Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair in San Antonio, TX

Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair in San Antonio, TX

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The days where you had to wait for what seemed like ages before your water was warm enough for you to bathe in are long behind you. In fact, most of us are not even old enough to remember the times when hot water wasn’t easily available.

Most of the times we take hot water for granted and it is only when our access to hot water gets cut off do we realize that it’s a blessing that shouldn’t be discounted! This is why you should always be on the lookout to see whether or not you need water heater repair in San Antonio, TX.

Hot water has always been the perfect way to start off your shower at the beginning of the day. It is just what you need to get your morning going.  Even better is treating yourself to a hot shower at the end of a particularly long day. Whether it is after you have hit the gym or after a particularly long day at work, a hot shower is exactly what you need to wash away the stress and stench of a day that’s been particularly grueling.

Your water heater plays an important in your life and this is exactly why you should give it an adequate amount of attention. We often overlook the signs that indicate we need water heater repair in San Antonio, TX to the point where the damage becomes irreparable. Water heaters can be a slightly pricey investment and this is exactly why you need to preserve them for as long as you can,

If you pay attention to these signs you can easily prevent irreparable damage from occurring! Here are a few signs that you need water heater repair in San Antonio, TX.

Strange Noise

You might be tempted to brush off the strange noises that your water heater has been making but if you consistently hear noises it means that you are in need of water heater repair in San Antonio, TX. Your water heater is designed in a way that is meant to maximize efficiency so if you hear strange noises, chances are that there is something wrong!

It is likely that either there is a buildup of sediment in your water heater that is causing damage to your heater or that your water heater is working a little too hard. These are both reversible problems but you should contact a professional as soon as you can to come check this out!

Rusty Water

With tank water heaters the problem of rust accumulating is always present. If the water in your house turns a reddish brown in color, chances are that either your pipes have worn themselves out or there is rust in your heater.

Rust can be a hazard since it corrodes away metal and encourages certain types of bacteria to grow, If you wait too long to deal with this problem chances are that your water heater will suffer from serious damage and the water will become unsafe for your household members to use. If you see reddish brown water seek water heater repair in San Antonio, TX immediately!

Water Leakage

Be on the lookout for water leaking around or near your unit. There can be several reasons behind the water leaking, some less sinister than others. There might be a problem in your connections or fittings or there might be a crack in the tank itself.

Identify what the cause is and how serious the damage is and then determine whether or not you need water heater repair in San Antonio, TX.

Cold Water

This sign is as obvious as it gets. Your water heater is meant to heat the water and if for some reason it is not doing the job then clearly you need water heater repair in San Antonio, TX. Depending to the type of heater you have the reason behind this could be a number of things.

If your heater operates on gas then perhaps the flame has gone out. If it runs on electricity perhaps there is a problem with the circuit. If its run on fuel then maybe there is an issue with the thermostat. The possibilities are many and you will need professional help to identify and fix the problem.

How Old Your Water Heater Is

How well you maintain your water heater plays a huge role in the number of repairs that you might need over the years. However, like all appliances your water heater also has a fixed life span. If your heater has been operational over ten years, chances are that you will need frequent water heater repair in San Antonio, TX.

After one point it really doesn’t matter how well you take care of it, you will simply just have to replace it! However, ten years is a pretty long life span so you should make sure that you maintain it as well as you can.

Get Your Water Heater Fixed Today!

If you have noticed any of these signs in your water heater, then there is no need to panic. You simply need to head out and contact a professional plumbing service that can take care of the problem for you. If you are looking for a reliable plumbing company for water heater repair in San Antonio, TX, look no farther than BlueFrog Plumbing.

We offer you a free diagnostic and upfront costing so that you know exactly what you are signing up for! We hire only experienced and professional plumbers that are well versed in their education and know how to deal with all problems related to your water heater!

We offer water heater repair, installation and replacement at affordable rates so no matter how bad the outcome looks, you’ll be covered! You can visit any of our outlets near you or contact us at 210-876-1629 today so that are employees can answer your questions and further guide you! If you need water heater repair in San Antonio, TX, we are your best bet!

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