4 Common Signs It Is Time For Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

4 Common Signs It Is Time For Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

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Tucked away in your basement or utility closest is a major household appliance that you probably don’t think about much in your home until the day you wake up to cold water. At this point, your water heater is probably the only thing you will talk about in your home for days. While no one wants to deal with water heater repair, you can sometimes avoid waking up to cold water if you learn to pay attention to the impending signs that it is time for water heater repair.

Very rarely does a water heater just stop working without any notice. More times than not there are small signals that your water heater may be wearing down, but you may not know enough to pay attention to them. This is one reason why most area plumbers will recommend regular water heater maintenance because regular maintenance is an excellent way to ensure that your unit is always in proper working shape. It is also a great way to identify problems before they become large enough that they become an emergency. Proactively troubleshooting a problem with an appliance is always a better route to take if you can. With that said, here are some of the most common signs that it may be time to call a plumber about water heater repair in San Antonio, TX.

Water Heater Is Getting Old

Water heaters only last for so long, so if yours is getting up there in years then it really is time to start thinking about replacing it or at the very least hiring plumbing to come in and take a look at it. As a water heater ages, there are increasing chances that something will go wrong with it, therefore, you don’t want to wait until you are stranded without a choice.

Keep in mind that just because your water heater is old does not mean that you have to schedule water heater repair, but it does mean that you need to stay on top of potential issues. If you are able to troubleshoot issues quickly before they can become too serious then there is a better chance that you will be able to get away with a repair and ward off replacing it just yet.

The majority of water heaters last for about ten to 12 years depending on how well you kept up with cleaning your water tank and maintenance. Once again, another reason to consider booking at least an annual visit with your plumber so that you can stay on top of any issues and lengthen its lifespan.

Rusty Water

You should never see signs of rust in your water, if you start to notice anything that indicates rust is present in your water it may be time to call for water heater repair. First of all, you need to isolate if the rusty water is coming out of only the hot water tap or both the hot water and the cold water tap. Turn both on and watch for a few minutes. If you only notice the rust when you are running the hot water then it is a very good chance that it is coming from your water tank. If you notice that it is coming out of both taps you may have a larger issue.

If the situation is isolated to your hot water tap then while the piping could be rusting, it is probably a safer bet than it is coming from your water tank. Before making any major decisions you should call the plumber for water heater repair. They can check your water heater and your pipes to see where the rust is coming from. You should be aware however that if the rust is coming from your water tank then water heater repair probably will not be possible. At this point, it is likely that you will need to replace your water tank.

Your Water Heater Is Making Noise

Your water heater should never make noises, if you start to hear your water heater talking to you in any form or shape this is a clear sign that it is time for water heater repair. As heaters age, it is very common for sediment to build up along the bottom of the tank. The result of this is that the sediment slowly thickens and stops to block the heat from getting to the water. Instead, you might hear the sentiment crackling or pop from its location near the heating elements.

If you hear very explosive popping then it is a good idea to call a plumber and turn off your water heater until they arrive. The water pressure can actually build up leading the tank to crack and eventually explode at which point you have to deal with flood damage.

A plumber can possibly flush out the water heater tank and remove the sediment, but depending on the age of your water heater it may be a better idea to replace your tank. The plumber will talk about your options and give you their recommendations based on what they find.

Leaking Water Tank

While this should be obvious, if you don’t spend a lot of time in your basement you may not notice that your water tank is leaking. If you spy any leaks around your water heater then this is a clear sign you need water heater repair. Depending on where the leak is coming from the tank may or may not be able to be replaced. Either way, you have an issue that needs to be addressed right away.

If you notice any of the above signs or have another concern about your water heater, give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio a call. We will be happy to come out to your San Antonio, TX home and help troubleshoot your issues.

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