What Should You Consider Before Hiring A Plumber For A Drain Cleaning Service? | Cibolo, TX

What Should You Consider Before Hiring A Plumber For A Drain Cleaning Service? | Cibolo, TX

All the incoming water at your home has to leave your premises through the drainage system or during irrigation. Your Cibolo, TX home’s plumbing system can be broadly categorized into the drainage, water line, fixtures, and appliances. Although all these components are critical, perhaps the drainage system and the water line are the most essential. The drains carry the wastewater and materials from your home into a septic tank or your municipal main sewer system. Hence, they are essential to the hygiene and comfort of your home and family.

Unfortunately, blockages sometimes can form deep in the drainage system, preventing the wastewater from flowing into the sewer system or a treatment area. You should hire a drain cleaning service professional to inspect the drains whenever this happens. The professional will determine the location of the blockage and take the necessary measures to remove it. However, there are several things that you should always consider before hiring a professional for a drain cleaning service. These things include:


To ensure that you’ll receive quality work, always ensure that a plumber has the right credentials. The correct credentials mean that the plumber has enough experience and training to handle plumbing issues and offer drain cleaning. Your preferred plumbing service provider must be licensed to operate in Texas.

They should also preferably belong or be registered with an association that ensures the plumber is abreast with the current and newest technologies. You could also ask the plumber to prove that they are qualified to offer drain cleaning services. Online reviews and testimonials are one way of evaluating the experience and work quality of your preferred plumber.

Different Obstructions

You might be surprised about the amount and nature of items that might find their way into the drainage system. Though some might look innocently harmless, whenever they enter your drains, they might result in serious drainage clogs that will be a precursor to various plumbing issues in your home. Any insoluble or non-flushable material might result in a blockage in your drains.

However, the main things that may result in a clog within your drains include a buildup of sludge, tree root intrusion, fats, foreign objects such as toys, hair, grease, soap particles, and grime. The blockage can form anywhere within your drainage system. Hence, you should have a professional come over for a drain cleaning service.

There are also various drain cleaning methods that are effective for some blockages. Hence, you should hire a reliable and experienced plumbing service provider. The professional will first use an inspection camera to inspect the interiors of your drainage system and determine the location and the cause of the blockage. This allows the professional to choose the best method of cleaning the drains. During the inspection, the plumber can also determine the integrity of the pipes. Hence, before hiring a plumber for a drainage cleaning service, ensure that you enquire about the nature of the blockage that they can remove. Always hire a professional with comprehensive knowledge of drain cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Methods

A professional can use different methods to clean your home’s drainage system. Hence, you must inquire about the method the plumber will use to clean your drainage system. Most plumbers use four main methods of drain cleaning as explained below:

Using a Drain Snake

A drain snake comprises a long wire with two attachments at the end. One of the attachments resembles a corkscrew, and this is the end that the plumber inserts into the drainage pipes until it reaches the clog. The attachment on the other end is a crank. The professional holds this end and turns the crank continuously until it breaks through the blockage. The plumber then uses the drain snake to pull out the blockage. However, the clog can also be disintegrated into smaller pieces and forced down the pipes. This method effectively removes blockages and clogs caused by good pieces, hair, or a buildup of soap.

Using Compressed Water or Air

This method is closely similar to the use of a drain snake. The professional places an attachment in the affected pipes and secured it. Then, high-pressure air or water is deposited into the pipes, dislodging the blockage.

Hydro Jetting

One of the main processes is hydro jetting. It is highly effective at removing sediment accumulation of tree roots. The high-pressure water also cleans the drain pipes to ensure that you don’t have any frequent clogs. This method can be used in commercial or residential settings.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

This is the last drain cleaning method. However, chemical drain cleaning isn’t recommended for many reasons:

  1. The harsh chemicals aren’t environmentally friendly.
  2. They might react with the iron or copper pipes, resulting in corrosion.
  3. The heat produced by the reaction between the wastes and the chemical drain cleaning agent might weaken the plastic pipes.
  4. Chemicals might harm your health.

Owing to the many drain cleaning methods, you must know which method your drain cleaning service provider will use. If a professional recommends chemical drain cleaning, don’t hire them because of the impacts of the chemicals on your drains, as discussed above.

Emergency Services

You must consider the other thing before you hire a drain cleaning service provider is whether they offer emergency services. First, plumbing issues requiring drain cleaning can arise, and the plumber should be available when you call. Second, although most clogged drains aren’t an emergency, they quickly become an emergency when sewer and toilet waste start backing up into your Cibolo, TX home. The same happens whenever your toilet begins to overflow or malfunctions.

Hence, you should hire a professional who also offers emergency drain cleaning services. You shouldn’t try to resolve the issue yourself whenever your toilet overflows with sewer waste. They are called emergency issues for a reason; they might harm your health, and trying to resolve them might worsen the problem. Hence, immediately contact a plumber for a drain cleaning service whenever this happens.

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The drainage system ensures sanitation and comfort for your family. Hence, it must always be operating optimally and waste flowing out smoothly. Unfortunately, the wastes and other foreign materials might block the drains, resulting in other major issues. When this happens in your Cibolo, TX home, do not hesitate to call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

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