Causes and Repairing Options of a Slab Leak in San Antonio, TX

Causes and Repairing Options of a Slab Leak in San Antonio, TX

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Ignoring a slab leak invites other foundation problems. The water from the leak can be absorbed into the soil, causing severe damage to the foundation. Slab cracks can cost you a lot in case of a structural shift. Therefore, you should not ignore a slab leak in your home and hire professional plumbers for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX.

6 Major Causes of Slab Leak

You can identify a slab leak by the damp spot on your carpet, low water pressure, increased water bills, and cracks in the slab. There are multiple causes of the slab leak. However, some of the most common cases that require professional slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, are as follows:

1.       Poor Quality Pipes

Slab leaks usually are the result of poor quality pipes or improper construction. Install the pipes of a material that is less vulnerable to the water. Copper pipes are soft and can withstand corrosion more than other material pipes. On the other hands, metal pipes will rust with time and result in cracks that cause massive slab leaks.

2.       Improper Pipe Wrapping

Improper wrapping of the pipes is also a major cause of slab leaks.  As water flows through the pipe, the pipe contracts and expands. Therefore, it requires proper wrapping to avoid leaks. In addition to this, pipes become dented or bent during the installation process at times. This can cause leaks and require a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX.

3.       Ground Shifts

As you know earth surfaces are always moving. If the weight of the house takes a toll on the slab along with the earth’s movement, it can cause cracks and leaks in the slab. You would need to get a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX in that case. Ground shifts are also the result of seismic movements.

4.       pH of Water

Along with water pressure, the pH level of water also matters. The pH level of neutral water is 7 or within the range of 6.5 to 8.5. Acidic, alkaline, hard, and soft water can easily corrode pipes. As a rule of thumb, make sure to measure the pH level of the water in your pipes on a periodic basis. In case the pH level shows a massive dip or surge, consider calling in the professionals.

5.       Foundation Clay

As clay and water come into contact, the chemical composition of clay starts changing. It expands by reacting with water and later shrinks as the water dries up. Make sure to call for professional slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX if the concrete slab leaks are the result of changes in the foundation clay.

6.       Natural Disasters

Soil erosion, earthquakes, and floods can exert external pressure on the slab. This causes the home to move or shift, causing pressure on the pipes.  Thus, slab leaks happen. Natural disasters are also a leading cause of slab leaks.

Options of Slab Leak Repair in San Antonio, TX

If you think there’s a slab leak in your place, don’t wait for things to get worse and call a professional at your earliest. A professional plumber can fix a slab leak. If you wait to see and identify a slab leak, it can cause greater damage.

Plumbers usually have the following options of slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX.

1.     Spot Repair

New homes usually go for spot repair as there’s only one leak and all other pipes are functional. Slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX with spot repair means to open up the slab and repair at that point. Spot repairs are generally inexpensive, but they’re not a good option for houses that were constructed a long time back.

2.     Epoxy Pipe Coating

It is the least expensive method of slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX. Your professional plumber will make a coating on your leaking pipes with little demolishment of the house. You are actually lucky if you can go for the epoxy pipe coasting option. It is usually used for smaller leaks.

3.     Re-Pipe

Re-piping is a long-term solution for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX. If your house has multiple slab leaks, you should go for the re-piping option. It can permanently stop the leaks. Ask your professional plumber to choose the right material of pipe and get a warranty from the shopkeeper/company. It gives new life to your water lines with new pipes and can also solve other problems. It also increases the flow of water.

4.     Re-Routing the Pipes

Re-routing the pipes can be time-consuming as it requires demolishing the concrete slab. It is generally avoided, but if the wall and floor both require repair, then re-routing is done.

5.     Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair is a modern technological method of slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX. Its major benefit is that it limits the amount of excavation.

To get your house inspected for the slab leak and learn more about the possible options, contact BlueFrog Plumbing. They offer the most reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX. Give a call at 210-876-1629 and get an appointment right away!

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