Plumbing Myths You Should Never Believe From A Plumber | San Antonio, TX

Plumbing Myths You Should Never Believe From A Plumber | San Antonio, TX

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Your plumbing system is costly and needs regular maintenance by expert plumbers. Most of the plumbing hacks you come across are nothing but poor myths and misconceptions. You must have heard old wives’ tales that lemon rind in the garbage disposal can diffuse odors, or you may use hot water to drain the grease down the sink.

Well, here’s the news flash!

Most of these tips or hacks will do more harm than good for your plumbing lines, drains, and appliances. Here are some myths that you should never believe with reasons why.

Myth 1: Chemical Cleaners Are Great for Your Plumbing System

You can find many chemical cleaners in the supermarket aisles that claim to clean your drains with minimum investment. These cleaners may be a quick-fix when used on pipes that aren’t severely clogged. But, nobody tells you about the after-effects of harsh chemicals on your pipes and septic system.

The drains and inner pipelines can sustain damage due to caustic chemicals. Also, you can’t proceed with further plumbing repairs due to the hazards of a chemical splash. You can instead prevent the clogs and if they happen anyhow, call experts plumbers in San Antonio, TX to salvage your pipes from further damages.

Myth 2: You Can Throw Anything Down Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal system in your kitchen is a costly convenience that needs proper care and maintenance. Though it is designed to take whatever you put into it, certain foods can cause damage to your garbage disposal.

Thick skins from vegetables and fruits can get stuck and turn into sludge inside the pipes at room temperature. Similarly, meat fat, grease, or oils can coat the blades, making them dull.

Avoid putting hard foods, seeds, and fruit pits in the garbage disposal as they can also harm its blades. If any of these items somehow get into it and clog the pipes, don’t hesitate to call professional right away to deal with the problem.

Myth 3: Leaky Faucets Aren’t a Cause of Worry

You may be convinced to believe that a small drip in your taps does not affect your home’s plumbing system or water bills. That’s not true. The Environmental Protection Agency says that US households waste around one trillion gallons of water every year. It includes the water dripping from leaky faucets around your home.

When they go unnoticed for weeks or months, they may add up to your water bills and cause severe damages to your home. You need plumbers to check and repair any leakages in your plumbing system before they compound into bigger issues down the road.

Myth 4: You Can Use a Plunger to Unclog the Sinks

Although a plunger is the most popular DIY plumbing tool, it may make your repairs messy and hazardous, especially in a double sink. When trying to unclog one pipe, if you forget to cover the second drain, the blockages from clogged drains will back up into it.

Also, using a plunger immediately after pouring chemical cleaners can cause a splashback. It can come into contact with your skin and eyes, causing severe injuries. You can avoid such risks by calling expert plumbers for unclogging the drains using specialized equipment and years of knowledge.

Myth 5: A Flowing Drain is Not a Plumbing Issue

Even if your plumbing system is working efficiently, you can always expect trouble when you least want it. For example, drainage clogs can block the pipes while allowing water to pass through. Though the drains work, the pipes become vulnerable to bigger clogs.

Now, imagine this clogging in your kitchen sink pipe where rice and pasta from the disposal expand in contact with water and worsens the problem. So, don’t avoid the slow-running drains. Better yet, use a natural drain cleaner to keep your plumbing systems clean and call expert plumbers to tackle the clogs when they happen.

Myth 6: You Can Flush that Fits Down Your Toilet

Flushing wrong things down the toilet is the biggest plumbing myth that many homeowners in San Antonio, TX believe. Using your toilet like a garbage disposal is never a good idea. It can cause costly repairs or even replacements in the future.

Every flushable item shouldn’t go down your drains, as toilets are meant only for toilet paper and human waste. Products like flushable wipes can gather at the junctions in your pipes and cause tougher clogs. Use the trash can for items that aren’t fit for toilet drains and let the plumbers handle clogs, if any.

Myth 7: You Can Handle Most of Your Plumbing Issues Yourself

Believe it or not, plumbing DIY is the biggest trap leading to more expenses and headaches for homeowners. You may have a plunger that works well on small clogs, but it is no match for significant blockages or flooded bathrooms.

Before taking any plumbing repair in your hands, you need to identify the underlying cause of it. This is where the expertise of plumbers can help and save the day. The professionals have the right skills and tools like video inspection cameras to assess the drain conditions and follow the right process to unclog them.

Another related myth is that all plumbers are the same. You may find professionals with low prices at some platforms, but what about the service quality? Your plumbing system is expensive and needs specialized knowledge to function properly. Hence, be mindful of whom you call for plumbing repairs and maintenance in your home.

Local Plumbing Experts Can Fix Any Issue

Whether you have an issue with the drains or the garbage disposal, you can rely on our expert plumbers to handle it. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we have a specialized team with in-depth knowledge of every plumbing system and potential issues it may encounter. Hence, we can offer customized solutions and keep your plumbing systems working like a well-oiled machine. Call us today at 210-876-1629 to schedule an inspection.

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