Common Signs That You Could Use Drain Cleaning Services | San Antonio, TX

Common Signs That You Could Use Drain Cleaning Services | San Antonio, TX

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If you own a home there’s a good chance in the coming years that you will need to have your drinks cleaned at some point. It’s actually recommended that you hire a drain cleaning service to come into your home on an annual basis to prevent any major clogs from forming.

Outside of an annual drain cleaning service, you may find that sometimes you need to call in a plumber to perform an on-demand drain cleaning service. Unsure of whether your drains are experiencing an issue or not? Here are some common signs that it may be time to call a San Antonio, TX drain cleaning service to have your drains cleaned.

Odors Wafting Out of Floor Drains

If your basement smells a lot like sewage every time you walk downstairs there’s a good chance that you have a partial clog somewhere along your plumbing line. When this happens sewage and waste can get trapped inside of your plumbing lines which results in the unpleasant odors drifting upwards.

Outside of the bad smell, ignoring the issue will allow the clock to continue to form until it becomes a complete obstruction. At that point, you will have sewage and flooding in your basement around the floor drain. To avoid this unpleasant scenario it is best to call out a plumber to inspect your drains when you start to notice the odor.

Odors Drifting Out of Upstairs Drains

Most of the time if odors are isolated to upstairs drains this is a sign that the clog is local or confined to one area. If multiple upper areas of your home have unpleasant odors, this is a sign that the larger plumbing system is affected. At this point, it would be a good idea to call in a San Antonio Texas plumber to check out your drain system and determine where the clog is.

Not only is the persistent odor annoying, but it can lead to a backup in multiple drains which is disgusting and a potential health issue. Getting ahead of any plumbing issue is always a good choice.

Flooding Around the Floor Drain

No one wants to wake up or come home to a flooded floor drain, but if you do this is a clear sign that you need drain cleaning services. Floor drains generally block up because of partial or full blockages.

Since the plumbing connects to the outside sewer system there are a lot of reasons why the plumbing could be blocked. Tree roots, settling soil, or debris in the lines are just a few of them. Regardless of the cause, you need to get a plumber in to clear the drain or the backup will get worse every time you use water anywhere in your home.

Multiple Backups Within a Small Time Frame

Some people use commercial drain cleaning solutions or a residential snake to clean out their floor drain and think the problem is solved. While this may save you from a call to a plumber temporarily, it isn’t likely to solve the reason for the backup.

If you start to experience multiple backups within a small time frame it’s time to call in a plumber who offers drain cleaning services to take a closer look at potential issues.

Professional plumbers can use a video camera to look down your drains and determine what is causing the drains to back up. Based on what they see they can offer a solution that will solve the problem. Some issues can be solved by fixing a broken or cracked pipe, while other problems will require constant monitoring. For example, if tree roots are the cause of frequent backups a trained plumber will be able to clean out the lines, but eventually, the tree roots will grow back. Therefore, the best solution to clear drains is scheduling regular drain cleaning to stay ahead of the problem so you don’t end up back in the same situation.

Drains Are Emptying Slowly

If you notice that your drains are suddenly taking a while to empty this is another clear sign that something may be up with your plumbing system. If only one drain in one room is running slow then this is likely an isolated problem related to that fixture. Checking out the local fixture should be enough to fix the problem. However, if you notice that the drains are emptying slowly in the kitchen and the bathroom you may want to call in a plumber.

When multiple drains start to drain slower it is very likely that your larger sewage system is to blame. A partial blockage will still allow water to flow but at a slower rate. This causes the drains to back up as water cannot empty as quickly as it could before. In general, anytime there is a change in the rate of water anywhere in your home it is a good idea to call a plumber to find out why.

Front Yard Smells or Is Wet Despite Lack of Rainfall

Finally, if you start to notice a sewer smell in your front yard this is a very good indication that something is wrong with your sewer line. If there is a break or crack in your plumbing system the water will flow out into the soil around it. Water evaporates and naturally is pulled upwards. This allows the odors and wastes to move upward as well. You should never smell sewage in your yard, so if you do it’s time to call a plumber to come out and run some preliminary drain cleaning services.

In San Antonio, TX you may also notice that your yard is suspiciously wet, despite the drought of summer. In this case, the water is probably coming from the sewer. Some people will even report their trees or grass starts to grow better when there is a leak because of the influx of nutrients and water in the soil.

If you have any reason to suspect there is something blocking your drains you should call a plumbing service up right away. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is a group of skilled and certified plumbers who are used to dealing with stinky drains. Let us deal with your plumbing issues so you can go back to living flood and odor-free.

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