Common Reasons For The Low Water Pressure At Your Home And How A Plumber Can Fix Them | Cibolo, TX

Common Reasons For The Low Water Pressure At Your Home And How A Plumber Can Fix Them | Cibolo, TX

Did you know that water pressure directly affects the comfort and convenience of your Cibolo, TX home? It impacts things such as doing laundry, dishwashing, and bathing, among others. Any plumber will tell you they aren’t commissioned to make a shower where water pressure is so high that it makes one feel like they are under a hydro-jetting session.

Similarly, the water pressure from that shower shouldn’t be so weak that it makes one feel like they are showing under a watering can. Probably even worse is trying to manually wash dishes under a drip or trickling water flowing from a trap. The water pressure shouldn’t be so high or too low. There is a recommended setting for home or residential uses, which is a water pressure that is below 60 PSI.

High water pressure can have a damaging effect on the various appliances and plumbing fixtures at your home. It might result in pipes rupturing or bursting, water leaks, increased water utility bills, water hammers, and damages to your faucets. On the other hand, low water pressure brings about a lot of inconveniences in your home. It might take ages to fill a bathtub with water or even take a shower under low-pressure water. So, what are the causes of low water pressure?

Poor water pressure can happen because of several reasons. Unfortunately, determining whether you have high or low water pressure at your home might be daunting. If only one area of your residential or commercial property is receiving water at low pressure, you should call in a plumber for an inspection service and fix the issue. However, suppose your entire home is experiencing low water pressure. In that case, that is a sign of a larger underlying plumbing issue, and sometimes you might be forced to call an emergency plumbing expert to address it. Below are some of the main causes of low water pressure.

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Although the main reason for the low water pressure is because of drain obstructions and blockages, there are several other reasons why you might have to call a plumber for water pressure inspection and adjustment. This section will teach you about all these causes and how a plumbing service can help.

Municipal Water Problems

Did you know that low water pressure at your Cibolo, TX home might have nothing to do with your Plumbing system? Yes, an issue at your municipal water utility supply center might be why your home is experiencing low water pressure. This is among the many reasons why DIY plumbing fixes aren’t encouraged. Instead, homeowners are advised to seek the help of a professional plumber to measure the water pressure and inspect the plumbing system. If the problem is on your water utility supplier’s side, they will advise you accordingly.

Otherwise, you might start working on a non-existent problem, only to worsen the issue. Ask your neighbors if they are experiencing low water pressure issues. If they have the same problem, there may be an issue at the water utility provider’s site. You or your plumbing service provider can contact the water utility provider and inform them of the issue.

Changing City Regulations

Though they should notify residential and commercial property owners, your city or municipal authorities may have changed the water pressure regulations. In such a case, the water utility provider’s hands are tied. If the new regulations require that domestic water be supplied at low pressure, the water utility providers have no otherwise. They have to comply.

Plumbers are abreast with the various changes in water supply regulations and can immediately warn you in case the water supply at your home has low pressure. They can also install a water pressure booster system at your home to ensure that your routine activities don’t take a toll from the low water pressure.

When the Shut-off Valve at Your Home Is Not Open Fully

Has there been some recent plumbing work at your Cibolo, TX residential or commercial property? Probably, your home’s shut-off valve was temporarily closed while the plumbers were executing the task but never fully opened again. The water shut-off valve should be fully open for the water at your home to flow at a good pressure.

The valve is usually located outside your house or inside at the point where the main water supply pipe from the water utility provider enters your home. It has a handle akin to the one used to turn the hose on. The solution to this problem is easy. You only have to locate the shut-off valve and open it fully by turning it counterclockwise to its fullest extent. Does the handle look like a lever? Then ensure that it is parallel to your pipe.

Partially Open Water Meter Shut Off Valve

The other reason why your home might be experiencing low water pressure is if the water meter shut-off valve is not opened fully. This usually happens when you have had plumbers working on a plumbing issue at your home. Unfortunately, the water meter shut-off valve is the property of your water utility provider.

Although the plumbing service provider can turn it off during a repair, you do not have similar rights to turn it on or off. The solution to this issue is to call your water utility provider and request that they check the water meter shut-off valve. Besides this being private property, the water meter shut-off valves are sometimes located underground and in other places that are hard to reach. Hence, DIY-ing them is highly discouraged.

A Failing Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulators are used to manage the plumbing system’s input pressure at your Cibolo, TX home. It keeps the water pressure at a safe level to ensure that the pipes and other fixtures don’t sustain damage. A failing water pressure regulator can result in a reduction or a spike in the water pressure and might affect all the plumbing fixtures at your home.

