What Can You Expect From A Professional Drain Cleaning Service? | San Antonio, TX

What Can You Expect From A Professional Drain Cleaning Service? | San Antonio, TX

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Having your home’s drains professionally cleaned is beneficial for your property. Not only will you be able to enjoy daily convenience, but also save money while contributing to the value of your home. Many homeowners who don’t find the need to invest in regular drain cleaning service end up with severe drain clogs and wastewater backups that often need repair or replacement.

Hiring a trusted and experienced local plumber can help maintain the integrity of your plumbing system and protect your investment. The professional team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio are familiar with the latest plumbing technologies and will work quickly to save you from future inconveniences that cause unnecessary delays in your home/business. You can expect to have faster drains right after you call for a professional service.

So What Exactly Does a Drain Cleaning Service Involve?

A drain cleaning service is recommended at least once every year to clear out any form of dirt and debris in your piping system. Some people often associate drain service with the use of chemicals or messy scenarios but that is far from the truth. Professionals are trained and knowledgeable on the best approaches to effectively eliminate a problem and prevent further damage. Read on to learn more about what really goes into the process of professional cleaning.

Assessment of the Problem

When you contact us for a drain cleaning service, a friendly and knowledgeable customer representative will respond to get more background on the history of your home and plumbing system problem. Our plumbing experts will then be dispatched to your premises to perform diagnostics and inspect the location for any backups.

Nobody likes the idea of dealing with clogged pipes. Whenever their is a clog that causes an obstruction in your pipe system, water will redirect itself and cause reactions that bring about all manner of things including slow drainage, low pressure, backups and flooding.

Most clogged drains are usually a result of accumulated hair, soap, grease/fat, food waste, dirt, toilet paper buildup, foreign objects or mineral buildup. Tree roots can also invade the piping system resulting in water flow blockage or pipe damage. With so many causes of clogged drain, it’s imperative to have an inspection done to assess and determine the necessary steps to fix the plumbing problem. Inspection may involve the use of high-tech cameras to find exactly where the blockage is and the material that comprises it.

Clogged Drain? What to Expect

For simple unclogging work, you can expect your plumber to use either a hand-cranked or powerful motorized drain snake to clear blockages within a drain pipe. A drain snake is a long thin cable with a corkscrew attachment on the end that’s quite effective in handling easier clogs to restore normal water flow.

When a clog is too stubborn to remove this way, your drain cleaning service provider will perform an inspection to determine how best to approach the problem. This is done by the use of a video camera which is mounted through drain pipes, allowing the plumber to have a complete view of the interior of the pipes. It’s an easy way of pinpointing exactly what could be obstructing your pipe system.

For superior cleaning, a high-powered cleaning technique is used to effectively break up all debris and build up in your drains. A hydro-jetter is the main tool used for this purpose.

A hydro-jetter consists of a high-pressure hose with special nozzles that are inserted into the drain pipes. It’s motors then place water under extremely high pressure to clear away all debris in pipes without causing damage to the piping itself.

Your plumber can also recommend the use of an enzymatic drain cleaner to prevent organic buildup from recurring. This is a safe cleaning product that’s effective and not as harsh as other chemical drain cleaners which can potentially cause significant damage to your piping system. Following drain cleaning, your plumber can go ahead and perform another video inspection to check the method’s effectiveness.

Besides blockages, a professional drain survey can also help to uncover other potential issues including, leaks, cracks, damaged or broken sewer lines in which case a sewer line repair or replacement will be recommended to ensure drain and sewer line problems don’t persist.

If there are leaks and cracks, our plumbing experts will explore the situation to determine if it has resulted in mold or mildew growth and take the necessary measures.

After The Drain Cleaning Service

When a professional clears your pipes, it’s unlikely that the issue will return soon after that. You, however, need to take preventative measures whenever possible to improve the health and longevity of your plumbing system.

If you’re one of the many San Antonio, TX homeowners that don’t care to think about drain services unless there is an issue, chances are you’re making your life harder than it has to be. Engaging in regular preventive maintenance is a great way to prevent major issues in the future. Instead of waiting until you have a serious emergency problem at the most inopportune times, such as holidays or special occasions, have your drains cleaned and inspected regularly to catch problems even before they start.

Besides avoiding inconvenient emergency calls, you can save yourself from costly repairs as any rising issues will be detected earlier. Certain plumbing problems like flooding can cause enormous amounts of damage to your home leading to massive renovations that dig more into your pocket. You want to avoid that at all costs with a simple drain maintenance.

Get Drain Cleaning Services in San Antonio, TX

With professional drain cleaning service, you can expect to solve your drain problems in the short term and also have a healthy plumbing system that performs better over the long term.

The licensed technicians at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio can assist with your clogged drains and discuss with you about preventive maintenance to keep them from recurring in the future. Get in touch with us today for more information about the service or to set up an appointment.

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