What Are The Most Common Water Heater Repair Issues? | Schertz, TX

What Are The Most Common Water Heater Repair Issues? | Schertz, TX

The water heater is the appliance that ensures your Schertz, TX home always has a constant supply of hot water. Therefore, it has to be one of the most important components of your plumbing system. Without it, you would have to complete all your cleaning and washing tasks with extremely cold water, which can be uncomfortable and ineffective. However, your water heater can break down when you least expect it and consequently create serious disruptions in your house. Some water heater problems might also put your family in danger.

Given the seriousness of some plumbing problems and the inconveniences they can bring, most of them will need to be handled urgently. However, you need to remember that a water heater is not an appliance you should attempt to fix on your own unless you are a professional water heater repair expert. Therefore, no matter how quickly you want to see a water heater issue resolved, you should call a professional plumber. But what exactly can prompt you to seek the services of a professional water heater repair expert? Below is a rundown of the most common water heater problems in Schertz, TX homes.

Water Heater Leaks

No water should be leaking from your water heater. Therefore, if you have noticed a puddle of water collecting near your water heater, then you have reason to be concerned. A water heater can leak due to several reasons. For instance, over the years, expansion and contraction can cause cracks, which might leak. Besides, water heaters are made of steel, which can get corroded and develop holes that might leak. But whatever the cause of the leaks might be, you should never ignore a leaking water heater. This is because if leaks are not fixed on time, they are likely to get worse. Besides, a leaking water heater can put your children and pets at risk of getting hurt by hot water. Furthermore, the leaking water can create dampness that might promote the growth of mold, which might spread quickly and compromise your indoor air quality and make your family ill. To prevent such issues, you should call a professional water heater repair service as soon as you notice some water leaking from your water heater.

No Hot Water

This is probably the most obvious sign your water heater needs the attention of a professional water heater repair expert. Therefore, there are many reasons your water heater might fail to heat water. For instance, if the pilot light has gone out for some reason, the burners will not ignite meaning your water will not get heated. Besides, your water heater might produce cold water if there is an electrical fault. But whatever the cause of the problem might be, you can count on a professional water heater repair service to ensure it is resolved decisively. Whether your water heater needs a new pilot light assembly or you need to replace the unit entirely, your water heater repair expert will assess the situation to come up with the most appropriate solution.

Running Out of Hot Water Frequently

Running out of water when you least expect can be quite frustrating. For instance, if you are taking a shower, being suddenly blasted with cold water can force you to leave the bathroom prematurely. Besides, you might sometimes be forced to wait for more than thirty minutes for your water heater to heat more hot water after running out of hot water. But what exactly can make this become a frequent occurrence? In some cases, you might run out of hot water frequently if your family has grown and you have more people living in your house, causing the demand for hot water to exceed what your water heater can supply. Besides, the capacity of a water heater might decline if the build-up of sediments in your water heater has significantly reduced the volume of water your water heater can hold at any given time. If this is the case, your water heater repair expert will simply drain the water heater. However, if the capacity of your water heater is too small compared to your home’s demand for hot water, you might be advised to invest in a replacement water heater. If you decide to invest in a new water heater, it might be time to consider getting a tankless water heater, which will not only save you space but also ensure a more reliable supply of hot water than the traditional tanked unit.


Your water heater is likely made of steel, and although steel is one of the toughest materials in the world, it is not without some weaknesses. One of the biggest enemies of steel is rust. When steel is exposed to water and oxygen, it forms a brown material known as rust. Therefore, if your water heater produces brown water, the appliance could be too rusty. Although rusty water does not pose a serious health hazard, you obviously do not want your family to drink discolored water with a metallic taste. Besides, rusty water might stain your clothes and damage water-using appliances. Therefore, you need to call a professional water heater repair expert as soon as you realize your water heater is supplying you with rusty water. The professional will assess the extent of the rust, the age of your appliance, and other factors to determine if the issue can be repaired, or if you will need to replace your water heater.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that there are many water heater problems you can run into. But no matter how simple they might seem, you should ensure they are handled by professional water heater repair experts. If you are looking for a dependable plumbing service to help you resolve any water heater problem in your Schertz, TX, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is the answer. Call us today to learn more about our company and services.

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