Call Your Plumbing Service If You Encounter Any Of These 8 Issues | San Antonio, TX

Call Your Plumbing Service If You Encounter Any Of These 8 Issues | San Antonio, TX

Any plumbing service worth its salt can tell you the plumbing system in your San Antonio, TX home is made up of three main parts. The first is the pipes and fittings. The pipes run from the main water supply lines and to every fixture and water-based appliance in your home. The fittings hold the pipes together. The second part is the plumbing fixtures, which can include:

  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Water heater
  • Toilet
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerators with an ice maker, water dispenser, or both.

The third part of the plumbing system is the drainage system, which is responsible for removing water and waste from your home through the drains and toilets.

If part of any system isn’t working correctly, life in your home can be very inconvenient. Plumbing issues can also make performing simple daily household tasks difficult or impossible and should be repaired right away.

Although some repairs are great DIY projects, plumbing repair isn’t one of them. It takes formal plumbing training to repair the problem correctly, and if you have no formal training, it is best to leave the job to a licensed plumber.

If you are experiencing any of the following plumbing issues in your home, you should call a plumber.

#1 Lack of Water

When you turn on the water in your San Antonio, TX home, you expect water to come out. If nothing comes from the faucets, you may need to schedule an appointment for plumbing service. Before making the call, check your records to ensure your water bills have been paid and your service hasn’t been terminated. In addition, ask a neighbor if they have water to rule out a widespread outage. You can also check the water company’s website. If your bills are up-to-date and there isn’t a widespread water outage, it is time to call a plumbing service.

The most common cause of this problem is a leak somewhere in the pipes. A leak can reduce the water pressure and stop the flow of water completely. There could also be a clog in the main water line, an issue with the main water valve, and if it is freezing outside, your pipes may have frozen. Finally, old, corroded pipes could also be the cause of your problem.

A plumbing service will inspect the plumbing system to figure out why there is no water coming from your taps so that the problem can be resolved. It is best to make the call right away, as you won’t have running water until the necessary repair is made.

#2 Reduced Water Pressure

Adequate water pressure is necessary for many daily household tasks. Without proper water pressure, simple tasks like washing your hair and rinsing the dishes will take longer than necessary. In addition, your water-based appliances won’t function at peak performance.

If just the hot water pressure is poor, the problem lies with the water heater in your San Antonio, TX home. If the hot and cold water pressure is lacking, the problem is with the plumbing system. The aerator could be clogged if the water pressure is insufficient in just one fixture. You can fix this yourself by soaking the aerator in vinegar and water. If the water pressure is poor in the entire house, you should call a plumber. Several issues can cause reduced water pressure, including:

  • An issue with the main shutoff valve
  • An issue with the water meter valve, or it isn’t open all the way.
  • The pressure regulator is beginning to fail.
  • Corroded pipes
  • A significant clog in the water delivery lines
  • A substantial leak in the pipes

A plumbing service will send a plumber to your home to inspect the plumbing system to resolve the problem, and you will have adequate water pressure again.

#3 Water Heater Issues

The water heater in your home is technically an appliance; however, it is also an integral part of your plumbing system. The water coming into your home is cold, and the water heater heats the water and stores it, so you always have hot water available. If your water heater isn’t working correctly, it can affect your ability to use the hot water coming from the taps or could cause a major flood and mold growth in your home.

If your water heater experiences any of the following issues, you should call a plumbing service.

