Plumbing Service: How To Deal With Low Water Pressure In Your Home | San Antonio, TX

Plumbing Service: How To Deal With Low Water Pressure In Your Home | San Antonio, TX

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Water is an essential commodity in your home that is often taken for granted. When you turn on any faucet in your San Antonio, TX home, you expect the water to flow freely from the tap, and most times, it does. However, when the water starts to surge out of the tap of trickles, it indicates the water pressure is not correct.

The water pressure in your home can make a huge difference. If the water pressure is low, you might struggle to get your body wet in the shower. Also, if the water pressure is dreadfully low, you might get frustrated waiting for the bathtub to fill while having a bath. Low water pressure is not always a plumbing issue. Other times you need to call plumbing service to get the water pressure right.

Examine the Main Shutoff Valve

The main shutoff valve in your plumbing system acts as a gateway for water entering your San Antonio, TX home. If the main shutoff valve is not fully opened, it reduces water passing through the valve. The primary purpose of installing the main shutoff valve is to cut the water supply entirely during maintenance and repair work and prevent water waste.

You need to find the location of the main shutoff valve. In most homes, it may be located on the outside wall of your kitchen or in the basement. If you are looking for the main valve on the outside wall, look at the side facing the street. The city water supply line often enters the streetside and makes way for water to reach your home.

Plumbing service professionals ask house owners to notice the following things- If the main shutoff valve has a wheel-like handle, it should be turned fully counterclockwise for maximum water pressure.

If the main shutoff valve has a level like a handle, the lever handle and pipe direction should be parallel, which indicates it is fully open for maximum water pressure.

The main shutoff valve controls the water pressure in your San Antonio, TX home. If you recently had any plumbing maintenance or service, there are chances the valve position was adjusted to reduce or stop the water flow during work. Maybe, it was not returned to the rightful position after the completion of plumbing work. Hence, check the main shutoff valve before drawing any conclusions about the water supply.

Other Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Your Home

There can be several reasons behind low water pressure in your home. They include:

Clogged Aerator Screen

If you notice only a specific faucet in your home has low water pressure, you need to investigate the issue. Faucets have an aerator screen that controls water from tiny holes. Over time, these tiny holes get clogged by dirt, thereby reducing the water flow.

If the aerator screen is heavily clogged, a steady stream of water reduces to trickle. In that case, remove the aerator screen and soak it in a vinegar solution to loosen and clear all debris blocking tiny holes.

Corroded or Clogged Water Pipes

Old homes in Texas have galvanized steel pipes in the plumbing system. Over time, these pipes corrode from inside, and the rust causes blockages that prevent normal water flow. In that case, you need a plumbing service to get the pipes replaced.

Valve Issues

Valves have a simple mechanism of levers to control water flow. But it does not mean they will function effortlessly for decades. Some home plumbing systems have water pressure regulator valves installed at different places to control water flow. These valves wear out with time and start malfunctioning.

If you notice the water pressure has dropped suddenly, it could be due to malfunctioning of the regulator valve. The only solutions to this problem are to call the plumbing service and get the valve replaced.

Leaks in Your Plumbing

Water leakage will not only waste water but will also cause low water pressure in your home. The first thing to do is check pipes and joints under the kitchen sink, washbasin or see signs of water leakages in the wall.

If you notice any leaking pipe or notice a wet patch in the wall, it could be due to leakages in your plumbing system. In that scenario, call a plumbing professional right away to fix the leaks, and low water pressure will disappear.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters can affect hot and cold water pressure in your home. Over time rust, sediments accumulate in pipes connected to the water heater. Depending on the location of the sediment buildup, it could cause low water pressure. Water heaters can generate a lot of pressure, and it is always a good idea to call a local plumbing service to fix any water heater problems.

How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Home

If the valves in your house are fully opened, and there are no water leaks either, you need to install a water pressure booster in your home by calling plumbing service professionals. The water pressure booster will increase the water pressure in your home.

The device will work flawlessly even when your city water supply is not having good pressure. The water booster can help water move with pressure even at the upper levels and solve the low water pressure problem satisfactorily.

Plumbing work needs expertise and experience. It is not something that you can see in DIY videos and do it perfectly. The plumbing service professionals are aware of the water pressure provided by the city supply lines.

The plumbing service will provide you with feasible solutions to increase water pressure. They will also install the solution and make any changes to the plumbing system to improve the water flow.

Call Professionals for Low Water Pressure in Your Home

You can always rely on bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for any water pressure issues in your home. We have provided quick and efficient plumbing services to San Antonio residents for more than a decade and have a long list of satisfied customers. We are at your service 24×7 and just a call away.

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