Plumbing Service: Do Pipes Burst in Texas? | San Antonio, TX

Plumbing Service: Do Pipes Burst in Texas? | San Antonio, TX

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A lot of people think that there are fewer plumbing issues in the south because the temperatures are warmer than in the north. It doesn’t seem likely that a pipe will burst when the temperatures are well over the 90-degree mark. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of reasons to need plumbing service in San Antonio, TX. In fact, plumbers stay quite busy even during the summer months trying to keep up with plumbing emergencies.

Believe it or not, the reason that you need plumbing service may be because of a burst pipe, even during the summer months Unsure, keep reading to find out about some of the most common plumbing issues in the hot Texas heat and what causes them. Not only may this help you figure out your plumbing issues, but it will offer you some insight into why a preventive visit from a plumber is a good idea. Regular plumbing servicing can help you prevent or troubleshoot a lot of these issues before they end up to be emergencies.

Tree Roots

When it comes to your home business system, tree roots are never a positive thing. Tree roots have the potential to cause all types of problems for your home from busted concrete to issues digging a garden to busted plumbing pipes Tree roots are often responsible for clogs in your sewer system and unlike other causes of clogs, they can cause repeated issues because you cannot simply remove a large oak from the front of your yard. The same root that caused a problem a few months ago can easily grow back and cause more problems.

Roots always look for nutrients and water when they grow. They naturally grow in any direction of flowing water, which unfortunately can be your sewer system pipes. Roots will head towards the water and if there is any small crack or weak point in any pipe or piping fixture underground they will squeeze through the small hole.

At first, tiny feather-like roots will infiltrate your pipe, but it will grow until one day the pipes crack and burst. You may not be aware of this right away unless a plumber is out at your home because the burst pipe has occurred underground. However, a clogged drain or sudden drop in water pressure can be a pretty good indication it has happened.

The sudden water pressure drop will be because of the leaking water. If you suddenly notice that you have no water pressure it is a good idea to quickly call a plumbing service before the issue gets out of hand. Even if it is not a burst pipe, sudden low pressure indicates something is wrong and a plumber should take a good look.

Other common signs include sudden discolored water or sudden smells. If the drains on your lower floors start to radiate a sewer-like smell, there is a very good chance something is wrong with your sewer system. Sometimes you will also notice the same smell in your front or back yard depending on where the pipe burst. The wastewater starts to ooze into the ground in your yard and the hot sun bakes it.

Corrosion and Old Pipes

Tree roots are not the only reason why you may suddenly have a pipe burst around your home There are a lot of old homes in San Antonio, TX, and old homes often have old pipes. Even the best pipes installed by a solid plumbing service will eventually start to rust and corrode. If your home was built before the 70s and to your knowledge, a plumber has not updated the piping it is probably a good idea to think about doing so.

You may not need to update your entire system, but there is a good chance that some areas of the system are starting to show wear and tear. Booking a service to come to your home annual to review your piping system is a great way to stay ahead of any future issues. The plumbing service can deal with small issues as they arise each year instead of waiting until a pipe bursts and causes big issues in your home.

Construction Work Around Your Home

It seems like there is always construction work happening around the state. If you notice construction crews working in your neighborhood or on the access roads to your house you may want to keep an eye on your plumbing. Construction often causes the soil to shift and loosen up around your property. Eventually, the soil weight can press down onto your pipes.

This sudden influx of weight can cause major issues that result in a burst pipe and a call to plumbing service. If you see construction crews outside or plan a construction project for your home this summer, make sure to inform workers about any sewer lines or water lines that are nearby. A plumbing service can also help you identify any problems or weak areas so that you can proactively take precautions if need be.

Protect Your Home From Burst Pipes

As mentioned earlier, the best way to prevent a plumbing emergency from a burst pipe is by booking preventative services on a regular basis. In general, we recommend that our clients have a plumber come to their home at least once a year for a maintenance check. With the pandemic, you may want to seriously consider booking a plumbing service if you haven’t already.

Most plumbing systems are getting much more use as higher amounts of people are staying home. Thus, plumbing systems are more heavily stressed, and one weak component is all it takes to cause a burst pipe. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio has been helping our neighbors with their plumbing issues for years. If it is time for you to call a plumbing service for an annual check or a burst pipe, make us first on your list.

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