Water Heater Issues: A Plumber Can Prevent Them | Universal City, TX

Water Heater Issues: A Plumber Can Prevent Them | Universal City, TX

Water heaters can have a storage tank that keeps the hot water they heat for household use, including bathing and dishwashing, or be tankless because of instant heating of water when on demand. Some of the tanked water heating systems that homeowners in Universal City, TX, use include conventional storage water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and solar water heaters.

They operate efficiently using electricity, propane, natural gas, fuel oil, solar energy, or geothermal energy. The tanked water heaters are prone to issues that require the urgent attention of a plumber to tackle with immediate effect for a continual supply of hot water. The tanked water heater issues you are likely to encounter include:

Sediment Build-Up

To top my list is sediment accumulation in the storage water heater tanks. The tanked heating systems store hot water that you can access later for usage. Water has many minerals that accumulate in the storage tank over time.

If you fail to involve a plumber at least twice a year to clean the tank, the minerals sediments increase.

The accumulated mineral deposits can lead to additional plumbing problems in the water heating system. How will you know your tanked water heater has mineral sediments to call a plumber? Here are some signs to look out for that signify sediment build-up in the water heating system.

  • No hot water coming from your faucets: Sediments can affect the efficiency of the heating element to heat your water, thus no hot water supply.
  • Colored water: Since the hot water can stay in the tank for a long time, metal parts are prone to rust because of the stagnated and accumulating sediments, causing the colored water.
  • Fluctuating water temperatures: the water can be hot, and after a while, it’s cold because the sediment build-up has affected the optimal performance of the water heating unit.

When you notice the above signs, it is an indication that your tanked water heater is deteriorating due to several skipped maintenance practices. Some of the issues that can result from the accumulated sediments if you fail to call a plumbing company to clean the tank are not limited to:

  • Leaking tank
  • Cold showers, which is also a sign not to overlook
  • Sudden failure of the system
  • Odd rumbling noises from the accumulated mineral sediments.

How to prevent the sediment accumulation: The most effective way to stop the build-up of the sediments in your tanked water heater is to get a plumber to clean it at least semi-annually if you use hot water frequently.


The plumbing professionals can flush the water heating system by draining all the water annually before cleaning it to prolong its life and prevent the above issues.

Water Temperature Problems

Imagine being in the shower enjoying your heated warm water, and suddenly, the water turns cold. You can also imagine that feeling. Or, the water can become too hot that it can even burn your skin, causing severe scalding if you jump into the shower without confirming the temperature.

A failing water heating system can make you endure fluctuating water temperatures if you do not call a plumber in Universal City, TX, to fix the issue the first time it happens. You are prone to experience cold or extremely hot water supply instead of hot water due to several mishaps, including:

  • Lack of power supply due to failed electrical components in the water heater or depleted fuel supply.
  • Malfunctioned thermostat that is not regulating the water temperatures.
  • A faulty heating element cannot heat your water.
  • An undersized water heater can affect the ability of the heater to heat the water in the storage unit.
  • Crossed connection due to poor installation of the hot and cold water connections by an unqualified plumber.
  • The poor setting of the thermostat leads to an exceedingly hot water supply beyond the recommended 120ºF for households. Most thermostats are factory set at 140ºF, which requires regulation to the recommended setting to prevent safety hazards.

How to prevent water temperature problems: One way to avert the cold and extremely hot water supply from your tanked water heater is by setting the thermostat at the safe required level of 120ºF.

The hired plumber can also ensure the electrical components of the tanked water heater are operating efficiently by inspecting for loose connections or failing electrical parts and fixing them during the maintenance process.

If the system uses propane, fuel oil, or natural gas, they can recommend checking the fuel levels constantly to prevent sudden turning off of the water heater.

The plumbing expert from a reputable and reliable company in Universal City, TX, can also inspect the heating element in the storage water heaters to ascertain they are operating at peak performance.

Another preventative measure is to avoid getting an undersized or oversized water heater with the help of a plumber who has extensive experience in water heating systems. It is also wise to invest in a qualified and certified plumber for the correct installation of the unit.

Water Heater Leaks

Another potential issue in your water heaters can be leakages. Water can leak from one or several joints, seams, or seals in your water heating systems, indicating a problem that needs the urgent attention of a skilled and experienced plumber.

Since the tanked water heaters are a closed system, there should be no sign of water outside the storage tank because it is a looming issue that requires urgent inspections to pinpoint the underlying cause.

