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The need of hiring a plumber arises when a house owner wants to install a new plumbing system, make repairs or renovate the house through upgraded systems. Finding a plumber in San Antonio is quite an easy task but acquiring an expert for the job often turns out to be a little difficult. Due to an increase in demand, most of the professional plumbers are busy and charge more. It is necessary to perform a thorough research at your end to make the right choice.


Following tips can be helpful in choosing the right professional plumber for your house:

  • Expertise:

The modern plumbing systems are more complex than traditional systems. The issues with water supply system, drainage pipes, kitchen plumbing and bathroom plumbing system should be addressed by professional plumbers who have previously dealt with such problems. Experienced professionals know how to resolve the issues and can apply short-term or long-term techniques to keep your house safe from damages. Before hiring a plumber, their expertise and experience must be asked.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

Make sure that the plumber in San Antonio has a proven track record of delivering satisfactory services to local customers. You can ask them for a few references and check their website via internet to verify their claims. A majority of the individual plumbers and plumbing companies have online presence to facilitate customers and increase their business. A reliable and experienced plumber will have more positive reviews as compared to a plumber who has just started in the industry. They can also provide you with a few references to discuss their experience.

  • Insurance:

Always ask the plumber whether they offer an emergency insurance. This insurance should cover all the damages inflicted during plumbing service. Whether the damages are done to your property or that of your neighbors, the emergency insurance should cover them all. Moreover, a plumber in San Antonio should also own a personal insurance that can cover any injuries caused during working hours. If they do not have such insurance, the customer may have to pay for it.

  • Guarantee:

A reliable plumber always provides guarantee for their work. This guarantee should be in written form. Either it can be written on the quote slip or on a separate receipt. It notifies about the duration for which you can acquire their services for free to repair any faults that may appear in their work. If the work is not done carefully, the problem may appear again, but you can show your guarantee slip and ask them to make necessary repairs. A guarantee is a testament to the plumber’s reliability and shows that they are sincere with their work.

  • Communication:

A professional plumber efficiently communicates about all matters and provides in-depth information to customers. If a plumber does not provide you complete details of the problem with your plumbing system or is unclear about the price quote, they may not be reliable. Expert plumbers tend to satisfy their customers by keeping them engaged and discussing all necessary details beforehand. They provide the quote covering all expenses and do not increase the price once the work is done. Moreover, they should also be available after the repairs are done to answer concerns of customers.

  • Emergency Repairs:

Plumbing issues may appear anytime of the day. Moreover, they can cause severe damages if not resolved at the earliest. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a plumbing service provider that operates 24 hours a day and is available even after midnight and also performs repairs on holidays. If you do not have the contact number of an emergency plumber, you may have to wait for hours to fix the problem.

  • License:

In order to provide their services, it is necessary for a plumber in San Antonio to have a valid service license. Whether the plumber is working independently or is an employee of a company, they must have their license with them. Always ask for their license before discussing the issue further. It will prove that they have completed the required training and can help you with plumbing problems. Moreover, you can be saved from worries about the safety of your family members.

  • Efficient Working:

An expert plumber in San Antonio can provide services for installation as well as repairs of plumbing systems. They can carry out the task without damaging your walls and furniture. They fill up the holes made during work and ensure that the repairs are durable. Some companies do not include clean up charges in their quote. Always ask them about the after-service cleanup process before starting the work. Pay extra for cleanup if required. They can clean the waste material in an efficient manner without affecting repairs.

  • Payment:

Always ask the plumber about their plumbing rates. They either charge a flat rate or on an hourly basis. Get an estimate of total hours required to complete the task as well as the work that will be done. Getting all the details in written form will save you from a lot of trouble later. You can easily make claims if they refuse to complete the described work within the specified timeframe or rates. The rates and work duration may vary slightly if any unexpected problem arises, otherwise it will be close to the quote.

  • Online Existence:

In this age of technology, almost every plumber in San Antonio has online existence. They maintain a professional website along with social media accounts. Always check their social media pages to find out reviews of customers. A reliable company maintains a professional looking site and allows their customers to share their reviews. The more the positive reviews, the more reliable is the plumber.


A reliable plumber in San Antonio can be hired through a well-known company. Bluefrog Plumbing is a trusted name that provides services for installation of a new plumbing system as well the repairs of an existing system. It is a licensed company that is available 24/7. Whether you want to remodel your home or fix small issues, the company can help you out. The licensed plumbers are experts of their field and can resolve your problems efficiently, within no time.

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