  • No hot water: This issue indicates a faulty heating element, or the unit may have reached the end of its lifespan.
  • The water isn’t getting hot enough: This issue can occur due to a faulty thermostat, or the heating element is beginning to fail. If the unit is over ten years old, it may not function as efficiently as possible.
  • You frequently run out of hot water: This issue could indicate that your water heater isn’t large enough to meet your family’s hot water demand. If large amounts of sediment have built up in the tank, there will be less room for hot water storage.
  • Strange sounds coming from the unit: When large pieces of sediment build up in the tank, it can bang against the inside of the water tank, causing a banging or clanging sound. A popping sound also indicates sediment in the tank. When water gets trapped beneath it, it will boil, causing the popping sound.
  • Water or moisture around the unit: These issues indicate a crack or disconnected hose or a crack in the water tank.
  • Poor hot water pressure: Sediment can clog the waterline, resulting in insufficient hot water pressure.
  • Discolored hot water: Sediment in the tank can break apart and contaminate the water. If the unit is old, the inside of the tank can break down, contaminating the water.
  • Foul-smelling hot water: When warm water sits in the tank too long, sulfate bacteria can build up in the tank, causing the water to smell like rotten eggs.

Because water heater issues can affect your daily life and could damage your San Antonio, TX home, you should call a plumber immediately.

#4 Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are inconvenient because the clog can prevent the water from draining. Small clogs cause the water to drain slowly, which can be annoying when you shower or wash the dishes. Large clogs can prevent the water from going down the drain at all, and you cannot use the sink or tub until the clog is removed.

As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, hair, soap scum, grease and food can clog the drain. You may be tempted to use a liquid drain cleaner to remove the clog; however, there is no guarantee the drain cleaner will remove the entire clog. If part of the clog remains, it will only be a matter of time before the water starts draining slowly again or won’t drain at all. In addition, these products contain harsh chemicals that can damage the pipes. If the drain is clogged completely and there is standing water in the sink or tub, the drain cleaner won’t have an effect.

The best way to ensure the entire clog is removed safely is by calling a plumbing service. A licensed plumber can use a drain camera to find the clog so that it can be removed.

#5 Toilet Clogs

Toilet clogs are relatively common and can occur if you flush too much toilet paper and waste. Clogs can also occur if something is flushed that shouldn’t have been, such as a child’s toy or baby wipes. In most cases, a plunger can break up the clog enough to flush the toilet. However, if the clog is located far down the drainpipe or is too large or solid, the plunger won’t be effective, and you should call a plumbing service right away. This is an emergent problem because you cannot use the toilet until the clog is removed. If you only have one bathroom in your San Antonio, TX home, you can’t use the bathroom, and the problem is even more emergent.

A plumbing service will send a plumber to your home to remove the clog. In some cases, a drain snake can push the clog down enough for the toilet to flush. If the drain snake doesn’t work, the plumber may need to disconnect the toilet to remove the clog.

#6 Discolored Water

When you turn on the water in your San Antonio, TX home, the water should come out clean and clear. If the water has a brownish tint, you should call a plumbing service right away.

If just the hot water is discolored, the problem is with the water heater. If the hot and cold water is discolored, the issue is with the plumbing system. Over time, minerals, sediment, and rust can accumulate in the water main or a pipe in your plumbing system. When the rust and sediment break apart, it will contaminate the water, causing the brown tint.

It is unsafe to use contaminated water; therefore, calling a plumbing service right away is best. If you absolutely must use the water before the plumbing service arrives, it is best to boil it first.

#7 Frozen Pipes

When a cold front moves into San Antonio, TX, or there is a sudden cold snap, the temperature outside can drop below freezing, putting your pipes at risk for freezing.

Frozen pipes can be devastating to your home because when the pipes freeze, the water in the pipes will freeze as well. When the water freezes, it expands and can burst the pipes, resulting in a damaging flood in your home; therefore, you should call an emergency plumbing service.

The plumbing service will send a licensed plumber to your home to thaw the pipes. They can also wrap your outdoor pipes in heated tape, preventing them from freezing again in the future.

#8 Water-Based Appliance Installation

This may not be a plumbing issue; however, installing water-based appliances will still require a call to a plumbing service. Trying to install the appliance yourself could result in a flood or damage to the appliance. In addition, a DIY installation will void the warranty.

A plumbing service will send a plumber to your home who is qualified to install your new appliance, ensuring it is installed correctly while keeping your warranty valid.

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