What Your San Antonio, TX Plumber Wants You to Know About Bathroom Mold

What Your San Antonio, TX Plumber Wants You to Know About Bathroom Mold

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Have you been paying attention to your bathroom and just how it looks? Maybe you’ve never really looked at it before but now that you think about it … there just might be some mold in there. Maybe you’ve noticed the mold but aren’t really sure how it got there. Well, there are a number of reasons that you could end up with mold in your bathroom but the most important thing is that you’re fighting against it in your San Antonio, TX home and your local plumber can help.

Seal the Grout

One of the first things that you can do when it comes to keeping mold at bay is to reseal the grout throughout your bathroom. Take the time to clean the grout carefully and get rid of the mold that is already there (if there is any). You may need to use a strong cleaner in order to fully remove the bacteria that creates the mold. You then want to reseal the grout to make sure that it’s firmly protected and no new mold is going to grow in the cracks between your tiles. Talk with your plumber to find out just how to go about this or to get some help.

Use Your Vents

There are generally vents in your bathroom and it’s extremely important that you turn them on when you’re using the shower or even if you have the sink on with warm water. While steam is often considered to be associated with mold, even cool water could cause mold if it’s left to sit too long. Turning on your fans will make sure that moisture that is in the bathroom will dissipate quickly and will not have time to mold. If you take a shower you should have the vent running at all times during your shower as well as after, until all of the moisture is gone.

Keep the Door Open

Even with the vent going you could end up with a lot of moisture hanging around in your bathroom. Opening up the door to allow a little more air to get in and out is going to help ventilate. You’ll be able to dry up your bathroom a lot faster and that’s going to make sure you don’t start finding mold. Keeping the door open isn’t going to result in mold through the rest of your house. It is, however, going to help you improve your circulation throughout the entire house, which will help with your need for a plumber.

Keep Your Towels Dry

You want to keep everything in the bathroom dry because this is going to cut down on the amount of moisture that’s able to fester and the amount of mold that’s going to continue to grow. If you have damp towels or damp shower curtains hanging in your bathroom it allows that moisture to sit and the towels and curtains could actually mold. You could also find that your entire bathroom is being infested with mold because of these damp items. That’s why it’s important to hang everything in a way that will allow it to dry quickly.

Remove Water from the Shower

The best way to do this is to use a squeegee to scrape down the walls. This will help pull as much water as possible off of the walls and make sure that it drains properly. If you leave water on the walls that moisture can increase the humidity in the entire room, which could result in mold. Removing even the small amounts of water that collect on your shower is going to make a big difference in whether or not mold develops.

Check the Floor Mats

If you have floor mats or rugs in your bathroom you should always keep an eye on them. These are especially susceptible to mold as well, especially since you tend to step on them immediately after a shower or you might drip water after you wash your hands. Check underneath these rugs on the floor and on the bottom of the rug itself. You want to make sure these rugs dry fully every time you use them and that they dry as quickly as possible as well. Also, make sure that you dry the area under the rug.

Wipe Down Fixtures

The fixtures in your bathroom aren’t going to mold, but they can absolutely corrode and rust. When this happens it causes a host of different problems in your bathroom and your household. And you could end up with mold around these fixtures. By wiping them down when they do get damp or when you notice a film of moisture over them you’ll cut down on the chance that they’re going to break down in their own way and the way that they affect the quality of your water and your entire plumbing system. Your plumber definitely would tell you to watch out for rust.

When it comes to talking with your plumber about mold in your bathroom, you want to make sure that you’re very careful about what you’re doing. Mold could be a big problem and once it shows up it can be quite difficult to get rid of. You want to make sure that you’re removing it as quickly as you can and that you’re also paying attention to just where it’s coming from. Watch what you’re doing in your bathroom and always look for ways that you can cut down on moisture. Your plumber can help you figure out what to do. A dehumidifier might be a necessary addition as well (but make sure you’re using it after you’re done in the bathroom and keeping it away from too much moisture).

Talk with your local plumber and especially with us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio to find out more about just what you should be doing. We can help you make the best decisions for your bathroom and cut down on problems like mold and more. If you need a plumber for anything in your home we’ll be there whenever you need us. After all, we want to make sure that you can enjoy your home and do anything that you need in San Antonio, TX and our plumbers are there to help

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