Your Ultimate Drain Cleaning Services Provider | San Antonio, TX

Your Ultimate Drain Cleaning Services Provider | San Antonio, TX

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The plumbing system is arguably the hidden hero of your building. It is an integral part of any building, and in order to keep it operating at peak performance, proper drain cleaning and maintenance is necessary.

When it comes to professional drain cleaning services in San Antonio, TX, you can rely on the team at Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. Our drain cleaning services include drain line cabling, CCTV drain survey, main drain line clog, clogged kitchen sink, clogged vanity sink and clogged showers, emergency plumbing service and much more.

Whether you have a clogged toilet or have roots growing in your sewer line, you can trust our drain cleaning specialists to clear all blockages with the use of professional cleaning equipment. Some of the factors we consider include the clogs area, type of clog, if there is a clean-out as well as the location of the drain.

Here are some of the standard drain challenges we seek to solve;

Kitchen Drains

The pipes under your kitchen sink have to funnel all kinds of dirt, grease and food materials. As a result, this can bring about slow draining sinks which can be quite a hassle to deal with. Cleaning a sink drain isn’t as straightforward as clearing a sink basin.

Slow drains will be an indication that a clog is developing somewhere in your kitchen drainage pipes. Our kitchen drain services can save homeowners from needless stress, unusable sinks, flooded kitchens and other inconveniences that come with kitchen drain blockages.

Bathroom Drains

Bathroom drains can easily be clogged with build-up causing unwanted blockages. Unclogging a pipe safely and effectively can be a daunting challenge, making it essential to get the help of a professional.

We can remove bathroom drain blockage and prevent the problem from recurring in the future. From showers and tubs clogged with soap and hair build up to sinks filled with toothpaste and grime, we understand what’s going on with those blocked bathroom drains. Regular preventive maintenance, however, is usually the best way to keep these problems at bay.

Floor Drains

No one thinks about a floor drain until a problem arises. A floor drain captures overflow from sinks, tubs, toilets, etc and directs it into a sewer or municipal storm drain to keep the floors dry. Objects like hair and wood chips will get through the filter and end up clogging your floor drain. They are therefore prone to a wide range of dirt because they are located on the ground.

If you’ve noticed a foul smell coming from your drains or standing water in your basement, don’t hesitate to call on our plumbing professionals to keep your lines clear with a drain cleaning service.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

The sink is undoubtedly the workhorse of the kitchen considering that’s where a lot of the cleaning takes place. In most cases, feeding the kitchen scraps down the garbage disposal will lead to a clogged sink.

Clogged Vanity Sink

Vanity sinks often become clogged with bits of soap, sediment, hair and other debris. It’s crucial to take care of a clog as soon as possible and that will sometimes require something more than the old school plunger.

You are better off working with a professional to get out the giant lump and eliminate build ups that stop your system. If you encounter such a plumbing problem, you can always rely on us to help you promptly as we are equipped with quality drain cleaning machines and snakes to unclog pipes of different sizes.

Clogged Shower

Have you noticed that your shower drain is a lot slower than it used to be? Shower drains will become clogged from time to time due to build up of human hair, soap, grease and dirt. A clogged shower drain can be unsightly and inconvenient. It would be best if you had a drain cleaning expert address the issue.

Drain Line Cabling

When a drain line is clogged or backed up, it can leak sewer gases into your home. Common reasons that cause a drain line to back up include roots, foreign objects and collapsed lines. One of the best ways to clean a drain or sewer line is to use a spinning cable in the line.

Drain line cleaning requires the right tools and personnel and we offer both. Further, we recommend a thorough drain line cabling every 3-5 years.

Main Drain Line Clogging

A main line drain transports waste water from your home to the sewer mains underground. Similar to any smaller drain pipe, the main sewer line is vulnerable to clogging. Trees growing close to main drain pipes can also cause sewer line problems.

Eventually, the main sewer line can become clogged or even collapse causing water to back up out of a drain or plumbing system. If you notice that your drain block up frequently no matter what you do or if several household drains are draining slowly, that’s a strong sign that you have a clogged main drain.

CCTV Drain Survey

When a detailed drain survey is needed, we at Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio come with quality equipment. Our drain survey technology makes inspecting drains more efficient than ever. The CCTV cameras can be used to carry out quick drain and sewer inspections helping to identify the underlying reasons for surface water flooding in your home.

Once the camera survey is completed, our engineers will recommend appropriate solutions. We’ll also suggest solutions to other plumbing issues you may have.

Preventing Future Drain Problems

Following a repair service, the best way to avoid inconveniencing drain problems in the future is to get regular drain cleaning maintenance service. A routine service will save you the headache and mess of back ups while helping you avoid the need for costly repairs or emergency plumbing service.

Get to Work with the Best

We understand how much a drain or sewer problem can affect your daily operations. This is why we seek to provide first-class plumbing solutions to all residents in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas, anytime you call on us. Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our drain cleaning services.

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