Signs That You Need A New Water Heater Or A Water Heater Repair | Helotes, TX

Signs That You Need A New Water Heater Or A Water Heater Repair | Helotes, TX

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At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we understand how hard it can be to tell when you need water heater repair or replacement. Most homeowners prefer the ignorance of only paying attention to a water heater in the case of major damage. However, as with any other appliance and according to the expert recommendation of a water heater expert, regular inspection and maintenance are essential.

Do you suspect signs of potential damage to your water heater? Below are telltale signs that you need a water heater. Rest assured, our bluefrog water heater repair experts can diagnose and remedy all kinds of water heater situations in Helotes, TX.

1. The Water Heater Is Old

Depending on the water heater type, a water heater’s lifespan is roughly 8-15 years old. A water heater is subject to eventual wear and tear like all other appliances. When an appliance starts to wear out, it loses efficiency and effectiveness. The water heater is under constant demand to function as optimally as it did when it was new.

As a result, the water heater uses a lot of energy to keep up with demand. This makes it less energy-efficient and a burden to you. Besides being a burden to you, an old water heater is generally a pending disaster waiting to happen.

As a new homeowner, ensure you know how old the existing water heater is. You can most likely find a sticker on top of the unit by checking the serial number. Key in the serial number on the manufacturer’s website unless clearly visible date.

2. Rusty Colored Water

Water plus metal eventually leads to corrosion, mainly after the sacrificial anode rod wears out. The anode rod plays a heavy role in protecting the water heater. However, corrosion starts once the rod becomes less inefficient, leading to rust. If the water from your water heater starts to turn brown and rusty, our expert water heater repair team in Helotes, TX, will be ready to diagnose the issue and offer a most cost-effective remedy, in most cases, complete replacement.

3. Insufficient Hot Water

Producing hot water is one of the core functions of the water heater. If you turn on the water and don’t get hot water, the chances are that the circuit breaker has tripped or the pilot light has gone out. Alternatively, it could be that the water heater has reached the end of its optimum operability and is deteriorating fast. Besides a water heater losing efficiency due to old age, it also loses capacity due to sediment buildup, thus limiting hot water production.

4. Major Leaks and Puddles Around the Water Heater

Leaks are never a good sign and could indicate an array of issues. If you notice any water leaks around the water heater, there could be a major leak in the tank requiring urgent attention. Generally, minimal fractures are to be expected, mainly due to the normal contraction and expansion of the tanks. Fortunately, a water heater repair expert can help you manage small leaks.

However, leaks in your water heater may eventually develop, increasing the chances of severe property damage due to burst plumbing. Therefore, if you notice water pooling around the water heater or the system leaking when standing, it is time to get a new water heater as soon as possible.

5. Frequent Breakdowns and Repairs

Water heater wear and tear becomes more prevalent as time goes by. Regular water heater maintenance is advisable and understandable. However, if your water heater is breaking down more than usual, it could be a sign of terminal damage. The more you repair an old and inefficient water heater, the more you spend and the less value you get from your investment. Our water heater repair professionals recommend installing a new water heater in such instances to save you time and money.

6. Strange Noises

Keep an eye out for strange noises that occur as water heaters age. With time, sediments build up—which is also a sign that you may need a new water heater—at the tank’s bottom. The sediments tend to harden when heating your water, leading to rumbling or banging noises from the tank’s interior. Loud pops and cracks may be a serious indication that the interaction between the interior heater and the heating elements has mineral buildup.

Our water heater repair guys will conduct a thorough analysis to determine the real cause of the noises and recommend the appropriate solution. It is important to distinguish such noises since cracking noises may be due to the natural act of metal contracting and expanding due to temperature fluctuations.

7. An Increase in Your Household Occupants

The more people you host in your home, the higher the demand for hot water. Unfortunately, most people ignore this shift and end up overworking the existing water heater to match the demand for hot water.

Experts advise installing fixtures that can match the demand for water and electricity at any particular home. Therefore, if you are still running the same water heater with an increased number of household occupants, expect the heater to perform less optimally and result in a major breakdown.

8. You Are Moving Out

If you plan on moving out, proper reason dictates that you should leave your home in good shape for the next homeowner. This is especially true if you are reselling your home. A final home renovation or improvement should include installing newer and more energy-efficient appliances.

Doing so increases your property value and increases your chances of a successful deal. Prospective buyers want the chance to spend less money replacing old fixtures and units. Therefore, if you are planning on moving out, consult our water heater repair experts to help you install a newer water heater.

Water Heater Repair, Helotes, TX

Are you tired of the same water heater breakdown issues? At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we provide expert water heater repair and replacement for old and worn-out heaters. Our contractors can help you spot early warning signs of water heater damage. Rest assured, we can also install new and more energy-efficient water heaters to keep up the constant demand for hot water. Call us today to schedule expert water heater services.

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