Finding A Water Heater Repair Company | Universal City, TX

Finding A Water Heater Repair Company | Universal City, TX

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Having a hot shower is a fantastic way to start the day, but that good feeling soon evaporates if only freezing water comes out of the showerhead. If it is the weekend, you now have the problem of finding a water heater repair company that is open for business, you do not want to wait until Monday morning for their office to open.

Is that company any good, does it have many customer ratings with five-star reviews? It is just as well that the people of Universal City, TX have bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio to rely on. We have highly trained technicians on standby all day and night ready to deal with your water heater repair. If you do not believe us just look at all our customer reviews online.

Signs That You Need a Water Heater Repair

Inconsistent Water Temperatures

You know that something is wrong with your water heater when the temperature of the water varies from one minute to the next. Coldwater is bad enough, but extremely hot water can be dangerous and cause serious injuries by scolding.

A common cause of erratic water temperatures is scale build-up inside the tank, covering the heating element in an electric water heater. This problem is more commonplace in areas with hard water. Minerals in the water will deposit insoluble scale inside pipework and cover the working parts inside your water heater.

You need to have your water system descaled at least once a year or have a water softener installed to prevent any scale build-up gumming up the works.

Other causes of erratic water temperatures include a faulty temperature regulating valve and faulty dip-tube which moves cold water from the top of the tank to the bottom. Both will need to be replaced during a water heater repair.

Not Enough Hot Water for Your Needs

If you have a gas-powered water heater, a thermocouple is a safety device built into the pilot light. The pilot light ignites the gas supplying heat to your water heater, so a problem with the thermocouple will restrict or close the valve that supplies the gas. The result is little or no hot water.

But the main reason why people do not get enough hot water is an under-sized heater. You may not have replaced the water heater from when you first moved into your home. Your family may have grown, and you probably have had extra water appliances installed during that time.

It probably struggles to cope when all the appliances are being used and everybody wants a shower. The extra demands placed on the water heater could cause it to shut down as it fails to cope. Too many shutdowns and the heater may break down and need a water heater repair from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

A temporary solution would be to stagger the use of appliances during the day, but realistically the best option is to upgrade with a more powerful unit.

It is important to pick the right sized unit for your current and future needs. Selecting another undersized unit will only cause endless frustration if it fails to deliver enough hot water. We are specialists in new water heater installations and can help you decide which is the best unit for your needs and budget in Universal City.

Strange Sounds Coming from Your Water Heater

Like any piece of machinery, a water heater will make some noise, but any unexpected sounds will need further investigation. You may hear crackling and hissing sounds coming from the heater, this is normally caused by the presence of insoluble scale that has formed on the heating element.

The layer of scale makes it harder for the heating element to transmit heat to the surrounding water, this is because the scale acts as an insulator. This forces the element into working harder to provide the hot water you need. The element uses more energy and drives up your bills. it is also more likely to overheat and burn out, needing to be replaced during a water heater repair.

Water Is Leaking

A loose connection or a faulty valve are common causes for water leaks, and these are usually straightforward to fix. A leak could also be due to a corroded tank, meaning that it will need to be completely replaced.

Whatever the cause as soon as you spot a leak you should call us straight away. The longer a leak runs the more water damage it will cause. Water is a very destructive force and can seep through walls and floors, resulting in expensive repair bills.

Low Water Pressure

Another consequence of a leak is reduced water pressure throughout your home in Universal City, TX. Often the first sign of a leak is an unexpected jump in your water bills, because initially there may be no visible signs as a leak can occur behind walls and under floors.

A proven way to discover if you have a leak is to turn off all your water appliances and make sure all the taps are closed. If there is no leak there should be no movement on your water meter. If there is, you need to call us to help you locate and then repair the leak.

Have Your Water Heater Regularly Maintained

Despite all the hard work they do, water heaters are normally very robust pieces of equipment, but they can break down and need a water heater repair. An average water heater repair can cost hundreds of dollars, but is there a way to reduce the chance you will need a repair?

The best way to protect your water heater is to have annual maintenance. This will ensure that everything is running smoothly and allows you the chance to have any problems remedied before an emergency repair is needed. After the maintenance, your heater will be more energy-efficient, reducing your running costs.

Why Use bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio?

We have been helping the people of Universal City, TX for many years, providing a top-quality water heater repair service at affordable prices. We are ready to answer your call 24/7!

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