9 Signs Of Water Line Damages That Require A Professional Plumber

9 signs of water line damages that require a professional plumber

Many households hardly maintain their plumbing system, which leads to various problems later on. Sometimes there are many different signs, right in front of our eyes indicating that the plumbing system requires attention. But the issues remain unaddressed due to either, negligence or lack of knowledge about those important signs. If you don’t know what signals towards a plumbing problem, you could end up with a messy plumbing emergency that would drain your savings. Fortunately, we have summed up 9 signs that indicate your water line has been damaged and it now requires a water line repair in San Antonio, TX. Here are those signs:


If you observe water puddles in different areas of your home and their source is unknown, you might have water line leakages. Puddles usually form near the sink or water pipes but you may also see water patches in your yard, which would indicate that there is an underground water or sewage leak. Make sure you acquire a professional service for your water line repair in San Antonio, TX in a timely manner to avoid water wastage and increased water bills.


Indoor water deposits usually signal minor water leakages, but if you are observing water patches or deposits outside your house — in your yard or around the pavement on the street — it can indicate a major damage to your main water line. It is recommended to get water line repair in San Antonio, TX as soon as possible so that the leak does not become worse due to flowing water. A timely repair can save you from large costs of financing a new plumbing line.


Mold grows in damp places where there is enough humidity. If there is a mold growth on the walls, ceilings or exterior of your house it is most likely receiving the moisture from a leak in your plumbing system. You can easily get rid of mold, but the main concern is the cause of the mold growth. By acquiring a professional service for water line repair in San Antonio, TX you can make that the damages in your plumbing system are properly addressed. Mold and mildew growth can severely impact the health of house residents. It also harms the colors of your walls, therefore, it is recommended to fix the reason behind its growth on the earliest.


A leak in the main water line can damage the structure and foundation of your house. It can cause development of noticeable cracks in the foundation of your house. These cracks only appear if a minor problem was neglected for a long period of time. You should get this issue resolved without any further ado by acquiring professional plumbing services for water line repair in San Antonio, TX. Regular maintenance can help you find if there are any potential plumbing issues that can evolve into major plumbing emergencies.


Wet spots or patches on the walls or ceiling signal towards a serious water line damages because smaller leaks usually don’t cause any noticeable water marks on the walls and ceiling. Do not delay to get the plumbing service for water line repair in San Antonio, TX when you notice such wet patches. A professional service can help in identifying the root cause of the problem with their modern tools. They make use of advanced equipments and tools to repair broken pipes and joints without affecting your property. Leaving the problem unaddressed will damage the structure of your house.


Sometimes households neglect low water pressures, but this can actually be a very serious issue that requires immediate attention. The water pressure has decreased most probably because there has been a leakage in the main water line, especially if your tank has enough water. It can also mean that the pipe has been blocked by something. If only a single faucet is facing low water pressure, it might only be a problem with the faucet. However, low water pressure in multiple faucets or showerheads is an indication that you need a water line repair in San Antonio, TX.


Another indication that your water line is damaged from somewhere is when you receive a high water bill. If the plumbing damages have gone unnoticed, a high water bill would certainly be the warning call, indicating that you should get plumbing services to locate the root cause. If you are certain that you have not used too much water in the past month, then you should call for plumbing services at the earliest.


A blockage can occur in the main water line due to a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s the tree roots and sometimes it’s the mineral buildup that causes blockages. Tree roots are only able to cause blockages when they break through the water line and grow in the pipes. If this ever happens, you will notice a decrease in the water pressure of your house. Professional water line repair in San Antonio, TX can get this issue resolved ,and have your plumbing system back in working condition.


Another indication of blockages in pipelines is when you can hear strange noises like bubbling, whistling or banging from the pipes. Acquire a professional water line repair in San Antonio, TX to get rid of this problem with ease. This is although not an external pipeline damage, it does affect your plumbing system, and also the amount of water that you will be getting in your house.

These are some common signs that your water line has been damaged. Always remember that if the causes of these signs are not addressed in time, they can cause bigger problem later on.

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