Drain Cleaning Service: 7 Garbage Disposal Myths And How to Maintain Your Drains | San Antonio, TX

Drain Cleaning Service: 7 Garbage Disposal Myths And How to Maintain Your Drains | San Antonio, TX

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While using your garbage disposal can be incredibly easy, you may have begun using the wrong techniques to properly dispose of waste due to widespread myths on the Internet. These myths can send you looking for a drain cleaning service every few weeks if you’re not careful.

If you’re using your garbage disposal in San Antonio, TX, and have fallen victim to misinformation regarding your garbage disposal, get your facts straightened out and your doubts clarified with a drain cleaning service professional.

You Can Sharpen Your Garbage Disposal Blades

Garbage disposals don’t have blades that you can sharpen using eggshells or ice cubes, which many people use as a remedy to increase the efficiency of their disposal system.

Garbage disposals have a system of small shredding impellers that generally spin at high speeds to grind up and process your food waste. Since there are no blades in your garbage disposal system to begin with, the whole concept of using anything to sharpen them is useless.

Instead, you may be causing more harm to your disposal system by using things like eggshells, which can clog up your drains and send you running to call a drain cleaning service in no time.

Lemons Can Clean Your Garbage Disposal

You may have heard that your garbage disposal system can be completely clean using lemons or even vinegar, you may have attempted it over time only to find that your garbage disposal is beginning to have clogged drains and inefficient grinding.

While using lemon or any other citric acid cleaning remedy can certainly remove unpleasant odors emanating from your garbage disposal, it does not do anything to properly clean the system. Masking foul odors from your disposal system can make you unaware of serious issues that may crop up.

The citric acid in these remedies can also corrode and damage the metal inside your garbage disposal over time. Hiring a drain cleaning service in San Antonio, TX is the most reliable way of cleaning your garbage disposal system without any hassle or long-term problems.

Your Garbage Disposal Is Harmful to the Environment

Nearly 54% of food waste in America is sent to landfills, where it produces methane (strong greenhouse gas) and contributes to global warming. When your garbage disposal grinds and disposes of your food waste, it is separated from wastewater to manufacture biogas.

This is a more efficient way of utilizing food waste and making sure it doesn’t contribute excessively to the ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions. You could even say that garbage disposals are better for the environment when you consider that the food waste could have ended up in a landfill instead.

Your Garbage Disposal Can Handle Everything

Many people in San Antonio put all types of food waste in their garbage disposal and thus have to call a drain cleaning service frequently. While garbage disposals can handle quite a bit of food waste, they’re not suitable for all kinds of food waste.

Hard and solid waste like eggshells, animal bones, celery, banana peels, corn husks, and much more are not ideal to be processed in your garbage disposal. Dispose of them in other ways rather than having to call a drain cleaning service to repair your disposal.

Using Hot Water Is Necessary for Garbage Disposals

While it might make sense for you to think that hot water can help break down and clean your drains and disposal easily, it’s quite the opposite. If you’ve put grease, fat, or oil down your disposal, hot water can aid it in sticking to the metal parts of the disposal.

Over time it can cause clogged drains and you will have to hire a drain cleaning service to resolve it. Instead, use cold water when you’re using your disposal system to make sure the grease, fat, and so on are congealed and disposed of.

A Clear Drain Means Your Garbage Disposal Is Fine

If you think your drain is working fine because the water or food waste isn’t coming back up in the sink, your assumption may not be completely right. A clog can be forming further down your drain, which is more problematic and harder for a drain cleaning service to fix.

While it can be harder for you to determine whether your drain is clogged or not in these situations, it is crucial to follow the proper garbage disposal guidelines to prevent these situations from happening. Getting regular inspections can help too.

You Need to Run Water When Using Your Garbage Disposal

Running water is a necessity when you want to ensure that your garbage disposal system works efficiently for a long time. The water helps ensure that all the food waste is properly broken down and processed with the wastewater down the drain.

It helps prevent clogged drains as well, so if you don’t want to call for a drain cleaning service anytime soon, make sure your water is running before you begin grinding your food waste and for at least 30 seconds after all the food waste has disappeared from the garbage disposal.

Maintain Your Drains Regularly

If you want to make sure that both your garbage disposal system and drains are clear of any clogged components and any other problems, get a regular inspection in the San Antonio, TX area with a trusted drain cleaning service.

When you get a reliable professional to regularly check the plumbing system in your house, you prevent your garbage disposal system from breaking down unexpectedly in the future.

You should consider removing any silverware and dishes from your sink before you begin your garbage disposal system, it ensures that the water is going down the drain and not into those dishes instead.

Make sure you don’t fall prey to these common myths to have an efficient and long-lasting garbage disposal. Only trust your plumbing service when it comes to getting reliable advice about the management of your drains and garbage disposal system.

Require Some Help with Your Drains? We’ve Got the Experts for You

Taking care of your garbage disposal system and drains is no easy feat, and when something ultimately goes wrong, you need a professional in San Antonio.

Our drain cleaning experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio will fix your drain problems and perform regular maintenance on your garbage disposal system to make your life easier and plumbing more efficient.

Get advice on how to maintain your garbage disposal system and drains from our trusted technicians. Call us now at 210-876-1629.

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