Furry Pets And Drain Cleaning Service | Universal City, TX

Furry Pets And Drain Cleaning Service | Universal City, TX

Most professional plumbers recommend you get drain cleaning services at least every year. This ensures that the condition of your drainage system is well maintained to ensure it doesn’t develop blockages, and it also shields the pipes from leakages or bursts.

You might need to take extra care of your drains at home if you have pets. The fur from these furry friends might easily enter your drains, leading to a major clog. It is similar to the way human hair blocks the plumbing system. However, the pets likely have more fur than your hair.

This post considers what you should put in place if you have pets at your Universal City, TX residential property. You must protect your plumbing system, including preparing for plumbers’ arrival in the eventuality of an issue. You may save some amounts of money by following the tips below.

Use Drain Stoppers

There is a likelihood that you likely wash your pets in your shower or bathroom. Ensure that you cover the drains using a strainer or a drains stopper. If you do not have one or haven’t yet started bathing the pets in your shower, you should still buy a strainer. They are pretty cheap, and you could find one at a dollar store for several dollars. However, they can save your drainage from routine and avoidable drain cleaning services and blockages.

You must note that the strainers won’t catch every bit of fur. But, they catch the most. Hopefully, the rest of the fur will drain into the septic or municipal main sewer line without blocking the drainage system. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the annual drain cleaning service. By getting the drains regularly cleaned, you can at least ensure that fur and hair haven’t clogged down the drainage system. If there is a blockage within the drains, the pressure might build up in those lines, making the drains end up leaking or bursting.

Ensure the Pets Don’t Dig Outside

Some of your pets may be natural diggers. Whenever they get a chance, they will most likely dig outside. Though you may want to give them the freedom to live their lives, remember that you might have some plumbing system underground. If the pests continue digging, they might ultimately reach the pipes. Digging into the plumbing results in pipe cracks or breaking, especially the weak plastic pipes or steel pipes degraded by corrosion. You may already know that leakages might be costly to repair. You might also see an increase in your monthly water bills and low water pressure from the leakage.

Therefore, try preventing your furry friends from digging in your yard whenever possible. You’ll avoid a monthly call to a drain cleaning service for plumbing repairs and cleaning your drainage system. More essentially, you want to protect your sewer pipes from being damaged by your pets. The sewage might burst up if the sewer lines spring a leakage, and this is dangerous since it exposes your Universal City, TX home to sewage and is costly to repair.

Close the Toilets

Not every pet owners experience this, but some pets are known to drink from a toilet bowl. Keeping the toilet lid down at all times is the best you can do to protect your drains and pets. You don’t want your pets drinking from the toilet because it is an unhygienic and bad habit.

You most likely wash and clean your toilet with several toilet cleaners. These cleaners could contain several chemicals dangerous to your pet’s body. For instance, bleach is a common component of some toilet cleaners. Even after flushing the toilet, bleach and other chemicals in the cleaner remain on your toilet’s surface, further ” contaminating” the water. For this reason, you do not have the pets drinking from the toilet bowl. Keep the toilet lid always closed to prevent such an occurrence.

Similarly, some pets are inquisitive. Such adventurous pets might roam around your home and accidentally fall in the toilet. This is another issue that keeping the toilets closed resolves. While the pets will be in shock, their fur will also get into your toilet resulting in a clog. A clogged toilet is a plumbing emergency because the sewage might begin backflowing into your home. You’ll need extensive drain cleaning services to ensure your drainage is clear again whenever this happens.

Don’t Throw Pet Items Down the Drains

Any plumber will tell you to be careful with what you throw down your drains. This ensures that your drainage system remains healthy and free of any blockages. Otherwise, you might have to call a drain cleaning service. You should not throw food, greasy, or oil items down the drain because they will result in a blockage. Never toss pet-related things like claws and other kitty litter down your drains.

Kitty litter is, in fact, among the biggest culprits that might result in a need for drain cleaning services if they find their way into your drainage system. It can easily end up making your drains clogged. Therefore, if you have a habit of frequently dumping kitty litter into your toilet or drains, the litter might accumulate in your plumbing. The accumulation results in increased pressure inside the plumbing, meaning that you expose your plumbing system to a likely leakage or burst. You also could use a fortune in repairing a damaged or restoring some valuables.

If you’ve ever tossed or have a habit of tossing the kitty litter down your drains, seek the assistance of a drain cleaning service in inspecting and cleaning them. The plumbers will use a video inspection tool to inspect your drain’s interiors and pinpoint the clog during the cleaning. Therefore, the expert will have a good idea of your drainage system’s interiors. If they spot a blockage, they can clean your drains to ensure they are back to their normal efficiency.

Reliable Drain Cleaning Services In Universal City, TX

Your home’s drainage system ensures that wastewater and other forms of waste are carried into the septic tank or municipal main sewer line. This ensures that the wastes don’t decompose at your home, resulting in foul odors which make it uncomfortable. Hence, ensuring it is operating at the top-most condition is essential. If you need any drain cleaning services in your residential property, reach out to us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

Let us help you get your drains flowing smoothly.

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