Do You Have A Plumber? Why Homeowners Need A Sewer Line Inspection | San Antonio, TX

Do You Have A Plumber? Why Homeowners Need A Sewer Line Inspection | San Antonio, TX

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Sewer line problems can be an incredibly unpleasant experience for homeowners. Apart from the bad odor it brings, a damaged sewer line can also cause a lot of health issues. This is why you need to hire a plumber in San Antonio, TX for a sewer line inspection. It’s mandatory, especially for new homeowners. Problems involving your sewer can be costly when not detected early. For your peace of mind, schedule an appointment with a professional today.

How Does It Work?

A professional would thoroughly inspect your sewer line and repair problems to ensure proper flow and clean water. The cost would depend on the length of your pipes and if there are damages to your lines.

During the inspection, a plumber in San Antonio, TX would use a small camera and add it to the sewer line for proper inspection of your pipes. The camera would help them clearly see its interior. A professional would also inspect the area whether large tree roots are affecting your underground piping. They may need to remove this tree root to help them resolve any problems. Older pipes may be replaced when necessary. If there are clogs in the system, a professional in San Antonio, TX would make sure that it’s permanently fixed.

Signs of a Damaged Pipe

Monitoring your sewer lines is one of the best ways to avoid problems. You can also watch out for the signs below. When you notice these, contact a professional in San Antonio, TX so they can do a proper diagnosis and resolution to your problem.

Skyrocketing Water Bills

Look at your water bills. If it’s higher than usual, that means that there is an increase in the usage of water in your homes. This could be an indicator that there is a leak in your sewer pipes. Get your pipes inspected as soon as possible. Professional help can get your sewer line problems assessed and resolved in a timely manner.

Bad Odors

Unpleasant odors coming from either your sinks or toilets is a sure sign that there is something wrong with the pipes. Mold or mildew could be growing in the interior of the pipes. The only thing that can help is when you hire a professional in San Antonio for a proper sewer inspection. A camera would help them find out whether you have healthy pipes or if they need replacement/repairs.

Persistent Clogs

You may experience slow drains first or your toilet keeps backing up. When this happens, there could a blockage forming inside your sewer pipes. If this is not resolved, it will lead to costly plumbing emergencies.

The buildup of grease, hair or food particles can also lead to a permanent clog. While a quick fix may temporarily fix the problem – it’s not recommended by a professional. Chemical drain cleaners can lead to even more pipe damage.

When you experience these problems, the best solution is to contact a licensed plumber in San Antonio, TX. With their tools, a professional should be able to accurately find out the root cause of the problem and effectively remedy it.


Cracks in the sewer line may make it into your walls with the bathroom being the most vulnerable because of the humidity. Mold will start to grow in these walls and it will not be a pleasant experience for the homeowners. Not only can mold cause health issues but it can also damage the structure of the house. Molds are usually a common sign of sewer damage. Get a plumber in San Antonio, TX right away for a sewer line inspection. Early detection is always better than a costly repair down the road.

Greener Grass

A greener lawn is pleasant to the eyes but that could be a sign of a growing sewer problem. Because sewage is a fertilizer, it can bring colors to your grass. When your lawn is unusually green, it could be due to a sewage problem. Soggy areas surrounding your sewage line is also another problem that you shouldn’t take lightly. Consider calling a plumber in San Antonio, TX for a proper inspection.

What to Do With a Damaged Sewer Pipe

The first thing you should do is to call a professional in San Antonio, TX to get a good assessment of the problem and the solutions needed to fix it. A plumber may be able to do repairs or suggest a complete replacement especially when you have older pipes in your home. Don’t worry — with new plumbing technologies available, your sewer lines can be fixed right away.

As a homeowner, try to not plant trees or anything close to the sewer line as the roots may damage your entire plumbing foundation. Start educating family members on the best practices in the toilet and kitchen. Make sure that they know how to properly dispose of garbage and manage food waste.

Keep in mind that early detection can help you effectively deal with a broken sewer line better than when there is already excessive damage. The latter would cost you more down the road. As soon as you see signs of sewer problems, contact your plumber immediately.

A Plumber at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio Can Help

When was the last time you had your sewer lines inspected? If you do not do maintenance of your plumbing, call us right away so we can do a proper inspection of your system. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. If we can detect the problems early on, it will be more cost-effective for you. Let us know so we can help! All our plumbers are experienced in dealing with sewer line problems or any plumbing-related issues.

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