Tankless Water Heater And Vacation: Must You Turn It Off To Avoid Water Heater Repairs? | Boerne, TX

Tankless Water Heater And Vacation: Must You Turn It Off To Avoid Water Heater Repairs? | Boerne, TX

For most homeowners, vacation is the time to enjoy time with family and catch up on much-needed traveling before returning to life’s routine, mundane chores. However, before engrossing yourself in this fun-filled moment, it is vital to ensure everything is secure and functional before you leave the house for an extended period. When considering this, one of the central questions homeowners ask is if they should turn the tankless water heater off before they leave. Yes, you should. Leaving the tankless water heater on for an extended period can result in many unfortunate scenarios, including flooding, which can damage everything in your home, and expensive water heater repair cost. In addition, there are many other reasons why disconnecting the tankless water heater is imperative while on vacation.

Reasons for Turning Off the Tankless Water Heater Whenever Going on a Vacation

Cost Effective

Like other electrical components, the tankless water heater consumes energy. In addition, for the water heater to keep the water ready for usage, it keeps the system running throughout when it is on. Therefore, when you leave it on while going on vacation, it has to keep the system active all day, every day, waiting for it to be used.

On the other hand, when your home tankless water heating unit has been operating for some time, it is standing on its last leg of functionality. Therefore, being away for some time without turning the unit off exposes it to more risks, especially functionality-wise. During the time you are away, the heater may overheat. Without someone in the house to note this change, it will require a water heater repair expert. Unfortunately, some of the damages caused to a tankless water heater through overheating are unfixable, especially in its old age. Therefore, it is advisable to turn it off.

Notably, it is still essential to practice this prevention step even if you have insured your water heater. Some insurance covers do not cater for some damages, especially if it is due to negligence. Therefore, read all the clauses in the insurance policy and take preventive steps to avoid the eventuality of a breakdown. This will help you prevent downtime when the water heater repair technician works on it.

Even if the insurance company covers the water heater repair cost, there are instances when you may still need to recover the total cost of the damage entirely. This means you have to dig into your pocket to cover the repair of your home, affecting your financial well-being. Therefore, turning off the tankless water heating unit on vacation is best to avoid all the complications of water damage or system breakdown.

You’ll Have a Peace of Mind

The primary purpose of a vacation is to unwind from the tiring routine of daily life. Therefore, you want everything to be settled before leaving your home for this to happen. If not, there is a high chance that you’ll feel uneasy whenever you think of the condition of your home and what might happen, especially if you leave the tankless water heater on. When others you are with are enjoying themselves, you will be wondering about the water heater repair and the extent of the damage the water might cause if something goes wrong. By thinking about it, you will not be able to enjoy yourself.

Therefore, turning off the tankless water heating unit is advisable to avoid all anxiety and uncertainty. Notably, this should happen whenever you leave your home for over a day. Whether long-term or just for two nights, turning off the tankless water heater will settle your thoughts every time you think of home, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to enjoy yourself.

Damage Prevention

Damage prevention is the other primary reason for turning off the tankless water heater when you go out for vacation. You face a considerable risk of exposure when you leave your water heater on. Although this may not happen every time, when it does, the results are devastating and will require more than a water heater repair professional. When you are away, the tankless water heater might leak, resulting in flooding and water damage to your home.

When water floods your home, it can cause an array of issues, from damaging your furniture, electrical appliances, and, most significantly, the structural integrity of your home. Replacing some of these things can prove impossible; if they are replaceable, they might cost you a small fortune. In addition, the time required to return everything to its former condition might be extensive and strenuous. To top it off, depending on the extent of the damage, the value of your home might drop, and getting it back to its normal state may take a long time. Therefore, although catering for a professional water heater repair technician might be taken care of by an insurance company, or it may seem like a small price, the resulting damage may be much worse. Thus, turning off the tankless water heater when going on vacation is crucial to prevent the damage that may arise from its failure.

Valuable Tips for Turning Off Tankless Water Heaters

Turning off the tankless water heater is not a big challenge. All you need to know is the location of your home’s water supply valve. However, if this step does not give you confidence, you can ask a water heater repair professional to guide you. Also, there are water heater repair companies that can physically help you turn it off when you are leaving.

It is easier to relax and enjoy your vacation when everything is sorted back at home, and turning off the tankless water heater is one way to sort your things back at home. Therefore, contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for any queries or services. We are ready to serve you.

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