What Plumbing Service You Need If You Have Water Heater Leaks In Your Home | San Antonio, TX

What Plumbing Service You Need If You Have Water Heater Leaks In Your Home | San Antonio, TX

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A water heater is a sturdy gadget designed to serve you for many years. Even the best ones are prone to leakages, and most often, the same can be conveniently fixed. If you notice a leak, promptly alerting the experts who accurately identify the problem helps prevent considerable potential damage.

Noticing water accumulating below your heater does not necessarily indicate a leakage. Yet, it is worth contacting us as we provide specialist plumbing service and thoroughly inspect the area. Determining the cause for such leaks is necessary as it gives you clarity on the next course of action.

Causes for Water Heater Leaks

A professional plumber can confirm the source of the leak, and if attributed to your water heater, the causes could likely be one of the following:

Loose Drain Valve

Drain valves are positioned at the bottom of your water heater to aid in the tank’s proper functioning. Signs of water leaking from the base of your heater could be indicating a broken or loose drain valve.

Please leave it to our experienced plumbing professionals to deal with this issue. If the leak continues despite tightening the corresponding knob, your valve is most likely faulty. Trained technicians will first attempt undertaking repairs and if that does not work, replacing the drain valve is advisable.

Excess Pressure

At times, water heaters generate too much pressure, which can also result in leakages. It is possible the water supply from outside flows in at a pressure too high for your tank to withstand.

Even when your heater’s water temperature setting is way too high, the pressure within builds up. Though water heaters are equipped with a valve meant for temperature and pressure relief, only a plumbing service expert can accurately determine where the problem lies.

Cracked Storage Tank

Quality water heaters come with a storage tank that has a glass lining. Thus, the natural minerals present in the water calcify with time, creating deposits on the tank’s insides. This excess weight often causes cracks in the glass lining and gives rise to leakages.

As it heats, water tends to expand, and this expansion may cause your tank’s glass lining to crack. Whatever the reason, approaching a reliable plumbing service agency is preferable as a crack in your water heater’s storage tank demands replacement.

Miscellaneous Reasons

When your water heater has aged or has improper draining issues, leaks are likely to occur. If you want a full-proof job done, only a seasoned technician can deliver the goods by troubleshooting and executing a recommended plan of action.

Dealing with amateur plumbing providers may potentially give rise to long-term damage to your home. It is better to put your faith in the safe hands of experts who deal with such issues regularly.

Steps to Be Taken

On discovering a leaking water heater in your home, immediately contact an established plumbing service provider who will execute the following steps with precision:

Turn off the Designated Valve

To stop the water supply to your heater, a licensed San Antonio, TX technician will first close the designated shutoff valve provision. Your heater will have a main valve with either a gate or ball-style provision to close it. By closing this valve, further leakage wastage is avoided as no more water can enter the tank.

In case this valve is broken, our trained plumbing representative locates the main one that supplies water to your home. Shutting this valve promptly cuts off the water supply to your heater and facilitates the next steps.

Switch off the Power Supply

Both the water and power supply to your heater need first to be disabled as only then the source of the leak can be determined. In the case of an electric water heater, putting the power breaker in off mode allows the technician to assess the tank’s condition better.

For leaking gas water heaters, our plumbing service personnel begin working on the tank only after shutting off the corresponding gas supply. These, too, have a dedicated shutoff valve placed along the gas line that ends at the heater tank.

Drain Your Water Heater

By draining your tank completely, the technician not only prevents further water damage from the leakage but can also properly review all the tank’s components. In the absence of water, the plumbing service engineer gets a better view of your tank and can make a more accurate assessment.

Determine the Leak’s Location

To figure out the origin of the leakage, our qualified plumbing service experts practice the enumerated steps:

  • Check the tightness of its inlet and outlet connections from where cold water enters the tank and hot water exits.


  • Examine the pressure relief valve as a safety measure to release water when the pressure within the tank builds up.


  • Review the thermostat settings and adjust the same to the recommended 120 degrees Fahrenheit when set too high.


  • Verify water pressure using a corresponding gauge as excessive pressure besides causing heater leaks may also damage your plumbing fixtures.


  • Inspect the entire tank for any visible cracks as even when water collects at the bottom. The leak may originate from the top or either side.


  • Test the drain valve to confirm whether it continues to leak on being completely closed. If so, the inner washer may have worn out, so the plumbing service agent duly replaces it.

Rectify the Problem

Once the cause of the water heater leak in your San Antonio, TX home is established, the designated person can undertake the necessary remedial steps. When you promptly call for professional help on noticing a leak, minor repairs can set things in place.

Local Plumbing Experts to Deal With Water Heater Woes

Our plumbing service consultants are in the habit of coming fully equipped to take on the task assigned. If you ignore the visible leak initially, you may end up paying heavily for major replacements.

Trust the bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio team to come to your rescue with our impeccable services that guarantee utmost customer satisfaction.

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