Do You Need A Water Heater Repair? | Boerne, TX

Do You Need A Water Heater Repair? | Boerne, TX

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If your water heater breaks down it will not be long before you miss the warm water. Without a prompt water heater repair, there will be no hot water for a shower or bath, or for cleaning dirty clothes or preparing food. If you live in Boerne, TX the solution to your problem is to call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. We have expert technicians available 24/7 ready to answer your call for help.

Can You Avoid a Water Heater Repair?

Nobody can guarantee that a water heater will never break down, but you can take steps to lessen the chance that it will happen.

We at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio offer an annual maintenance service to all our customers. We believe that this is the best way to avoid an expensive call-out and an emergency water heater repair.

After the routine, annual maintenance, your water heater will run more efficiently, reducing your energy costs. One of our skilled technicians will do a thorough inspection for any minor or major problems giving you the opportunity to fix it before it becomes a severe issue or a total breakdown.

A routine maintenance visit will include many checks, including:

  • Checking all electrical connections for tightness and that there is no corrosion
  • Looking for leaks on the pipes, joints, and valves
  • Check the pressure relief valve (PRV), and other valves to see if they are working correctly
  • Drain and flush out any sediment build-up
  • Check the anode rod and then replace it (if necessary)
  • For gas-fired water heaters, check for gas leaks
  • Check the thermostat to see if it is calibrated correctly
  • Check the safety features to see if they are working properly
  • And many other procedures to make sure everything is working correctly

After your water heater is thoroughly inspected, you will rest easier with the knowledge that it is working safely and reliably.

The Different Types of Water Heaters

Most people will have a tank or conventional water heater in their homes. These are simple designs consisting of a large external tank that is constantly heated by heating elements at the top and bottom of the tank.

This allows for immediate access to a large volume of hot water. The drawback is that they use large amounts of energy because the tank is always heated. They are larger than other types of heaters because the tank requires a lot of space.

The tankless heater is a more compact unit as it does away with the large external tank. It is more energy-efficient as it only produces hot water on demand. But the hot water is not instant as it takes a little while for the water to heat up.

The hybrid tankless system overcomes this problem by keeping a small internal tank of water permanently hot. This type of heater is ideal for those who need tiny amounts of hot water regularly. Tankless heaters are more expensive to buy and install but are cheaper to run.

All these types of water heaters are very robust but can break down periodically, needing a necessary water heater repair every now and then.

Problems with Gas Powered Water Heater Repair

A gas-powered heater is more expensive to buy and install than an electrically powered one. This is because there is a requirement for metal air vents, to supply fresh air to allow combustion and to remove any dangerous gases produced during the combustion.

The pilot light acts as an ignition source for the main gas burner in the combustion chamber. If the pilot light does not come on there will be no combustion. The ignition unit may not be working and will need replacing, or the gas valve is not fully opened.

You may also notice that the flame is flickering and changing color. This indicates that air could be trapped in the gas lines.

The presence of air reduces the gas pressure and will need to be bled from the system. This is a hazardous job and should only be done by a qualified technician from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

The air vents will also need to be inspected for obstructions and cleaned, and this is done as part of regular maintenance in Boerne, TX.

Problems with Electric Powered Water Heater

An electric-powered water heater does away with the need for air vents, so is more straightforward and less costly to install. They are a simpler design and are less likely to need a water heater repair.

But they can break down and the main reasons are problems with a faulty electric heating element or thermostat. Replacing these is dangerous as you are dealing with large voltages, so leave it to the professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

If you have noticed limescale on the heating element of your kettle you may be living in an area with hard water. Minerals that are dissolved in the water, are deposited as hard insoluble limescale on any surface the water is in contact with.

The deposits accumulate inside the water heater on the heating element and other components. The limescale will act as an insulating layer reducing the amount of heat received by the water, and you will start to hear a high-pitched, whining noise. You need to have your heater regularly descaled, as the heating element will eventually break down and need replacing during a water heater repair.

The best way to stop limescale is to have a water softener installed to treat the water supply before it enters your home.

Underpowered Water Heaters

Regardless of what type of water heater you have, an underpowered one will only bring endless frustration as it is unable to cope will all the demands placed on it. It may even shut down if you have too many water appliances on at the same time.

Overburdening the heater will cause it to break down and need a water heater repair. Having it replaced is the only sensible choice. Let us help you select the right-sized unit for you and your family.

Why choose bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio

We take enormous pride in delivering high-quality plumbing services to our local Boerne, TX community. We are experts at water heater repair and installations, but we also provide other plumbing services as well. Whatever your plumbing needs, call us today.

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