Plumbing Fixtures: 4 Helpful Tips for Choosing Faucets and Other Fixtures for Your San Antonio Home

Everyone loves demo day. You get to use tools and handle things that you otherwise might not get the chance to touch. But when you decide to update or remodel your house, the real winner is “remo day” – that glorious day where you go out and choose things to turn your house into your home. It’s an important task, as whatever you buy will have to be functional, within budget, plus nice to look at. You don’t want to be stuck with an ugly fixture!

Don’t let the thought of buying new stuff overwhelm you. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right faucets and fixtures for your home.

Go for Pretty and Functional

It’s great to have a nice faucet to look at, but it’s not great when your bathroom looks like Niagara Falls every time you use it. Find something you like, but don’t compromise on dependability, durability, and convenience.

When looking for a faucet, watch out for spout height and reach, type of sprayer (pull down vs. conventional), and the number of handles (single vs. multiple). If you already have a sink, make sure it fits the number of holes in it. There is no right or wrong answer – it all depends on how comfortable you are with each feature.

Valves Matter

Aesthetics might be subjective, but valves are not. When it comes to faucets and other plumbing fixtures, you’ll want to choose ceramic valves. While other types of valves can also last for a long time without dripping, ceramic valves are definitely the most durable. They won’t cost you more, so it’s an investment you’ll want to make.

Price Is Not Everything

Not everything that shines is gold. While going for a cheaper fixture could result in poor quality, going for an ultra-expensive one doesn’t mean that it will work better. Find that sweet spot of price and quality if you don’t want to go overboard. But if you want a designer fixture with upgrades and extra features, plan on spending a significant amount more than you would for a “regular” high-quality fixture.

Consider Your Space

Whether you’re redoing your kitchen, the master bathroom, a secondary bathroom and so on, you probably have a set space to work with. For example, you might’ve wanted a classic footed stand-alone bathtub for years, but the space you have to work with could make that dream unfeasible. Make sure you get every measurement before you head out on your shopping spree to avoid any annoying surprises!

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