Why Is Your Water Heater’s Reset Button Constantly Tripping And Does It Mean You Need Water Heater Repair? | Helotes, TX

Why Is Your Water Heater’s Reset Button Constantly Tripping And Does It Mean You Need Water Heater Repair? | Helotes, TX

If you know your water heater’s thermostat controls, you may know the recommended settings for the water heater. Most water heaters have the recommended temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the sweet spot because the water is hot enough to control and prevent bacterial growth. However, it isn’t hot enough to result in severe scalding.

Unfortunately, water heater issues might result in the unit overheating the water and itself in the process. If the water heater tank overheats, its emergency cut-off automatically kicks in. This makes the appliance shut down. However, the homeowner should press the reset button on the ECO to reset the emergency water heater tank. This is generally attached to the upper part of the thermostat.

However, suppose the water heater repeatedly and constantly trips the ECO. In that case, it may be the right time to enlist the assistance of a professional in water heater repair services in Helotes, TX. There is a high probability that your water heater tank is severely hot. Because a failing component causes this problem, it’s least likely to repair on its own without first having to identify and replace the problem by seeking help from a water heater repair professional.

So, what makes your water heater constantly overheat? There are several primary causes of this problem, as explained below.

Thermostat Is Failing

When the water heater is suddenly too hot, then there is a high probability that your unit’s thermostat has failed or stopped working. At worst, both the thermostats might stop working. For example, a water heating unit has two thermostats that regulate the water and the unit’s temperatures. One of the thermostats is located at the top and the other at the bottom of the appliance.

Similarly, a water heater has two heating elements corresponding to the thermostats. Each of the two thermostats regulates the primary heating element responsible for heating the water. Immediately after the water hits the predefined temperatures, the thermostat turns off the heating element. However, when the two thermostats are faulty or have failed, the heating element continues running.

This results in overheating the water and the water heating unit itself. This is a pretty serious eventuality because the pressure buildup within the unit might make the tank explode. Hence, you should have a water heater repair professional offer regular inspection and maintenance of your unit. The professional knows when the thermostats are faulty and repairs or replaces them. DO NOT try fixing the thermostats yourself because you might suffer severe burns.

A Failing Heating Element

With age, the heating elements stop working. In some cases, they stop effectively heating and develop major electrical shorts that might make them receive power even if the thermostat is off. This also results in constant tripping of the ECO and water overheating. Call a water heater repair professional for an inspection when you notice that the water heater is producing too hot water than the set temperatures.

Based on how badly the heating element is damaged, the professional might recommend heating element replacement or repair of the existing elements. Unfortunately, some homeowners try fixing the water heater themselves because they saw a DIY instructor do it on YouTube. This might result in serious burns, not to mention exacerbating the issue.

Extremely High Water Temperatures

Most often, tripping the reset button happens when water is still inside your water heater tank and has become extremely hot. Hotter than the 120F. When this happens, the button is tripped and acts as a safety mechanism for protecting you and your home from scalding water.

If you have experienced this kind of button tripping problem, you should immediately call a water heater repair technician for an inspection of the unit. The professional will check the thermostat for any damage. They will also check whether it is still connected to your electric water heater. Maybe one of the unit’s thermostats has malfunctioned and isn’t monitoring the water temperatures.

Suppose the water heater repairs professional in Helotes, TX, diagnoses this as the problem. In that case, they’ll replace the faulty thermostat and perform further inspections to ensure that the water heater will be properly operating and the button isn’t tripping by the time they leave your home.

When There Are Loose Connections

The other reason why the water heater’s reset button might constantly be tripping might be because of loose wires or connections. In this case, the “wires” have a direct connection with the thermostat on your electric water heating unit. The connections generate heat and ensure that the water is heated to your preferred temperatures.

If the wires are lost, damaged, or not connected properly, this might cause a bad connection problem. This issue will eventually result in tripping your water heater’s reset button. For this reason, you are recommended to have a water heater repair professional routinely inspect the water heater to ensure that it is operating properly. The plumber will detect the problem on time and take the necessary measures to fix it by correctly connecting the wires.

A Malfunctioning High Limit Switch

Your water heater’s reset button is also called the high limit switch or the energy cut-off switch. If the button is faulty, it becomes the primary cause of the overheating issue. Therefore, if the high limit switch on your water heating unit is malfunctioning, you shouldn’t try to fix the issue yourself. This might result in serious burns or further damage to the unit. Instead, you should hire a licensed water heater professional to repair the unit.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the professional might fix the energy cut-off switch or replace it. However, you might also make the manufacturer’s warranty void by attempting to repair the water heater yourself. Additionally, for the home insurance provider to process your water heater repair claim, you must present an invoice from a licensed plumbing professional that you obviously will not have. So, don’t DIY fix your water heater.

Your Dependable Water Heater Professionals

Water heaters are expensive plumbing appliances. Hence, you should spare no effort in ensuring that it serves you to the fullest extent of its rated service life. This includes having a water heater repair professional offer routine inspection and maintenance services. They can detect the tripping ECO and take the necessary measures to fix it. Is your Helotes, TX home water heater’s high limit switch constantly tripping? Don’t hesitate to call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

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