Plumber Tips: Everything You Need To Know About Smart Washers And Smart Dryers | Schertz, TX

Plumber Tips: Everything You Need To Know About Smart Washers And Smart Dryers | Schertz, TX

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You can’t avoid doing your laundry, or you’ll be naked tomorrow. The good thing is that there are ways to make your laundry effortless and fully automated. Read to know more about smart washers and dryers. If you have questions, please get in touch with a plumber in Schertz, TX.

What Is a Smart Washer and Dryer?

These two appliances can be connected to an app or your smart home hub for easy access. Below are some of the most common features of a smart washing machine:

Connect via Wi-Fi – You can use your smart washing machine using your phone so long as you connect the appliance to an app or a smart home hub. This means that you can turn off your washing machine, albeit you’re not at home. If you need to be somewhere for an hour or two and don’t have time to wait for the laundry, you can turn the appliance off while away from home. So long as you have Wi-Fi, you won’t have any problem connecting with your smart washing machine. For installing this appliance, make sure that you only work with a licensed plumber in Schertz, TX.

Track cycle progress – Because you have remote access to your smart washing machine, you can set it up to know that it’s still running or the cycle is finished. This feature comes in handy, especially when you’re very forgetful. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to put your damp clothes in your smart dryer. Just make sure that you know how to use your smart washing machine to avoid issues. To prevent poor installation problems, ensure that you only hire a licensed plumbing company.

Set up remote diagnostics for the washing machine service – It can be very inconvenient to keep calling a professional if you need a repair or maintenance service. With your smart washing machine’s remote diagnostics feature, there’s no need to call for a service when something suddenly goes wrong. The remote diagnostics make it quicker for repair experts to know that there is an issue with your appliance, and then they can send someone over for an inspection or repair.

If you’re thinking of installing a smart washing machine, ensure that you read the manual first to use the appliance properly. Only work with licensed plumbers in Schertz, TX, for installation. Some manufacturers would require homeowners to get professional installation so that the warranty stays intact. You can avoid problems when you call us to help you install your smart washing machine. Don’t worry; our plumbers are licensed and highly experienced with all makes and models. We have been helping out homeowners for several years. You can always rely on us for our team of plumbers to make sure you’re completely delighted with the service we provide.

Smart Dryer Features

Like your smart washing machine, you can connect your dryer to your app or smart home hub through Wi-Fi. Other features of smart dryers include:

Track cycle progress – While out, you can monitor the cycle progress of your dryer. It’s very convenient, but you’ll need to ensure that the appliance is installed correctly to avoid problems down the road. Only work with a licensed plumber in Schertz, TX, for installation.

Sensors – Sensors in your smart dryers ensure that your clothes are dried with just the right amount of energy. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off or overdrying your clothes when you have the sensor. Just make sure that the appliance is correctly installed, so all of the components work properly. Contact a licensed professional for installation.

Eliminates under drying and overdrying – You will need to choose a time and temperature when drying your clothes with conventional dryers. It’s more efficient with the smart dryer as you will have to choose the dryness level, and the sensor would automatically shut off the dryer when all of your clothes have dried. You can say goodbye to soggy blankets or towels with these features. For your dryer to work correctly, it’s crucial that you only work with a licensed plumber for the installation.

Like your smart washing machine, the smart dryer also includes remote diagnostics features. Your plumber can keep track of your appliance and then respond to you quickly and promptly when there are issues with your smart dryer. To ensure that you don’t encounter efficiency problems with your appliance, only work with a licensed plumber in your area for installation.

Should You Invest in a Smart Washing Machine and Dryer?

Whether or not buying a smart washing machine and dryer is worth it depends on how important the benefits are to you. If you prefer convenience over anything, then we suggest that you consider buying a smart washer and dryer. However, you’ll also need to consider how much you will be paying for the installation, maintenance, and energy consumption. Consider speaking with a licensed plumber for assistance and to help you make an informed decision on what make and model to purchase for your home.

Another thing to consider on whether or not you should invest in them is if you want to up the resale value of your home. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the future, then we highly suggest that you buy a smart washer and dryer. For installation, ensure that you only hire a licensed plumber.

