Benefits Of Plumbing Service Innovations | San Antonio, TX

Benefits Of Plumbing Service Innovations | San Antonio, TX

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Plumbing technology evolves quickly. Most homes didn’t even have indoor plumbing less than 100 years ago. Homeowners can benefit from plumbing service innovations in many ways. New technologies may improve energy efficiency, reduce water usage, or simplify daily life. The WaterSense certification for water conservation is similar to EnergyStar certification. WaterSense plumbing fixtures can save water and electricity for households throughout the year. These fixtures really help conserve water in places where water scarcity may be a problem.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Many households in San Antonio, TX, have experienced problems with sewer lines and other underground pipes. These pipes can be damaged by corrosive substances in soil, tree root infiltration, or other factors. Underground pipe repairs or replacement is often dreaded by homeowners because the process used to involve a lot of work that damages lawns. Trenchless plumbing service technology avoids much of the disturbance. Plumbers dig one or two holes and use cameras and hydraulic equipment to carry out the procedure. They coat the inside of existing pipes with a strong, long-lasting adhesive and insert new pipes inside the old ones. Trenchless plumbing services significantly reduce damage and disruption that often accompany traditional underground pipe repairs.

Touchless Fixtures

Touchless plumbing fixtures are commonplace in commercial buildings, but now they’re appearing in residential homes in San Antonio, TX, too. These fixtures are activated by motion sensors without having to touch anything. Advantages of touchless fixtures include stopping the spread of germs, keeping fixtures clean even if your hands are dirty, and the ability to turn on water taps with your hands full. Contact your local plumbing service provider if you’d like to replace your current fixtures.

WaterSense Toilets

Low-flush toilets are now standard in new homes, especially in areas facing water scarcity. Dual-flush toilets use different flushing processes for solid and liquid waste and use much less water than traditional toilets. New tornado flush toilets generate more spin than dual-flush models. In addition, tornado flush models also electrolyze water to disinfect without using chemicals.

Many models are equipped with overflow protection so water in the bowl can’t flood your bathroom and make a mess, even if the toilet is clogged. Ask a plumbing service professional if a low-flush or tornado toilet can be installed in your home and choose a model with features you want. Some new toilet models go beyond water conservation. Certain models light up at night to help people get to the bathroom in the dark. It’s also possible to include features that monitor water use in some units.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are becoming more popular as well. They use renewable energy to heat large volumes of water. Homeowners choose solar models to cut energy bill, and a solar water heater may last up to a decade longer than older traditional water heaters. Standalone solar water heaters use energy from glass or metal tubular solar collectors on the roof. Solar heaters are frequently used in conjunction with solar panel systems that power many other things in the house as well. Plumbing service providers in San Antonio, TX, are gaining familiarity with various solar panels and systems as more and more households turn to solar power.

Active Solar Heaters

There are two types of solar heaters, active and passive. Active solar heaters have a pump to circulate hot water from the solar collectors to the home’s interior. This type of heater is usually seen in places with cold climates where water could freeze outdoors. Direct systems operate by transferring heated water from collectors to plumbing fixtures. Indirect systems use a transfer fluid, such as propylene glycol. The transfer fluid picks up heat within the solar collectors then heats water through a heat exchanger in a closed-loop system. This type of system is less efficient because some heat is lost during circulation.

Passive Solar Heaters

Passive solar water heaters work through convection. Circulation systems rely on hot water rising to the surface while cold water sinks. These systems tend to be less expensive because they don’t need any additional special equipment to pump water. Integral collector solar water heaters are large, black storage tanks built into a box on the roof. Sunlight enters through a specially designed top and heats water in the black tanks directly. Heated water flows into your plumbing when you turn on the hot water tap.

Passive thermosyphon systems have flat metal plate collectors to heat small amounts of water on your roof. Hot water collects in the batch collector and flows into your home’s plumbing. Most thermosyphon systems hold about 40 gallons of water. Homes with passive solar heater systems may have gas or electric water heaters as a backup in case they need additional hot water. Plumbing services include hot water heater installation and repairs, so your local plumber can install and set up a solar heating system for your home.

Water and Leak Detectors

Water damage is the second most common reason for home insurance claims. The average clean-up cost for water damage is $5,000 and frequently reaches costs of $20,000 or more. Smart Water detectors help protect your home from water damage. There are many different water detectors on the market, but most of them send notifications if they sense leaks or freezing temperatures. Smart water monitoring units with shut-off systems can even cut off the water supply when a problem occurs to prevent or minimize damage. Plumbing service providers can help you find an appropriate water detector and install the monitoring system.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio offers a wide range of plumbing services. They can help with anything from minor repairs to the installation of advanced plumbing systems. The licensed and bonded professional plumbers at Bluefrog install new appliances and fixtures and help homeowners set up smart devices and systems.

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