The leaking water from the unit might be condensation coming from the bottom or top of the tank or unknown locations. The leaks from the water heating unit may be due to:

  • accumulated sediments in the tank, as earlier mentioned
  • An old tank with numerous wear and tears that has served its purpose
  • Corrosion of the anode rod in the hot water tank leads to cracks
  • A loose drain valve used to drain the tank during tune-ups or repairs
  • Inadequate or excess water pressure in the tank
  • Malfunctioned temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Loose inlet and outlet connections
  • Deteriorated internal shell in the water heater tank
  • Cracks in the tanked system due to broken glass inside the storage tank

Water leaks are not something you can afford to overlook once you notice them in your Universal City, TX home. They have severe repercussions that include:

  • Water damage that is costly to restore because of its adverse effects on the structural integrity of your house.
  • It can ruin floors and walls by promoting mold growth
  • Destroy valuables, documents, and fabrics
  • Increase your water bills.

It is a problem that you should act fast and call a nearby qualified plumber to come to your rescue by identifying the root cause of the issue for repairs. Knowing your shut-off valves come in handy during leakages. But, the valves might be of little to no help in the case of a water heater tank that is already full.

How to prevent the Leaks: Prevention is better than cure is a common saying that most people who do not invest in the maintenance of their appliances such as water heaters take lightly, leading to many preventable issues. That’s why professional plumbers emphasize regular maintenance of the water heater. It is easy for a plumbing professional and the homeowner to prevent the leaks by identifying and reacting fast to the leakages before they worsen.

The hired plumbing professional can:

  • Tighten all loose inlet and outlet connections and the drain valve
  • Inspect and test the efficiency of the temperature and pressure valves
  • Check for cracks and the anode rod
  • Evaluate the anode rod and other metallic parts for corrosion
  • Drain the tank for cleaning to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits.

Odd Sounds

Water heaters operate quietly, implying that any sound coming from the system while running is a sign of a problem. You can hear the sounds during the wintry days when the tanked water heating system works twice as hard to provide hot water because people dread cold water even for doing laundry.

When you hear the water heating system producing strange noises, call a plumber to check it out and evaluate the problem before it aggravates. Some of the sounds you are likely to notice from a faulty water heater include:

  • Banging or Rumbling Noise: Sediment build-up in the hot water tank produces the rumbling sounds, especially if they are excess. So, the more the mineral deposits in the tanked water system, the louder the noise, thus the need for fast draining and cleaning by a qualified plumber.
  • The sound can also emerge from water hammering when you suddenly turn off the high-pressure water, forcing it back. The water hammer problem is dangerous because it can lead to burst pipes.
  • Ticking sounds: Water heaters can also produce startling ticking noises that might seem like an explosion. It might scare you, but the issue might be due to changes in water pressure.
  • Crackling Noises: Electricity-powered tanked water heaters notoriously generate the hissing sounds. If the noise is loud and alarming, it implies an obstruction in the heating element. The scary crackling sounds are enough for you to call a plumber to inspect the water heater tank for issues and fix them immediately.
  • Screeching sounds: Loose valves in your water heater cause high-pitched whistling sounds. Inlet or outlet and pressure-releasing valves are some of the valves that result in screeching noise when loose.
  • Popping or banging noises are evidence of excess sediments in the water heater storage tank.

How to prevent noises in the water heater: To prevent water hammering issues and some noises such as ticking and banging, a plumber can adjust the pressure in the water heating system in your Universal City, TX house. The plumbing expert should also inspect the heating element for potential mishaps and repair or replace them appropriately to avert the noise.

Smelling Hot Water

People with tanked water heaters can also encounter smelling hot water issues. The strange nasty smell can make you avoid taking a shower or washing dishes. The plumber you hire can check out the water heater and diagnose the issue for immediate repairs.

The rotten egg odor might be from excess bacteria in the water heating tank. It is a problem that people who travel a lot and leave warm water in the water heater tank for months without use experience, leading to a sulfate bacteria.

Another cause of the smelling water in the water heating tank can be well water that has not undergone chlorine treatment. When the groundwater gets into the water heating system, it does not have to stay for weeks before it starts smelling. It is appropriate to avoid using the hot water at all costs and only utilize the cold water until repairs are complete.

The plumber you get from a reputable company in Universal City, TX, should drain all the smelling water out of the tank, clean the storage unit thoroughly and disinfect it.

Preventing the nasty smell in your water heater: If you love traveling and can go for months or weeks on vacations, you should invest in tankless water heating units. Or, you should ensure a plumbing expert drains your water heating system before you travel to avoid leaving warm water stagnated in the tank to develop bacteria.

Homeowners using ground well water should also ensure a plumbing professional installs water treatment units in the water supply system to treat the water before getting into the tanked water heater.

Need Water Heater Repairs or Replacement!

Tanked water heating systems are essential in providing hot water in homes, especially for showering and washing dishes. However, problems in appliances that rarely get maintenance are inevitable, and the water heaters are not an exception.

If you experience any issues with your tanked water heating unit, you should not hesitate to call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio to get a plumber. It is a plumbing company in Universal City, TX, with qualified, competent, certified, and highly trained experts that address numerous plumbing issues such as installation, repairs, and replacements.

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