How to Maintain Your Washer

Regular maintenance is needed to ensure that your appliance stays efficient. It’s also one of the ways to extend the lifespan of your washer. Below are some helpful maintenance tips to keep your washer in excellent shape:

Inspect the Washing Machine Hoses

Remember, water leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements, but you can avoid this when you regularly check your washer’s hoses for any wear and tear. First, check if there are cracks or bulges, and then call a plumber in Schertz, TX, for assistance. If possible, consider investing in stainless steel braided hoses as they are more durable and less susceptible to wear and tear. For installation of new hoses, only hire a licensed plumber.

Use the Right Detergent

When you have an energy-efficient washer, make sure that you’re also using a detergent meant for energy-efficient washers. Keep in mind that your appliance is designed to use less water. When you use a regular detergent for an energy-efficient washer, you may have to do another cycle to remove the suds completely.

In addition, you need to also use the right amount of detergent so that your washer won’t have to work harder. Read the manual first before using your washer for the first time. Then, contact your manufacturer if you have questions.

Don’t Overload Your Washer

If you don’t want to damage your washer’s motor, make sure that you don’t overload it with too many clothes. Before buying your washer, find out how much capacity you need and make sure that you stick with that. Also, run your washer only on full load to save energy and money. For other issues with your washer, please don’t hesitate to contact a licensed plumber.

Wipe the Door, Gasket, and Drum Once a Month

To ensure no unpleasant odors from your washer, use water and vinegar to clean the gasket. Please don’t neglect this if you want your washer to always be in excellent shape. If you have other questions, contact a plumber

Also, you can avoid unpleasant smells when you leave the door open for a few minutes after finishing a cycle.

Clean Your Washer’s Interior and Dispensers

Just because it’s a washing machine doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it. To keep it smelling fresh and clean, you must regularly wash your washers and dispensers. However, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your washer properly.

To sanitize your washer, you can run an empty load with hot water and then about two cups of white vinegar. You can add about a half cup of detergent and finish the cycle. If you have questions about your washer, feel free to contact a plumber.

Learn How to Properly Use the Washer

Never use the washer unless you know how to use it. Also, never leave wet clothes in the washer to avoid unpleasant smells. As much as possible, transfer them to the dryer right away. If you have a smart washer, the sensor can tell you if the cycle has finished and it’s time to dry your clothes.

How to Maintain Your Dryer

Do you want to make your dryer last longer? Then read these tips:

Don’t Overload it

Like the washer, please don’t overload your dryer. Otherwise, your clothes may not dry completely. Also, you may end up with clothes that smell musty.

Clean the Exhaust Vent

Cleaning should be done every two years. Remove the vent from your appliance, and then clean out any lint that has built up. Please don’t neglect this if you want your appliance to stay efficient. If you need assistance, you can contact a plumber in Schertz, TX.

Also, make sure that there is no buildup of dirt, snow, or debris in the vent cap. Clear it regularly for the air to flow freely.

Clean the Lint Screen and the Lint Trap

Deep clean the lint screen every three months with some detergent and then thoroughly rinse it. For the lint trap, remove the screen and use a brush for cleaning inside the lint trap. You must clean it because lint can also build up there.

Clean the Drum

Use a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol to wipe the inside of the rum. Then let it dry thoroughly.

Replace a Plastic Exhaust with Metal

Do you know that plastic exhaust vents are likely to catch fire? If possible, replace it with a metal vent. If you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a licensed plumber.

Why You Need to Fully Automate Your Smart Washer and Dryer

It’s up to the homeowner if they want to fully automate their appliances, but we highly recommend it because of these benefits:

Save water and energy – You can conserve water and energy with your washer and dryer’s built-in sensor. You can even get laundry updates straight to your mobile phones, such as how much energy your appliances are using or other updates that will let you become more knowledgeable about your washer and dryer.

Customized washing and drying cycles – There’s no need to guess how much time you need. The sensor can calculate how much time and what temperature is required to fully dry your clothes.

Get alerts when there’s an issue with the appliance – Do you know that your smart appliances can also monitor their health? That’s right; you get to receive updates if there might be issues with your smart washing machine or smart dryer. You get to receive the updates straight to your mobile phone so long as you connect the appliance to the app. And with the remote diagnostics feature, you won’t have to call a professional as your service provider takes care of that.

When it comes to the price, it’s indeed more expensive to purchase smart washers and dryers. However, they come with the best features that conventional washers or dryers can’t provide. You may also be able to save money in the long run as these appliances are designed to use less water and energy.

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