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Water filtration systems are essential to ensure the health of all family members. The filtration process removes impurities from water and makes it safe to use. It is also capable of converting hard water into soft water through efficient means. The filters are connected with the main water line. Water is processed there and is later used by taps, faucets and showers. Water in the main line oftentimes contains different impurities that can affect health if not treated immediately.

A professional company can be contacted to get water filtration system in San Antonio. Following are the major types of water filters that are commonly used at homes:


Activated carbon filters is a well-known type of water filtration system in San Antonio. It is an effective filter that quickly removes large particles from water. It provides resistance and eliminates large particles such as dust, dirt, chemicals, silt and other sediment. It makes sure that water is clean from all types of impurities by blocking the path of particles. Moreover, it also processes water to remove odor and bad taste. It clears the taste of water by separating all chemicals and mineral impurities.


Alkaline/Water Ionizing filters rely on the principle of electrolysis. Electrolysis is a technique that passes current through water to remove all chemicals and impurities. It enhances the quality of water and makes it safe for daily use. It softens water and removes harmful impurities. The filter is connected to the main water line. Water from the main line enters into this filter before it is supplied to house faucets and showerheads.

Alkaline/Water Ionizer filter contains electric plates. These plates are electrically charged and separate water into two different sides. Its major purpose is to separate acidic component from alkaline component. The filter assists in getting soft water. Hard water is harmful for health, skin and hair due to contamination. You can get this water filtration system in San Antonio for your own benefit.


Ultraviolet is a relatively new technology used by modern water filters. This technology treats water to clean it from all impurities. Moreover, it is an environment friendly process that improves water quality. Tap water contains various harmful impurities and this filter can save you from those bacteria in an effective manner. It is free from all chemicals and does not generate any heat. Moreover, it cleans water at a fast speed. All these benefits make it the top choice of home owners for water purification.


Infrared filter is another type of water filtration system in San Antonio that can be installed at homes by professional plumbers. It is suitable for those areas where hard water comes in main line. You can use this filter to convert hard water into soft water. It is quite similar to alkaline filters but utilizes infrared rays to perform the water filtration process. Heat and light play a vital role in softening water by negatively charging it, and purifying it in the process.


Reverse Osmosis is a common type of water filtration. It cleans all impurities and makes water suitable for drinking. It applies pressure and passes water through a semi-permeable membrane. The semi-permeable membrane blocks the path of dissolved, and allows only water to pass through it. Reverse osmosis plants are quite high in prices but are used at homes due to their immense benefits. All sorts of contaminations such as microorganisms, pesticides, ions and other harmful chemicals are removed through this process. You can contact a professional service to order a water filtration system in San Antonio.

The process of reverse osmosis is based on the following steps:

  • Filtration Process:

The RO plant is connected to the main water line. The carbon filter and sediment play a vital role in the filtration process. These filters block the path of chlorine, dirt and other content in order to protect the membrane. It collects all impurities in an efficient manner and leaves passage for clean water to pass through. The regular cleaning of OR plant is essential to remove deposited contaminations and keep the filters in a working condition.

  • Storage System:

The reverse osmosis plant contains a storage tank. This storage tank is used for keeping water that is cleaned from impurities. An average tank can hold up to 2 to 4 gallons of water, but the limit can be increased by upgrading the system.

  • Post-Filtration Process:

The post-filtration process deals with water that is stored in the tank after filtration. This water is passed through a carbon filter that removes all types of odor and bad taste from water. It makes water soft and free from all kinds of smells. Once water is cleaned from all impurities, it is ready to use by people.

  • Drain Line:

After water is ready to use, it moves forward to faucets. It passes via drain lines that provide a connection between the filters and faucet. The process quickly removes all impurities from tap water. It is often used near main line or in kitchen to get pure water for drinking purpose. It ensures the health of people living in the house and saves them from harms due to unclean water. A professional service can install water filtration system in San Antonio.


Water filters should be used in residential buildings to get safe and healthy water for regular usage. Contaminated water is harmful and should be converted into soft water by getting a water filtration system in San Antonio. These filters reduce the costs required to purchase bottled mineral water. Moreover, you can stay safe from a variety of water-borne diseases.

Bluefrog Plumbing is a reliable name in plumbing services and installation of water filtration system in San Antonio. They can install the required type of water filters at homes and ensure well-being of family members. Moreover, they can also perform maintenance to ensure that the systems stay in optimal working condition. It is a reliable company with a successful track record of many years. Through their professional and quality services, they have earned a satisfied clientele throughout San Antonio, Texas with effective installation and repair of water filtration systems.

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