Plumbing Service And Showerheads 101: Types And Factors To Consider When Upgrading | San Antonio, TX

Plumbing Service And Showerheads 101: Types And Factors To Consider When Upgrading | San Antonio, TX

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Nothing articulates luxury in a bathroom like stylish showerheads. Stepping into an exquisitely curated luxury bathroom evokes awe, giving you a pleasant experience every day.

It’s interesting to note that the bathroom has become a hangout spot for many homeowners, as pointed out in the bathroom habits survey done by MaP that revealed an average homeowner spends 30 minutes in their bathroom daily. This translates to over 182 hours per year for every person, and some even spend more time.

Showerheads make your shower a memorable experience. They come in various styles, shapes, and colors to help homeowners create the ideal shower experience while elevating the entire bathroom design.

With many options available in the market, choosing the perfect shower head that suits your needs may be next to impossible. Not to worry, though; below is a list compiled by your favorite plumbing service contractor in San Antonio, TX, that will help you decide on the best pick for your bathroom and factors to consider before purchasing a showerhead.

Rain Showerheads

When you invest in rain showerheads, every day will be a spa day. They are stylish, luxurious, and glamorous, giving your bathroom a distinctive touch of extravagance and are common in hotels and spas. Rain showerheads are relaxing to shower in, giving you a feel of an outdoor tropical shower.

Despite being expensive, rain shower heads are becoming more accessible because of their popularity. You can install the rain shower head into your bathroom ceiling if your water pipes are located at the top.

If your bathroom’s water pipes are not on the ceiling, you can mount the rain shower head using a wall-mounted extender. It’s important to note that this type of shower head performs efficiently in bigger bathrooms and is suitable for freestanding showers and not over-the-bath ones.

It’s always wise to contact a plumbing service expert if you are unsure whether a rain shower head is suitable for your bathroom.

Standing in the rain is always a refreshing experience as long as there are no thunderstorms. To install the showerhead, you can contact a trusted plumbing company.

Fixed Wall-Mounted Showerheads

They are most common in San Antonio, TX, because of their simplicity, affordability, and accessibility. Also, you will not have to stress hiring a plumbing provider to constantly inspect them because they are easy to maintain.

If you wish to give your bathroom a luxurious touch, then you may be in for a disappointment because fixed wall-mounted shower heads are not stylish, and getting a trendy one in the market can be very hard. Despite their plain appearance, they are ideal for any bathroom interior.

Individuals who want to be a little fancier can contact a plumbing service company for a multi-function fixed shower head. This option makes it possible to change the spray patterns, ranging from a pressured massage to a more gentle wide spray.

High-Pressure Showerheads

After a long and tiring day, all you need when you enter your home is to have a relaxing shower to melt away the stress. A high-pressure showerhead can give you a refreshing experience and a massage-like shower.

If you are an active person, the hot and steamy high-pressure water will act as a relief for your muscles, preparing you for a refreshing night’s sleep and helping you feel energized for the day.

Despite being fantastic and leaving you cleaner than before, high-pressure showerheads use more water than the standard showerhead, thus may be costly to your water bill. Plumbing service professionals in San Antonio, TX, can give you a quote and help you with installing this shower head in your house.

Hand-Held Showerheads

With hand-held showerheads, you can experience more than a shower. Hand-held showers are the latest and fashionable option for homeowners. Although simple-looking, you can massage body aches and sore muscles by simply changing the spray mode to a powerful massage spray setting and positioning the hand shower over the area that needs treatment.

Hand-held showers are popular among family bathrooms because the head can easily be removed from the wall mount, thus you can use the showerhead even when in the bath.

They have three flow settings, hence you can adjust the flow of the water, and their flexibility makes them great for washing pets and kids as well as cleaning the bathtub.

You can find them in a trusted plumbing service company in Antonio, TX, as well as online and homeware shops. They are mostly preferred in family bathrooms because they are easy to maintain and clean without the assistance of a plumbing service contractor.

Dual Showerheads

As the name suggests, they consist of two showerheads. They are a combination of rain and hand-held showerheads. Dual showerheads are a perfect blend; therefore, you can enjoy an exquisite lush shower and finish your bath using the hand-held shower to remove all the shampoo from your hair.

Although you may have to part with a hefty amount compared to other showers, you are assured of enjoying the two sources of water. In a family setup, dual shower heads are perfect for washing kids while adults enjoy the rainfall showerhead.

Shower Panel Systems

They are fitted with luxury features and details, giving them a super futuristic and modern look. If your home in San Antonio, TX, has a contemporary bathroom, then these showers will be the perfect addition.

Unlike your standard shower, panel showers have unique features, including a hand-held shower, water filters from various angles, temperature control, lights, LED screens, and body spray jets.

Although it is expensive and may require a trusted plumbing service company to install, a shower panel system is worth it if you can afford it. This showerhead also has a hand-held feature, making it practical and not just another extravagant shower head in the market.

