Augering vs Hydro Jetting For Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

Augering vs Hydro Jetting For Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

When you have a clog in your kitchen drain or bathroom drain, how do you know what method is ideal for clearing it? You’ve likely already heard that commercial drain cleaners are often ineffective and can damage your pipes, but what about augering and hydro jetting? Are these the best methods for clearing your drains? Choosing the best method to clear clogs or clean drains is something professional plumbers are trained for. When you contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for our drain cleaning service in Schertz, TX, you can rely on us to use the ideal techniques for the job in question. Today, most plumbers will snake, auger, or use hydro jet equipment to clear clogs and clean drains. Here, we’ll discuss them in detail.

Snaking and Augering

Snakes and augers are quite similar and often used for drain cleaning service. A snake is a thin flexible rod that a plumber ‘snakes’ through your drain to push out any debris that’s causing your drain to drain slowly. A snake can also dislodge a clog so that it can be pushed through the line and into the city’s sewer system.

An auger is a similar device. Only, an auger typically has a hook on its head in order to pull out any debris stuck in the line. Sometimes, if the debris is large, pushing it further into the line only risks another clog, especially if there’s a bend in the pipes. It’s often best to use an auger to pull out the offending item–especially if it’s a diaper or a larger item that shouldn’t have been introduced to the drain system. An auger can also be topped with cutters. A plumber who is clearing a sewer line can use the cutters to cut through tree roots caught in the line. An auger may be manual or electric. Many plumbers prefer the use of an electric auger, especially for deep clogs or sewer line clogs.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is also a common type of drain cleaning service. If your Schertz, TX, plumbing system is prone to slow drains and frequent plumbing clogs, your plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio might recommend drain cleaning service with the use of hydro jetting. Hydro jetting uses powerful jets of water to clean out your drain pipes. The pressurized water is effective for dislodging a buildup of debris.

Hydro jetting is effective for removing most types of debris such as grease, biofilm, hair, food debris, and even calcium deposits from hard water. Most professional plumbers can provide hydro jetting service, but it’s important to always hire a licensed plumber. Using equipment like pressurized water and augers is safe when it’s a trained plumber handling the job. Someone who isn’t properly trained to use this equipment can damage your plumbing system. No matter what type of drain cleaning service equipment is right for your drains, be sure that an experienced plumber is tackling the job.

Are There Times When You Shouldn’t Snake or Auger a Drain?

Sometimes it’s a preference when choosing the drain cleaning service equipment. However, often, the nature of the clog and condition of the drains suggests a certain type of technique and equipment. That’s why it’s best to call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio when you need a skilled plumber to clean your home’s drains.

Typically, using a snake to clear a line isn’t the best choice if there’s considerable grease or fat lodged in the line. A snake is also not ideal for clearing tree roots out of sewer lines. Also, if the drain has been repaired with resin in the past, a snake isn’t the ideal option for clearing a clog.

An auger, however, can remove tree roots effectively, but it should be topped with cutters that swivel and cut through the roots caught in the line. Once cut, these roots can be flushed out with the normal flow of water.

When Shouldn’t Hydro Jetting Be Performed?

Hydro jetting for drain cleaning service isn’t the right idea if the cleanout has a stub in the home’s crawl space. This will only cause water to flow into the crawl space, causing damage of a different sort. Also, if the home doesn’t have a cleanout and the pipe is clogged, hydro jetting isn’t the right option. If the plumbing system is old and in a state of disrepair, hydro jetting should not be performed for drain cleaning service either. In many cases, a simple clog is best handled with a simple snake.

The Benefits of Clean Drains

When your drains are professionally cleaned, you should experience fewer clogs and no more slow drains. Typically, if your home has numerous slow drains and is prone to drain clogs, it’s a good idea to let your plumber clean them using one of the techniques discussed. Clogs are inconvenient, but did you know they can actually weaken your pipes and leave them more vulnerable to leaks? Let our plumbing pros clean your drains as part of your plumbing system maintenance routine. A thorough cleaning usually takes a few hours and will ensure that your drains flow smoothly.

If you need drain cleaning service or other plumbing solutions in Schertz, TX, rely on bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. Customers trust our plumbers because they’re certified professionals and have a reputation for their outstanding work. We stand by the quality of our workmanship and are able to make most repairs with a single visit as we stock commonly needed replacement parts. If your drains need maintenance like drain cleaning or you’re struggling with a stubborn clog, be sure to contact us for service. We’re known for our fair rates and efficient service.

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