Install a Water Softener to Combat San Antonio’s Notorious Hard Water

San Antonio has long had a problem with hard water. As plumbers, we have been trying to combat the situation for generations. Thankfully, advances in technology and appliances have come a long way. Today’s water softener capabilities are so advanced and thorough, you’ll never need to suffer through hard water again. Children especially will benefit from soft water in the home!

Lowered Energy Bills

An appliance that relies on water, from the coffee pot to the washing machine, will benefit from soft water. Hard water, as we all know, means significant mineral content in the water supply that can result in limescale. Limescale interferes with heat transfer and clogs the plumbing, leading to increased repairs and drain cleaning.

A water heater, especially, will benefit from soft water. Remarkably, you’ll use 22–29% less energy annually with soft water over hard water. In fact, only 1/16th of an inch of scale in your pipe leads to a reduced energy transfer of up to 12%. This scale is a direct consequence of hard water.

Extended Lifespan

Limescale buildup increases corrosion. It eats the surface of any material that is conductive to electricity, including plumbing pipes. This shortens the overall lifespan of any pipe it interacts with. And as you likely know, it is inconvenient and expensive to repair and replace plumbing pipes.

Furthermore, other appliances must be cleaned more often, and more thoroughly, to reduce buildup and corrosion. The more you scrub, the higher the risk of damaging the appliance or system. Soft water does not have the same problem. It is smooth and easy. Any appliance connected to the water supply will enjoy smoother operation and higher efficiency overall. This efficiency brings an increased lifespan!

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