4 Signs Slab Leak Repair Could Be Necessary for Your Home | Slab Leak Repair in San Antonio, TX

4 Signs Slab Leak Repair Could Be Necessary for Your Home | Slab Leak Repair in San Antonio, TX

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Most people tend to underestimate the benefits of a fully-functioning indoor plumbing system. This is because all of us were born after it was invented. It was first built by Isaiah Rogers in 1829, almost 200 years ago. So everyone alive today already had indoor plumbing systems installed in their house before they were even born. Because we don’t know how difficult life used to be before the invention of the plumbing system, most of us don’t value the importance of it.

Most individuals might not even be aware of the term slab leak. A slab leak is basically a leak occurring in the pipes located beneath the foundation of your home. This can be detrimental for your house in the long run. If you didn’t know what a slab leak is, then you probably don’t know the importance of opting for a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, either.

Going for a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, is important for your home if you are persistently facing a slab leak in your indoor plumbing. As discussed earlier, any problem with the indoor plumbing could disrupt your life unnecessarily and a slab leak is the last problem you want to face in this regard. Below we discuss 4 reasons why your house might be in need of a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX and why slab leaks occur.

1.  Problems With Construction

A major reason slab leaks occur is because of improper construction of the indoor plumbing system in a house. This could be in the form of poorly installed pipes, which have a tendency to bend after installation.

Installation of these sub-par quality pipes could lead to the pipes being dented. This is not good because such pipes tend to leak after some time. Water flowing through such pipes might burst in the long run. This could be avoided if homeowners opted for a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX.

This is especially a problem if you have copper pipes installed in your indoor plumbing system. This is because they corrode easily. The reason for this is that they are softer than other pipes and are hence more sensitive to the chemicals. If a slab leak is not fixed at the right time, you might need to replace your pipes completely rather than just opt for a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX.

2.  External Pressure

External pressure forces the soil to shift beneath the foundation of your house. This could shift your house. This minor movement will put pressure on the pipes beneath the foundation. The pressure on the pipes will cause them to bend or crack. This will inevitably result in a slab leak. Hence, you will need to opt for a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, to avoid any major disasters such as a flood. On the other hand, various natural disasters can also cause your house to shift resulting in a slab leak. Natural problems such as earthquakes, soil erosion and underground steam passing through are just some factors that can result in slab leaks. If you are a victim of any of the above—mentioned situations, the opt for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX.

3.  Water Quality

Slab leaks also occur due to the deteriorating quality of water. This means that you need to watch out for your water’s ph level constantly to be aware of any issues. Water that has too much acid or is hard can corrode the pipes. Water that is alkaline or soft can also corrode the pipes. If the water corrodes the pipe and there is a slab leak, then you will have to opt for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX to fix this problem.

To find out if the water is hard or soft, search for stains in your sink or bathtub. If you see any green or blue spots, then your water quality is low. Another way is to smell and check if you smell chlorine. If yes, then this could also indicate that the water is not of the right quality.

4.  Old Home

Slab leaks are very common in old homes. If you know that your home is old or built quite some time ago, then you should opt for a slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX as soon as you can. The plumbing system of older homes uses copper or galvanized pipes. As discussed before, copper pipes are prone to corrosion and have a higher risk of experiencing a slab leak.

Where to Find a Good Plumber

Now that you know what a slab leak is and how it occurs, you must opt for slab leak repair when necessary. Most people always face the issue of finding a reliable plumber for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, because there are many inexperienced and untrained plumbers in the market. These plumbers could cause more damage to your drainage system instead of trying to fix it.

To avoid such plumbers, always contact Blue Frog Plumbing who only have trained and experienced plumbers. They will make sure that all your plumbing problems are resolved and you don’t have to face any inconvenient situations in the future. Call now at 210-876-1629 and book an appointment at your convenience. We promise customer satisfaction.

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