To resolve the issue, you should enlist the help of a plumber to check the PSI settings of the water pressure regulator. In most water pressure regulators, the PSI should be set at a value between 30-60. However, if the water pressure is below the rated value, you might have issues cleaning, showering, or bathing. Further, if the water pressure is too high, it might damage the bearings and wear out the washers on the plumbing fixtures. However, if the PSI settings are correct, you might want to call a plumber to replace the water pressure regulator.

Old Steel Pipes

Fixing the old galvanized pipes is expensive. Unfortunately, some of the old houses feature these pipes. Certain pipe materials might corrode at a quicker rate compared to others, and these include copper and galvanized steel pipes. The gradual buildup of minerals within these pipes over time usually restricts water flow into your home.

If you are not sure about the age of the plumbing system or the type of material that makes your pipes, you must hire a plumber for an inspection visit. Some piping materials do not match the building codes in Cibolo, TX, and are now obsolete. The professional plumber might recommend a replacement of the affected pipes to ensure that the water pressure issue is resolved.

Clogged Pipes

The other notorious cause of low water pressure is obstructed pipes. Even when you don’t have a blockage beneath the drains that you might clear by yourself, the obstruction might be deep down the drainage system. Such clogs are difficult to resolve using your DIY skills and might require that you hire a plumber in Cibolo, TX, to resolve them. By impeding the water flow, obstructions lower the water pressure.

For this reason, you are advised to hire a professional for a drain cleaning service. Rather than using chemical-based drain cleaning agents, the plumbing service provider uses tools such as hydro-jetting and drain snakes to clear your drains and allow a seamless water flow. There are many harmful and damaging effects of using chemical-based cleaners. Hence, their use is highly discouraged.

Peak Time Use

The other low-key cause of low water pressure is peak time use. Yep! The low water pressure might be the folk signing in their shower next door. If you shower at peak times of the day, such as early in the morning or night, other family members might be showering or using water simultaneously. The low water pressure at this time is caused by the high water use by your family or the neighbors with whom you share the pipeline. Most professionals recommend that you schedule your shower schedule.

Leaking Pipes

The other notorious culprit of the low water pressure is the leaky pipes. When the volume of water flowing through the pipes is reduced by leakage, the water pressure is bound to reduce. The water escaping from your pipes causes a less volume to reach the faucet or showerhead and other house plumbing appliances and fixtures. Leaks might be caused by cracks in the pipes, tree root intrusion, clogs, and ground movements.

For this reason, homeowners are encouraged to hire a plumber for a routine plumbing inspection and maintenance. This way, the professional can detect the minor developing issues at early stages and take measures to resolve them before they become extrapolated to the extent of causing low water pressure. The plumbing service provider might even use leakage detection tools and inspection cameras to check for hairline cracks on the pipes that might be causing a leak.

Aerator Buildup

An aerator is a component that reduces the water volume flowing through the faucet without changing its pressure. The low water pressure might arise whenever the component has a lot of rust or mineral buildup. This is a problem in homes with hard water, minerals, and dissolved debris. Removing the aerator and scrapping it to remove any accumulated sediments is a good solution. This way, you can restore the water pressure. However, you can address the problem by targeting its source. Enlist a plumber’s services to install a water softening unit.

Faulty Fixtures

The other cause of low water pressure at your home is faulty plumbing fixtures. It isn’t uncommon for the plumbing fixtures to get clogged because of the mineral or debris buildup. For instance, the showerhead might get clogged by the mineral sediments from the hard water. To avert such issues, homeowners are advised to hire an expert for routine inspection and maintenance. Otherwise, you might have to replace them if the issue is too protracted.

Frozen Piping

During winter, water might freeze within the pipes. The water flow is affected whenever this happens, resulting in low water pressure. At worst, it might make the pipes burst. Hence, you are advised to hire a plumber to winterize the pipes or insulate them to avert this issue. Otherwise, you might have to replace the piping because they’ve burst.

Water Conserving Devices

While water conservation is great for the environment, it will likely impact the water pressure. Devices on low-flow showerheads and faucets aren’t great regarding water pressure. Have you had a professional install these fixtures at your home and suffer from low water pressure issues? They are likely the culprit.

Malfunctioning or Poor Water Softeners and Filters

The water filters can also greatly impact your Cibolo, TX home’s water pressure. When not working at their peak performance, they may lower the water pressure at your home. Hence, you should hire a plumber for routine maintenance of the water softeners and filters to ensure they always operate at peak efficiency. However, if the problem is so protracted, you might have to call the plumber to have the water softeners and filters with new ones. Remember, they may lower the water pressure and result in many inconveniences at your home.

Are you experiencing low water pressure problems at your home? There are many causes, as you can see from the above. Although the issues cause some at your home, others are beyond your control. Because you do not have the proper tools and experience to inspect and diagnose the issue, you should hire a plumber to inspect and resolve the issue. Do you need any plumbing service, including an inspection of the water pressure? Call our licensed, experienced, and well-equipped plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today.

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