Plumber Upgrade To Your Bathroom’s Throne: Popular Toilets For Your Home | Boerne, TX

Plumber Upgrade To Your Bathroom’s Throne: Popular Toilets For Your Home | Boerne, TX

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For some homeowners, a toilet is just a toilet. But that’s not the case; when looking for a toilet, you’ll be surprised by the numerous toilet products on the market that come with different features that your plumber can go over with you.

Recent technological innovations have revolutionized the toilet to allow personalization from comfort and shape preferences to size considerations. Therefore, the latest toilet is not just a simple device of whisking solid and liquid waste to the sewer but a stylish appliance that comes with a unique design that impacts the overall look of your bathroom space.

However, there are various toilets in the market with many features, making the shopping for this fixture something of an overwhelming sleuthing exercise. During this process, you may have to involve a qualified plumber in Boerne, TX, to help you identify a toilet that fits your plumbing system and is suitable for your location.

We have listed various toilets based on their style, flushing mechanisms, and many other aspects to make the hunt for your next toilet a seamless exercise. Read on to learn the type of toilet that will be suitable for your home.

Classification of Toilets Based on Style

When looking for a stylish toilet design, you have to consider the toilet’s components and whether the toilet will be on the floor or mounted to the wall. Below are some toilet style options you may consider for your home in Boerne, TX.

Wall-Mounted Toilet

It is the sought-after toilet type because of its elegance, economical design, and tankless appearance. The plumber mounts it precisely to the accurate height for you, and it has three features, including a tank, integrated bowl, and trapway.

This toilet is elevated and doesn’t touch the floor, making the cleaning process effortless. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the tank’s leaking issues since it is hidden behind a wall.

If you think of upgrading your current toilet to a wall-hung one, you will have to spend hundreds of dollars purchasing this fixture and the installation process. This is because you’ll need a plumber to mount it to reconfigure the studs or shift the supply and waste lines. It may be maybe three times more expensive to make a change from your existing floor to a wall-mounted toilet.

One-Piece Toilet

You may consider a one-piece toilet if your bathroom is small in size. These toilets come in various styles to complement the bathroom’s decor and feature options such as dual-flush or elongated seats.

A one-piece toilet is easier to identify; it’s built from a single piece of material and is available in ceramic. It features a trapway, a tank, and an integrated bowl. A one-piece toilet also comes with a toilet seat, hence you don’t have to purchase them separately.

These toilets are commonly preferred because of their simple installation and maintenance. Cleaning this type of toilet is simple because of the flawless fit between the bowl and tank.

With a shorter width from the wall, homeowners don’t have to worry about setting up the tank with the seat and bowl. If you are unsure about the installation process, you can contact a plumber to mount the toilet properly with the water supply on the wall and drain on the floor.

Two-Piece Toilet

This is the typical type of toilet used in most bathrooms in the United States. The toilet tank and bowl are separate parts attached using bolts and gaskets during installation. Compared to the one-piece toilet that can be bulky and complicated, a two-piece toilet is easier to handle.

Shipping a two-piece toilet is much easier, and a small parcel is enough to transport it compared to a one-piece toilet that usually needs a truck shipment for safe delivery. Besides being cheaper to purchase, a two-piece toilet is easy to fix and replace.

For instance, if one component of the toilet needs to be replaced, the fee that a plumber would charge will be way less than the amount spent to replace a one-piece toilet. Although a two-piece toilet may be difficult to clean, it’s efficient and lasts longer, as well.

Types of Toilet Based on The Flushing System

If you are considering a toilet based on the flushing type, you have various options, including double, single, and touchless flush.

Single-flush Toilet

You’ll find these toilets mostly in older houses and buildings. Single-flush toilets only have one flush mechanism, thus all types of waste are flushed with the same amount of water.

Although these toilets utilize more water, making them unfriendly to the environment and hiking your water bills, some homeowners still use them because they are cheap to repair, and their replacement parts are readily available if something in the tank breaks.

Plus, other folks prefer single-flush toilets for aesthetic reasons. For instance, they can change the lever to suit their taste. Also, their popularity is because they are available in various colors and designs and look neat as well. If a single-flush toilet sounds like an excellent option for you, you can contact a plumber in Boerne, TX, for toilet installation.

Double-Flush Toilet

Unlike single-flush toilets, dual-flush toilets utilize considerably less water and are eco-friendly. They save you money in the long run because you spend little on water bills.

Despite their benefits, some homeowners find them challenging to flush because the buttons are located on the top of the tank, hence a more significant force may be required to push. This could be challenging for disabled or senior citizens.

Also, getting their replacement parts for double-flush toilets may be trickier because they may not be common, and if something goes wrong, fixing them could be costly. In addition, double-flush toilets are more expensive and slightly more difficult to maintain.