Aerated Showerheads

If you are energy-conscious, then this water-saving showerhead is perfect for your home. Although it may appear like an average showerhead, it is efficient in saving money and water.

Unlike other showerheads that use much water, this showerhead offers an enjoyable shower experience using air mixed with water to give you an excellent shower performance.

Aerated showerheads go easy on your water bill, saves energy, and use less water because they utilize air to give more pressure to the water.

Lighted LED Showerheads

Just about two-thirds of Americans shower daily. This could be due to taking many showers daily, thus the experience becomes boring. You can make your showering time exciting and fun with LED showerheads.

Simply have a plumbing service contractor mount a new LED shower head in your bathroom to turn each shower into a breathtaking experience.

This fun addition in your bathroom will fill your bathroom with color. While using it, just turn off the lights, step into shower, and enjoy the serenity.

After a hectic busy day, lighted LED shower heads can be calming, getting you into a perfect mood to sleep. If you’ve never heard about LED shower heads, you can visit a plumbing service provider in San Antonio, TX, to check the type that suits your needs.

Low-flow Showerheads

These types of showerheads are perfect for individuals seeking an economic spa-like shower head or live in areas that have low water pressure. In such cases, a low-flow showerhead will give them a perfect shower because it is designed to function efficiently in low water pressure.

Low pressure from these shower heads is perfect for families, especially kids who may be frightened of the high pressure.

Although plumbing service contractors in San Antonio, TX, may request a higher amount to install, you will save a hefty amount off your water bill in the long run. Besides saving money, you’ll experience a spa-like and relaxing shower experience.

Ceiling Mounted Showerhead

If you long for a spa-like experience in your bathroom, then you can consider hiring a plumbing service company to install a ceiling shower head. As the name suggests, it is fitted at your ceiling. Just like the rain shower head, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and relaxing shower experience.

This showerhead can be cheaper to install if you already have water pipes fitted in the ceiling. A ceiling-mounted shower head is preferred because it can save water, considering that it allows less than 2.5 gallons of water per minute compared to older models that release about 5.5 gallons per minute.

Filtered Showerheads

Although they are not trendy or exciting, filtered shower heads are an ideal option if you live in an area where your water supply is contaminated by chemicals such as sulfur and chlorine.

This type of showerhead removes such impurities from your shower, preventing them from touching your hair and skin using effective filtration methods.

The drawback of these showerheads is that they don’t come in fancy styles or multi-functions. Also, you may have to change the filters every few months.

Considerations When Buying Showerheads

Your bathroom appearance will be determined by the style and design of the showerhead you choose. There are plenty of styles and brands in the market, each with unique features that match your bathroom’s interior design.

When shopping for a showerhead, it’s important to consider the materials used to manufacture it and how well they produce water. Therefore, before buying a shower head, you should consider some of the factors below.

Current Showerhead Location

Where your shower head is located will determine the type of showerhead to purchase. If you need a new shower head, but your current is mounted on the wall, then it will not be advisable to change it unless you don’t mind some demolition that may be costly.

For instance, if you need to install a ceiling-mounted shower, then you’ll have to move plumbing lines, which is something to be done by a qualified plumbing service contractor. In such instances, it’s advisable to consider other showerhead models that won’t involve major plumbing work.

New Fixture Size

In the United States, the recommended normal showerhead connection is a half-inch pipe. Therefore, before purchasing one, it’s advisable to measure your current showerhead fixture just to be sure. If the pipe is not a half-inch, then contact a professional plumbing service expert for assistance.

An abnormal pipe may require the plumbing service professional to mount an adapter to match the opening of the new shower head.

Although this is a DIY job, you’ll need precise measurements of the attaching pipes and suitable materials to link the pieces safely to avoid leaks.

It is advisable to pick up some PVC cement or primer to create an excellent, leak-proof seal. Also, you may need a roll of Teflon tape to fasten the metal connection to the showerhead.

Water Flow Rate

Although you don’t have much control over the water flowing from the showerhead, the good news is that plumbing service manufacturers must follow federal regulations meant to save water and enhance energy efficiency.

To save water, plumbing-fixture manufacturers have built shower heads with in-built components to ensure lower-pressure water flow.

Ease of Cleaning

Just like all your plumbing fixtures, showerheads also need periodic cleaning. If you purchase fancy shower heads with various pieces and parts, then the more cleaning you’ll need, in some cases, you’ll need the services of a plumbing service provider.

Need A Plumbing Service Contractor Today?

Given the numerous types of showerheads available in the market, it can be difficult to make the right decision. The best way to go about it is to identify the shower head suitable for your needs and discuss your preferences with a qualified and experienced plumbing service expert.

That way, you’ll make the right choice based on your specifications. You can rely on plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for your plumbing needs. Our plumbing service experts will be more than happy to help you in ensuring your shower head is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and well-constructed. If you’re looking to kick your shower game up a notch, just give us a call today.

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