Clogs In Your Drainage System? Schedule Drain Cleaning Service Today | Boerne, TX

Clogs In Your Drainage System? Schedule Drain Cleaning Service Today | Boerne, TX

Entering your bathroom for a shower after a busy day at work is an excellent feeling. Besides ensuring the hygiene of your body, a warm or cool shower will refresh your mind and prepare you for a replacement session, be it on your bed or sofa. Unfortunately, your bathrooms are prone to plumbing issues that might need an immediate repair service. If the repair is delayed or postponed, severe issues such as flooded bathroom flooring, lack of heated water, and foul-smelling drains are imminent.

Ensure that you always enlist the help of a professional drain cleaning service professional whenever you feel like something is amiss in your bathroom. Blocked shower drains could be inconvenient and frustrating to homeowners and their family members. Search for a company offering drain cleaning services in Boerne, TX, to resolve the issue before it becomes a catastrophe. But what can cause the drainage system to be clogged?

Dirt Entering Your Bathroom Drains

Some homeowners think that their drainage systems should carry all kinds of dirt and debris; after all, they are supposed to. Right? Wrong. That is not the case. This is a wrong assumption whose result will be a clogged drainage system because dirt and debris will enter the drains and stick to the interior walls of the pipes or accumulate at the corners. They then slowly develop into large balls of debris or dirt that completely block the flow of wastewater through your drains.

SO how can you prevent this? Turns out simple routines like shaking off the dirt from your feet, washing your muddy shoes in a basin, and installing a strainer in your drains can help. But unfortunately, some homeowners come directly from a garage or their garden into a bathroom for a shower, bringing debris and dirt into the bathroom. Hence, they seek help from plumbing services now and then because of an inevitable clog that results from their actions.

Soap Pieces Finding Their Way Into the Shower Drain

Soap is among the most popular causes of blockages within shower drains. When soap particles disintegrate, some people force the particles down the drainage system, which might easily be the reason behind slow shower drains and flooding in their bathrooms in the future. Ensure that you always collect the soap pieces and properly dispose of them in your garbage or trash bins to avert this eventuality. The soap residue also causes scum that might build up inside your drains, resulting in clogs.

The volume of scum produced by the soap depends on the quality of washing detergent you use at your home. However, bar soaps usually produce more scum than other soap types. Water quality can also determine the amount of scum produced by the soap. Hard water results in more scum than soft water. Ensure that you consult a plumber to test the water quality at your home. Further, ask your sales attendant for the soap that produced the least amount of scum next time you’re out shopping. But if your drainage system has already developed a clog, an ideal option is a drain cleaning service in Boerne, TX, to restore the cleanliness in your drains.

Toothpaste Scum & Cosmetic Debris

Cosmetics and makeup enhance your beauty. However, did you know that they can result in clogs in your drains? Products like brushes, foundations, and facial powders can find their way into your drainage system through the shower drains, and the results will be dire. Further, some Boerne, TX homeowners having bathroom drains that are faulty usually see their shower drains to be the only option to toss their toothpaste scum after they brush their teeth.

As they flow down the drains, the toothpaste scum and cosmetics accumulate and stick on the walls as time passes, blocking the drainage pipes. So whenever you notice that the wastewater is backing up into your showers or bathtub drains, it is about time you enlist a plumbing company for a drain cleaning service. The service provider can help you restore your bathroom drain’s efficiency within no time.

Tree Roots Intrusion

Trees and their roots have some mechanism that always draws them where the moisture is, even the tiniest drop. The leaking underground drains will therefore attract the tree roots. The roots might bend or shrink the drain pipes that draw water from your shower to the municipal sewer utility lines as they grow. This might result in a big plumbing issue within your bathroom drains, such as a backup of wastewater into the floor of your bathroom, which might result in floor damage.

Additionally, the repair costs will slowly build up if you do not enlist the help of a drain cleaning service promptly. The plumbing service is equipped with tools, inspection cameras, hydro jetters, and drain snakes. Hence, the professional will first inspect the drains and use their advanced tools to clear the clog. If tree roots have penetrated your drainage pipes, the professional will recommend you reroute your underground plumbing or cut down the trees.

Jewelry & Other Objects Accidentally Falling Into Shower Drainage System

Are you obsessed with donning your most expensive and best jewelry to the extent that you never want to remove them, even when entering the bathroom? Then this might be an issue when it comes to the health of your drainage system. that necklace, ankle bracelet, or earring might fall into the drains accidentally. In addition, a consistent accumulation of foreign particles like jewelry and coins in your shower drains might result in blockages, meaning that you should seek a drain cleaning service to remove the clog and resolve the mess.

A simple practice like removing the jewelry before entering the bathroom can go a long way in preventing the blockages. It could also help to leave the bathroom door and toilet lid closed to ensure that your kids don’t throw or flush foreign objects down the drains. Do you want a failsafe that ensures these materials don’t find their way down the drains? Enlist a drain cleaning service provider to install a strainer or shower waste trap to minimize the waste entering your bathroom drains.

Drain Cleaning Services in Boerne

Your home is more hygienic when you can drain off the waste on time. You will not experience the stinky, weird smells, fruit flies, or backflows into your home. However, they also run into issues like clogs and leaks. Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio if your drainage system has run into an issue that needs drain cleaning service.

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