On the brighter side, they are more efficient, thus you can have a plumber install them when building your new home or remodeling an outdated bathroom.

Touchless Flush Toilet

These toilets are like regular toilets but are equipped with sophisticated flushing systems, hence you don’t need to touch them to flush away waste. Touchless flush toilets flush automatically once you are done using them, and use a motion sensor operated by a battery located on top of the tank.

If your primary concern is hygiene, you can opt for these fixtures because toilets are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Touchless flush toilets are also easy to use; you don’t have to do anything, or you just wave your hand, and they remove the waste on their own. Finally, they ensure efficient water usage. Instead of flushing many times to remove the waste, it takes one powerful flush to have the waste removed.

A professional plumber can mount this fixture to upgrade your modern home, especially if you prefer increased bathroom hygiene.


Approximately 27 million flushometers are used throughout the United States. This device is commonly used in commercial settings where high pressure is required for a better performing wash. It is commonly designed for tankless toilets. You can install it in your residential home if you don’t experience any water shortage.

Classification of Toilet Based on the Trapway Design

A trapway is that part of the toilet that connects the toilet to the plumbing system. Its task is to ensure the toilet operates smoothly by draining all waste into the sewer line without clogging. Most toilets have an S-shaped trapway, which can be in the following styles listed below.

Exposed Trapway Toilet

In this type of toilet, the S-shape is visible, and the bolts are covered by caps that attach the toilet to the floor.

This toilet adds a visual appeal to a plain bathroom, making it attractive. Since the cap envelops the bolts that fix the toilet to the floor, it makes the exposed trapway appear modern and sleek. A plumber can help you fit an exposed trapway toilet to achieve a simplified look that’s consistent with the rest of the bathroom.

Concealed and Skirted Trapway Toilets

Some homeowners prefer the appropriate toilet for the perfect finish of their updated bathroom spaces, such as the concealed trapway toilet. Toilets designed with a concealed trapway have a unified, skirted base, offering a smooth, cleaner style. With fewer curves to work around, these toilets are easy to clean and have clean design lines.

Like vanity, faucet, and other decor items, some homeowners want their toilets to introduce style to their powder rooms, and concealed trapway toilets can enhance the entire room’s appearance.

If your home embraces immaculate design elements and simple lines, then a plumber can install a concealed trapway toilet, which would be a perfect fit. However, it would be best if you were prepared to spend more because, unlike standard toilets, concealed trapway toilets invest more in engineering and detail on the production end.

Although skirted and concealed trapway toilets are almost the same, there is a tiny difference between these two toilets. Concealed trapway makes the side of your toilet appear smooth because the S-shape is concealed. Low-profile caps cover the bolts that fasten the toilet to the floor.

On the other hand, a skirted trapway toilet resembles the concealed trapway design. The toilet bowl down to the base has uniform sides, and the S-Shape is invisible. Even the bolts are not noticeable.

Unlike the concealed trapway toilet, the skirted trapway toilet offers a polished, lustrous line from the top of the tank to the floor as well as from front to back, hence it’s easy to clean. To upgrade your bathroom with these toilet styles, you can get in touch with a plumber in Boerne, TX.

Types of Toilet Based on The Bowl Shape

Some homeowners desire comfort, hence when shopping for a new toilet, they are concerned with a bowl shape that suits their individual needs and preferences. Below are some common toilet bowl shapes commonly installed by plumbers for washrooms in Boerne, TX.

Elongated Toilet Bowl

It appears oval, hence perfectly fitting the end user’s butt. These toilets are more comfortable for adults and are preferred by more consumers than round toilets. Elongated toilet bowls come with a unique shape that gives your bathroom a classic touch while offering a powerful flush.

They have a bigger pipeline than other fixtures but may take more space. Although the big bowl and water surface are perfect for catching all the mess, sometimes the feces may leave a mess on the little bump of the elongated part. A qualified plumber in Boerne, TX, can help you modernize your washroom with elongated toilets for a more comfortable experience.

Round Front Toilet Bowl

They have been the preferred choice for average folks in the United States for decades. The reason they have stayed in demand is that they come in a smaller circular shape, hence they can fit in various bathrooms.

Unlike elongated fixtures, round toilets are cheaper and are comfortable for children under five years old. However, with new models being introduced in the market, the demand for round toilets has dropped, with most homeowners going for more comfortable designs. Also, they are uncomfortable for individuals with mobility issues and are hard to clean.

But if you have a tiny bathroom, you can hire a plumber to install a round bowl toilet to give your powder room a classic, minimalist look.

Compact Elongated Toilet Bowl

This is a combination of a round-front bowl and an elongated bowl. To give homeowners the best of both worlds, it gives an impression of a round-front bowl with additional space for the elongated bowl.

You can contact a plumber to assess your bathroom to determine whether it can be a perfect fit for a compact elongated toilet bowl.

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