6 Reasons A Regular Drain Cleaning Service Is So Important | Helotes, TX

6 Reasons A Regular Drain Cleaning Service Is So Important | Helotes, TX

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Your home’s drainage system is an essential part of your plumbing system and is responsible for removing water and waste from the house. Drain issues can be very inconvenient and can make daily tasks challenging; therefore, you should do whatever is necessary to keep the drainage system healthy. The best way to do this is to have a drain cleaning service performed regularly.

If you don’t think this service is worth the time and cost, you should consider how it can benefit your Helotes, TX home and your family.

#1 Speed Up the Drains

Slow drains can be frustrating. If your kitchen drain is slow, you can only let the water run for so long before you need to wait for the water to drain. If the tub drain is slow, you will be standing in several inches of water by the time you finish taking a shower.

Slow drains are caused by a small clog in the drain pipe. If you have a drain cleaning service performed regularly, all small clogs in the drain pipes will be removed, speeding up the water going down the drain.

#2 Prevent Clogs

It doesn’t take long for a minor clog that causes slow drains to become larger, eventually causing a complete clog, and the water won’t go down the drain at all. If a drain in your home is completely clogged, you won’t be able to use the sink or tub.

You can prevent the drain pipes from becoming completely clogged if you have a drain cleaning service performed regularly. Small clogs will be removed during this service, which will prevent the drains from becoming completely clogged.

#3 Prevent Expensive Plumbing Issues

The last thing any homeowner wants is for an expensive plumbing issue to occur. Most of your Helotes, TX home’s plumbing system is hidden behind walls, under floors, and underground. Because the pipes are hidden, you won’t know there is an issue until you see water damage.

Having a drain cleaning service performed regularly can prevent significant plumbing issues. When large clogs build up in the drain pipes, they can cause plumbing issues, including:

  • Burst pipes
  • Significantly higher water bills
  • Contaminated water
  • Corroded drainage systems

When the clogs are removed, the chance of these issues occurring decreases dramatically. In addition, the plumber can inspect your plumbing system for damage while they are performing the drain cleaning service. Having this service performed regularly can save you the cost of an expensive plumbing repair.

#4 Foul Smells

If there is a foul smell in your home and you cannot find the source, your drains could be to blame. You can be very cautious regarding what you put down the drain; however, it is impossible to prevent grease, food, hair, soap, and chemicals from going down the drain. These materials can clog the drainpipe, causing foul odors.

A moldy smell often indicates mold in the drain. The drain pipes in your home are dark and damp, which is the perfect environment for mold to thrive when a clog forms. Running the water isn’t enough to eradicate the mold, and a drain cleaning service is the best way to remove the mold.

If you smell spoiled food in your kitchen, the kitchen drain pipe could be to blame. When food and grease clog the drain pipe, it can start to spoil, creating a foul smell. A drain cleaning will remove the entire clog, making your home smell fresh again.

#5 Eradicate Fruit Flies

Fruit flies don’t bite or sting, but they are still a significant nuisance. There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation in the kitchen of your home, and there are fruit flies in your face. If you don’t have a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers on your kitchen counter, the fruit flies could be coming from the drain.

When clogs form in the drain pipes, it creates the perfect breeding ground for fruit flies. You may be tempted to save money by using a DIY home remedy; however, this is just a temporary solution to the problem. A drain cleaning service is a permanent solution to the problem. When the clogs have been removed, and the inside of the pipes are clear, your drain pipes will no longer be a hospitable environment for fruit flies, and the infestation will be eradicated.

#6 Prevent Damage

Having a drain cleaning performed regularly can prevent flooding and significant water damage. When large clogs and chemical deposits get stuck in the drain pipes, it puts the pipe at risk of bursting, which can cause serious water damage. If the toilet’s drain pipe bursts, sewage can flood your home, which is a disgusting and dangerous issue. Raw sewage contains harmful bacteria that can make your family sick.

During a drain cleaning, the plumber will remove any clogs and chemical deposits, which will protect your Helotes, TX home.

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