However, as time goes by, these clogs will be more and more difficult to clean. This is because a lot of the particulars and pollutants might have already started clinging onto the sides of the plumbing further down the line. In these situations, you’re going to need to call a professional for drain cleaning services in Schertz, TX.

If you fail to unclog your drains, you might be at risk of many other issues. For example, a clogged drain can cause water to spill back out. This is particularly problematic if the water is contaminated or sewer water. A clog can also significantly increase water pressure in the plumbing system. This might cause your pipes to be more likely to burst. However, if you respond quickly by calling a drain cleaning service, you’ll be able to avoid quite a lot of headaches and a lot of issues. You’ll be able to keep your plumbing system in pristine condition.

To avoid having to call a drain cleaning service in Schertz, TX, be careful not to wash the following down the drains.

#1. Food Waste

Many people have a bad habit of washing and rinsing their plates in the sink even if there’s food on it. You should always make the effort to scrape off any food that is left on the plates into a compost bin. Ideally, you should wash off as little food as possible down the drains. This is because food is often one of the most common reasons that a drain gets clogged. A lot of food waste will stick onto the plumbing and harden.

For example, you should always avoid washing starchy products, like pasta or rice, down the drain. While it might seem like the rice we just wash right down the drain, this doesn’t actually happen. The water will mix with the rice and pasta and wash off some of the starch. The starch will then cling onto the side of the plumbing and harden. It’s almost impossible to get rid of the starchy substance on your own. You’ll need to call a drain cleaning service.

Starchy products are not the only thing that you need to be wary of. You also need to be careful not to wash any grease off that’s down the drain. It’s also ideal if you do not wash any coffee grounds or eggshells as well.

#2. Hair and Pet Hair

When it comes to your bathtub, the drains there are most susceptible to hair. This is especially true if you have long hair. It’s really easy for long hair to ball up. I can then catch soap scum and many other things that fall down the drain. At the end of the day, you’ll have a large mass to deal with. The hair could have traveled so far down the drains that you’ll need to call a drain cleaning service.

You won’t be able to get the hair out yourself if it has traveled too far down. Some people do have success in getting the mass out if it is close to the end of the drains. They might either use a stick or their hands to pick up the ball of hair. However, if the ball of hair has traveled down the drains, you’re going to need to call a professional drain cleaning service, as they’ll need to use a snake auger to reach the problem.

Human hair is not the only thing that you need to be wary of. If you have pets and constantly wash them a shower them, you’re going to need to also be careful. You’d be surprised by just how much a golden retriever will shed when they are getting showered.

The easiest way to avoid these problems is to install a hair straightener on top of the drains. These devices are typically quite cheap and you can usually find them at a grocery store or a dollar store. Make sure that you clean the strainer and remove any hair that has been collected on a regular basis.

#3. Dirt, Sand, and Gravel

Last but not least, it’s important that you also do not wash any dirt, sand, and gravel down the drain. If you’re someone who loves to garden or if you love to hike, you should definitely try to get rid of as much dirt, sand, and gravel that you bring home as possible before you hop in the showers or wash your hands. We highly recommend that you use an outside hose to wash your hands first.

The problem with dirt, sand, and gravel is that it can become mud and then it can settle in some parts of the drain, depending on how it’s installed and set up. When this happens, it can be incredibly hard to deal with the situation without professional help. You’ll need to call a drain cleaning company to either use some type of power washer to rinse out the contaminants or to use some chemicals to loosen up the hardened mud.

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